On Soul Correction and Connecting to Source

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Sharing the light. A single candle, though its light is weak, banishes darkness. But it needs to be lit.

When you hide your light under a bushel basket so no one can see it: you are doing no one a service, including yourself.

Your job is to share your light, and trust that your single light will light up the life of all you touch.

You hiding your light is your soul correction: you are stingy and selfish in that.

Thank you, Sophie www.yourvibration.com


Thank you Sophie. I plan to join your seminar for the first time saturday morning. I’ve been working on making a connection to source and higher self for quite some time and would definitely like to know if i’m actually making that connection.

Thanks again,



You definitely will, Jason, by the third of the session: that is what I do: connect people. What you did before won’t really matter. Some people connect easier, others take longer, but eventually all connect. It is built in, just was never revealed until recently.

Thank you, Sophie


In your opinion, what is the best way for me to share my light? My first thought is that of love.


I don’t know you at all. But the best way to share your light is to grow it. To become excellent at what you do. To have the courage and the generosity to contribute to the world.

That love thing is all Tree of Knowledge. This is not about that kind of stuff: it is all fake.

First things first, guys: learn how to connect properly, get taught, tested, and know you are doing it right. Come to a connection call: 4 times a week, surely there is a time you can make it.

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