Why are you not offering measuring the vibration? Why do I need to disconnect after meditation?

Please email me if you find a typo or something unclear. Thank you. Sophie sophie@yourvibration.com

UPDATE: I, occasionally, refuse to connect to someone. I have learned my lesson, and now I ask Source before I connect to a person, if I am allowed.

I sometimes connect accidentally and I pay the price. My water gets de-energized, I get an attachment, I get an energetic attack.

Don’t be mistaken, what I teach is dangerous for the status quo… and status quo people will want me dead, or at least stopped.

I want to give them less and less occasion and opportunity to reach me.


Hi Sophie,
I didn’t see the option to donate on your site to measure one’s vibration. Do you still offer that?



I do not. I need to work uninterrupted for long hours, and not fragment my time.

Also, to measure someone’s vibration I need to connect to them, and it is very painful: most people are at or under 200, and have horrible feelings, like you right now.

your vibration is 210, but your emotional state is horrible, and I have to feel it. So it is not good for me to do that countless times throughout the day. Sometimes I can’t disconnect from the person, and there goes my day.

So, there you have it… lol

Thank you,


I have tried many things, but what you are teaching, I am understanding… and it feels SO amazing!

A question…
You mentioned at the end of the connection calls that we’re connected for about an hour unless we say, “disconnect,” and to be careful because we’re wide open. If I would like to connect each morning and night, do I cloak myself, or step into a bubble and fill it with lifeforce energy as you described before I go about my day?

I hope you can feel how much I appreciate your personal support and guidance!!
I am truly thanking God for guiding me to you!


I am connected most of the day. But I am conscious of it. If you can be conscious of it, you can stay connected. but it is not that easy for most of us.

And no, you are not vulnerable to the outside, you are vulnerable to your own negativity getting more oomph, if you know what I mean.

Practice and find out how long you canbe conscious that you are connected, and not do anything silly, like curse, or wish yourself dead, or something like that. ok?

I hope that I will be always able to maintain the personal touch, no matter how much we grow.

Thank you,

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