I think I have finally hit the magic button. I am starting to drop weight without trying

the-truth-about-fatI think I have finally hit the magic button. I am starting to drop weight without trying

As you know my history: I was skinny til age 10
I was normal till age 16
I was fat till age 24
I was skinny till age 38
I was normal till age 55
I was fat till age 58
The last few years I would have to tell you, month to month... I was trying hard for a few years... lol
I am now on the highest side of normal, close to fat. Fully clothed I now weigh 143 lbs.

When I looked back, and believe me, I spent a lot of time looking from many different vantage points, I found the following:

  • I got fat when I ate special food, according to what others said was good for me, whole grains, fat free, sugar free, carb free, all carb, beans, milk free, superfoods, fruits, juicing, etc.
  • I got fat when I stopped eating breakfast, following the book of the Diamonds, Fit for Life, that advocated no breakfast, following the book "The Science of Being Well" that also advocated no breakfast.
  • I lost weight with extreme measures, but wasn't able to maintain my weight

Now, as I promised you, I was going to test a few new diet programs, the Weight Destroyer, the Conspiracy Diet, and the one I didn't mention, but added: The Bullet Proof Diet.

I muscle tested the elements, and came up with my own system:


  1. I get more than half of my calories from animal fat
  2. except for my snack and breakfast toast, I don't mix foods: no side dishes, no sandwiches, no omlets with multiple ingredients, no soups, no cakes, no chocolate. This is the "separator" diet that was recommended to my by the "Human Design" people... it allows the stomach to put all effort into digesting one thing and one thing only... You may be different... this is just me.
  3. I don't eat carbs or anything with carbs past 4 pm
  4. I buy only grass fed beef, fatty cut, grass fed butter. There is no grass fed choice in cream in my area...
  5. I only eat food that is from the area of my birth. No exotic, tropical, new fangled fruits, vegetables, supplements, oils, nuts, none. For most people that means 90% of what they are eating now are a no-no.

    If it wasn't in the grocery stores in post-war Hungary, if my mother didn't cook it before she got hip, I won't eat it.



photo-3-e1401235056612-93cBoth my parents died of heart troubles, though there was NEVER before anyone with heart trouble in any of the families... It began by my mother starting to cook with oil. That was the ONLY change, and both my parents, and both my brothers are having heart issues.

  1. Eat normal breakfast for high metabolism, and for high energy. I eat two-four slices of toast with butter and jam, cream cheese and jam, or peanut butter and jam with several cups of tea with fresh half-and-half. I have tested the ultra-pasteurized half and half: certain problems, diarrhea, dizziness, loss of energy are the result
  2. Eat a vegetable dish for lunch: some vegetable sauteed in butter. Lots of butter.
  3. Eat some meaty dish: the grass fed beef, or internal organs, kidney, heart, brain. Find out what agrees with you.
  4. For snack I chew on carrot sticks, or almond meal-sugar-organic cocoa mix. Cocoa was available in Hungary, go figure. I drink green tea after 4 pm.

I don't eat any fruits, except the raspberries in my morning jam. From time to time I suck on lemon wedges, once a week. I don't plan for it, I just have a couple of lemons on the counter. My body talks to me.

I am now hungry for meals. I was never before. I have NO cravings. I drink only one or two glasses of water, otherwise I have my liquid in tea.

I have been dropping weight at a rate of 2 lbs a week, in spite of all the fat I consume. Or maybe because of all the fat I consume.

Side benefits: It's winter here and my apartment is suspended in frigid air: the floor's temperature is around 40 degrees.

My thermostat is set to 54 degrees during the day, and to 50 degrees at night.

I wear sandals in the house. I used to have to wear winter boots and gloves. My circulation got so much better, that now my hands and feet are rarely cold.

Will this work for you? I don't know. I am available for health consulting. I don't muscle test in my lonesome: sorry. A question here and there is OK, but otherwise I find it demeaning.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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  1. So interesting. I wonder how your fruit would be if your parents were from subtropical countries… and then they’d moved to Hungary…yould you still be raspberries…

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