A Personal Confession From Sophie: I Am In This With You… We Are In This Together!

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we are in this together A personal confession from Sophie: I am in this with you… we are in this together!

I’ve been happy for no reason for a few days now. I have the glow about me that I can only compare to the glow of people being in love. I even caught myself wanting to call a person that I normally get irritated by… and ask them out for coffee… No reason, just because I am so happy.

Most “gurus” aka teachers teach from their head.

I have an ex-teacher of mine who teaches internet marketing. They have a whole system. Their students pay over six thousand dollars a year to learn their system.

They have no successful students. Not one. Why? because they don’t teach what they do. In fact they don’t do any of the things they teach. None of the things that make them money are even remotely related to what they teach. None of the mindset stuff they teach actually does…

They hope that what they teach will work some day.

Their soulcorrection is the “habitual lier” or “the salesman”. 6

The second kind of teachers: teachers that have had a special talent and now they are trying to teach what they do, but of course talent can’t be taught. 7

The third kind of teacher is the one that picked a topic people would buy and now they teach it. They learned about the topic, but they don’t do anything remotely related to what they teach, they can’t, and even if they did, it wouldn’t work. Why? Because they teach tree of knowledge, hearsay… 8

Then there are the “let’s make a system of it” that make up a makeshift system but it works sometimes and not at others.

I have met and learned from all these types of teachers, and even more types, I just don’t want to spend this whole article on them.

The common element in these teachers is that they are inauthentic, that they are lying to you.

Even Dr. Edward Bach, who I adore, lied when he said that the system was complete. He should have said: As far as I can see, the system is complete… And of course it wasn’t. We have found already two missing (and killer strong) feelings that weren’t covered in his 38 Bach Flower Remedies.

Or Osho, who I also adore, lied when he said that you can do what he is doing… find your center by going in… maybe he could, but most people can’t and won’t.

I intentionally speak of dead teachers, I don’t want to make this a vibrational review… lol.

Anyway, what I want to say in this article, is that I am a different teacher.

I didn’t come up with a system and now teach it, ad nauseum. 9

No, I have come up with no system. I am learning the system by poking the box.

Poke-poke… something shows up. I teach it.

Poke-poke… something else shows up. I teach it.

Each poke reveals a missing piece. Sometimes I even misunderstand, misinterpret it.

Sometimes I ask the wrong questions and mislead you. As soon as I catch my mistake, I make it public.

Why do I do it this way? Two reasons:

1. It fits my personality and life’s purpose the best
2. Truth is not already there, already known, already revealed. Truth is much bigger than that, and therefore everyone who says they know the whole truth (Bible) have something to sell you. And that’s all they want to do: sell you stuff.

I am not doing this for you. Not at all. I am not in the helping business. I am not in the do-gooding business. I am not even offering one-on-one sessions, though I could, probably, make a lot of money that way.

I am not interested in that.

I am interested in this whole “game” of poking and revealing.

Remember? The purpose of my life is “living on the edge, generating distinctions of transformation for humankind

And transformation, distinctions are what I am after. Transformation meaning: a sudden different view of the whole. Distinctions meaning some new missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of how it is.

What does this mean to you? I don’t know… lol.

What does this mean to me? That I know, intimately.

we are in this together It means, I am not just the owner, I am also a client… ripping off the famous line from the commercial of one of those hair-replacement joints… lol.

So when it’s not working for you, you can be sure I know it even before you let me know. It is not working for me either.

It became the most apparent with regards to the activators. Great idea, but it didn’t work. The old stuff absorbed the new… no change, or not much.

A few ripples on the surface, and then back to business as usual.

I even stopped doing them for a while. It was a devastating to me that I had something and it didn’t do what it was supposed to do.

Turning Point: I asked for Guidance… duh

Until a few days ago, until April 8. Then I woke up with the answer. I had been wondering, but never actually asked Soul to get the guidance for me. After our Saturday night connection call on the 7th I went to bed and had a conversation with soul: hey buddy, would you get me guidance on what’s missing so this would actually work? Please…

That night I had a dream that I was in a long line of cars on a highway… no movement at all.

I got out of the car and walked to the front of the line to see what was going on.

I saw a man sitting on the road, hunched over. It was my baby brother. I went up to him and saw a gaping wound on his back… and inside, when I leaned close, I could see something moving. I reached in, grabbed it, and started to pull. I pulled, and I pulled, and I pulled. It was a huge worm. After about six feet of it were out, it didn’t want to let go. I could see, in my mind’s eye, that it was holding on to dear life. I begged it to let go, and pulled it, steadily, but gently: I didn’t want it to break and spawn more worms from all the segments of its body.

Finally it let go. It was ugly, and it was deadly. A deadly slow poison, slowly killing my brother.

I woke up with clarity that morning: I needed something that wipes away the “worms” of your life, the ones that are killing you.

I asked Source if it could create an energy like that. The answer was yes. I asked: can I have it? The answer was yes. I asked: can it be a one-command energy? The answer was yes.

I decided on the name “WipeTheSlateClean” because it made sense to me. I don’t want to talk about killing worms: no one would admit to worms, not even me… lol.

I have been using it ever since, and immediately fill the vacuum it creates with something that is good for you… no, let me correct myself: good for us!

And I have been experiencing uncontrollable happiness ever since. I don’t even know what I wiped away… I don’t even care! lol.

Just please get it out… throw it into the toilet and flush, ok Source? Thank you. It’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone.

So, that’s the kind of teacher I am. We are in this together. I don’t teach you anything I don’t need, and I find for us what we need… You have my word for it.

And when I screw up: I’ll let you know. Immediately.

With that said: I will re-record the Unconditional Love Activator: preferably on a live call.

If you own the activator: you can get in free. If you don’t: it will cost you exactly as much as the activator itself: a whopping $7.

The call will be on a Saturday afternoon, on a webinar. I don’t have a date yet, but you can start buying it… best is to just buy the activator, then you’ll be notified of the live call. If you can’t make it to the live call, you’ll get the corrected recording: it will have the Wipe energy included so you will get the Unconditional Love Activator permanently, in your bones… It will stick. Finally…

Same deal with the 11 activators of the 3rd Phase: the energies of the Healing Codes:10 they will be re-recorded as well. No schedule yet, sorry. Any suggestions? Please comment below.

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  1. They say: we are in this together: 'I make the money and you pay me... together we are a team...' lol
  2. We are in this together: you envy me, you celebrate me, you adore me... yeah
  3. We are in this together: neither of us knows anything, but at least I pretend I do
  4. meaning from now till the end of times...
  5. unforgiveness, unhealthy beliefs, harmful actions, peace, trust, goodness, humility, kindness, patience, self-control, love and joy
  6. They say: we are in this together: ‘I make the money and you pay me… together we are a team…’ lol
  7. We are in this together: you envy me, you celebrate me, you adore me… yeah
  8. We are in this together: neither of us knows anything, but at least I pretend I do
  9. meaning from now till the end of times…
  10. unforgiveness, unhealthy beliefs, harmful actions, peace, trust, goodness, humility, kindness, patience, self-control, love and joy

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