Be Unreasonable? Huh?

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A second phase activator, Being unreasonable came up on the first live session of the Second Phase Activator series.

There was a confusion on what the word means…

In the “pedestrian world” where we live, the word “unresonable” is used to mean pushy, grabby, going for it, and irritating.

In the “pedestrian world” it is not a compliment. In that world you don’t want to deal with unreasonable people: they want too much from you, they want too much for themselves, they want you to work too hard, for little or no reward, so they can benefit.

So obviously you don’t want to be like that, (unless you already are, lol).

So why would I have an activator for Unreasonable, and have that on the first session of a long (loooong) series of activators?

Because in the Upper Worlds, in the world of high vibration, Unreasonable is probably the biggest compliment you can get.

Boggles the mind, right? How is it that there is such a big difference between the two vantage points? 3

But what is the meaning of “unreasonable” in the Upper Worlds? 4

It simply means: for no reason.

In the pedestrian world the most frequent question is: why? and that question sets up the answer to come from no-power, from a place of avoiding responsibility, avoiding blame, avoiding the consequences.

Here are a few examples? Why are you the way you are? i.e. what made you the way you are: obviously it has nothing to do with you, your mindset and your actions, right?

Obviously it was your upbringing, the time you were born, the birth sign, the parenting you had, blah blah blah. You would be great if it weren’t for those pesky parents, etc.

I admit, I ran that racket for most of my life. The big turning point was when at a speaker training I delivered one of my tearjerkers about my relationship with my mother, and the audience wasn’t moved.

The audience was other speakers, and we wrote a feedback on little yellow papers for each other, and most of the notes addressed to me said that I should grow up and leave the drama behind.

It stabbed my story in its heart… lol.

After all the elements of the story were true, but the drama was all mine: and the core of the story was the word “because.”

The real opposite of Unreasonable is “because.” because of this, and because of that… total victim talk, total no power, total nobody is driving MY life but the reasons.

I woke up. I got it. It hurt, but it worked. I snapped out of it.

It is my life. It is my job to drive it… And that, taking on the job of driving my life, is unreasonable.

Taking on that my mood is up to me, not up to the circumstances. My fortune, my environment, my finances, my health are all up to me. That is unreasonable, and that is what we are downloading from Source in that activator.

Where is your attention: is it on the reasons why you can’t, or is it actually doing what you came to this life to accomplish? However you got to this point in life, you can start now.

You can start being unreasonable.

OK… so how do you know that you are reasonable? What gives it away?

Simple and deceptively simple.

If you can explain it, if you can justify it, if you can be right about it, if you look good doing it, if you do it to dominate with it, then you are reasonable.

What? That is most of your life? Exactly.

Unreasonable means: for no reason.

The ‘source’ of the actions, decisions is not your racket. Not your ITCH. Not something that you need to do or have. Not something that you want even. Not something that someone told you you have to do. Not something you should do.

But something that comes from deep inside, way way deeper than your feelings and emotions, that you know.

You don’t do it because you want to be creative. You don’t do it because you want to be famous, inventive, or even create progress.

You do it because you ‘can’t do no other’… if that doesn’t make sense, say: of course.

Your connection with your Self is severed, by your reasonableness, with your lack of integrity, with your racket, ITCH, your whole life.

Your integrity number measures the strength of the connection between your two selves… and that is, worldwide: 1%, among my students 3%. Mine is 70%.

Most ‘practitioners’ that ask for their starting point measurements cry bloody murder because of that number.

The ‘crystal healing’ woman in New England, the ‘medical intuitive’ in Australia.

I am both an empath and whatever name you want to use for a person who can feel YOUR organs as her own, manipulate them, including your spine. My ex boy friend called it clairsensar… but it goes beyond.

The third ‘superpower’ I have is my integrity. I know 70% is puny, but it’s enough for Source to honor me with answers that it denies you.

So the other day one of my students was asking me for help with her tummy problem… I spent a lot of time looking, cleansing her liver, and finally I zeroed in on her environment, specifically on her front loader washing machine…

For a week she was better. Now that I am writing this: I can feel her nausea. And I can tell that it is from constipation…

How do I know it is not what she ate? I muscle tested it. How do I know it is not still the environmental toxins? Her liver is functioning at a normal level. That is how…

It is unreasonableness that got me to sharpen my tools, develop these uncomfortable abilities to a level of art-form.

But the first thing I needed to do is clean up my integrity. Obviously it is not all done… 70% is not the best I can do.

I have an old integrity checklist…

If you get your Starting Point Measurements done, 34 numbers and facts I muscle test about you, I’ll send you a copy of the Integrity Checklist.

Get your Starting Point Measurements

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  1. Hey, the bigger the difference in vantage points, the bigger the difference in the quality of life, in the life-experience, and therefore, if I were you, living on the "pedestrian plane", I would be more than eager to learn the difference and want to master the vantage point of the higher vibrations: ultimately that is what will raise your vibration.
  2. Living by reasoning, by the power of reason goes as high as 495... it is not the Upper worlds.
  3. Hey, the bigger the difference in vantage points, the bigger the difference in the quality of life, in the life-experience, and therefore, if I were you, living on the “pedestrian plane”, I would be more than eager to learn the difference and want to master the vantage point of the higher vibrations: ultimately that is what will raise your vibration.
  4. Living by reasoning, by the power of reason goes as high as 495… it is not the Upper worlds.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Be Unreasonable? Huh?”

  1. Yes, I see the difference now, I am such a reasonable guy: gleeeegleeeegleeee…..look at me Mr. Reasonable, poor, sick and have an excuse for everything!…at first the thought of being unreasonable sounded crazy!….but so did everything you are teaching, at first glance..LOL…and after the webinar today I was all shook up, had to go back to work and got put on the spot as soon as I returned there….the anxiety began but I said my affirmation, I have a silent partner, and bam anxiety dropped confidence shot up and I nailed my presentation, I have my toolbox now and plan on using it….muhaaaaaaahaaa…!!!

  2. Looking back I can see that I’ve lived a very unreasonable life. Personal growth has always trumped all other considerations when making choices. I often feel a compelling need to do things or go places for which I never truly understand the why’s or what-for’s beforehand. All I know is that I can never be alright or at peace if I don’t follow these “orders”. Which has made for some very “unreasonable” choices and decisions in the eyes of those around me.
    For many years I’ve used Mallory or Irvine’s answer on why to climb Everest, “Because it’s there”, as a half-baked justification to all of those that always tried to make me be “reasonable”. I never found this answer fullfilling, it never quieted my own doubts.
    Last night, after your much-needed explanation, I realized that much better is the: “If you have to ask, you’ll never understand”, and that’s the answer that everyone, including my own mind and ego, will get from now on! It’s not necessary to understand the “orders”, merely to follow them. So, shut up and get going!
    Thanks a million Sophie!

  3. Yes Alex, the “world” argues for mediocrity, reasonableness, and victimhood, and is very irritated when someone isn’t living by their standards. It rattles their cage. Good work, keep on pushing, keep on poking, that’s how it’s done. You have found a home here with kindred spirits. Yaay, Alex.

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