On Authority, Or What I Learned From My Brother

no voice no authority On Authority, Or What I Learned From My Brother

My eyes are swimming in tears. Tears of recognition, tears of happiness.

Why am I so happy, you ask? Because I have turned a corner. A big one for me.

My brother, six years my junior, lives in Hungary. We were never really close. No one was close in my family. Holocoust survivor parents, all carrying memories of personal and racial horrors in their cells.

You never knew when they would blow up on you… it was totally unpredictable. I learned last night what’s the mechanism: I am 65 years old and I hadn’t known. Wow. 1

I last saw my brother in 1995. He came to visit me and he stayed 2-3 weeks, I don’t remember how long. He’d just sold a house he built and was now building another one, and had a sudden cash influx; that’s how he could afford to fly over to me.

At the time I was a magazine publisher and quite ill. He had headaches. I had none of the powers I have today: there was nothing I could do for him. Today I would know what to do… but I won’t cry for spilled milk. 2

Later that year he lost one eye, the cause of his headaches, then lost his job due to his funny looks with the glass eye… life is unfair.

I supported him and his family of five for a while, then he found odd jobs: he is really good with computers.

A few years ago the odd jobs ran out and one day he confessed to me that unless he found some source of income he would have to lose everything. I asked how much was the minimum he had to have. He told me and I hired him for that money.

I wasn’t willing to just give him the money: it would have taken his dignity, and he would have started to hate me. It is how the mind works: you hate your benefactor to avoid feeling ashamed. Nasty stuff.

Sometimes there is a lot of work, sometimes just about an hour a day. I have resolved not to worry about it, but he does. He is afraid to lose his few hundred bucks a month, the difference between being homeless or being OK.

In the beginning our relationship was horrible. He yelled at me, barked at me, but I kept swallowing: after all I am this enlightened being, lol, right? For your information: swallowing your feelings isn’t enlightened, it is called suppression. So I wasn’t that enlightened, got it?

Lately, since the second phase activators which he got through my history level, not directly, his feelings were getting smoother, so I recommended the Heaven on Earth. He is taking it. I think out of loyalty to me. This would have been impossible a year ago. He is still on his first bottle of Heaven on Earth.

Now, let me share the breakthrough. No fanfares, no lightworks, no sparkles: most breakthroughs in the process of ascension are eventless… that’s the point.

I needed an urgent job done today. I sent him a gtalk instant message asking if he could do the work. I apologized that I sprung it on him in the last minute. He said, no problem, he didn’t mind.

Saw it? No fireworks. What was the breakthrough? MY breakthrough!

The breakthrough was the tone of voice I used in my communication. There was authority and there was respect. For the first time in my life these two appeared in the same sentence for me.

Until now I had no way of speaking such that he, his needs, his time, his talents would be respected and I would ask for what I needed. Simply.

I would, before, suppress that I was unjust: after all he was done working for the day: he was watching television. Or could be that he planned on doing something else.

The breakthrough is that I apologized for springing the work (2-3 hours) on him, and still speak from authority.

Why am I sharing this here? I have a reason.

On the connection calls we practice speaking to our different aspects, our soul, our ego, and will soon add our body, our minds… And so far everybody is failing at combining these two seemingly incompatible voices: the voice of authority and the voice of respect.

I realized, today, that when you are willing and able to communicate that you know what it takes for the other person to do your bidding, the answer is always yes. The attitude is always willingness. The resulting relationship is always a team. Win-win. We are in this together.

People, when given the choice to be magnanimous, always rise to the occasion. OK, correction, if and when they are above a certain level.

Thanks to the 2nd Phase activators and the Heaven on Earth, my brother and his children are above that level. They weren’t always… they got there as a result.

Isn’t this great?

I did the activators myself, and my whole family benefited. They don’t even have to know it.

Oh, and here is a little gift: one of the movie clips that have effected my life the most… from The Fountainhead. Enjoy. It is required for our next activator on the 2nd Phase activator Series: the courage.

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  1. I’ll write an article on that mechanism later today, but this article is about my breakthrough with my brother, but more than that: a breakthrough in authority.
  2. My mother would die later that year: that even separated us more. My two brothers haven’t spoken to each other since. Over some book…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “On Authority, Or What I Learned From My Brother”

  1. I’m going to begin with one of my silly questions, and it has to do with the soul’s correction.

    When we order it from you, you ask for month, day, and year, of birth. You don’t ask for time or place. So, would I be correct in assuming that everyone born on the same day, date, and year, would all have the same soul correction? I don’t know why this is important to me suddenly, I think I’m just looking for a way out of mine. I’m hating my soul correction, hoping it was the wrong one, given to me in error!

    So, I failed miserably last night, thank you very much! *she bows* LOL. I resorted to acting like a two year old, to avoid answering the door and have to face and speak to someone I just don’t like. Did I avoid the person? Yes. Did I suffer an aftermath? Oh yes! My partner went immediately to his usual rampage, while I put on my boxing gloves in anticipation. He is very long winded, so at some point I decided to become the observer. As I watched his mouth moving a mile a minute, his hands flailing (Italian), and me sitting there like a child being reprimanded, it became very funny and I found myself giggling at how stupid everything looked and sounded.

    When my turn came, I don’t know what happened, I started out strong, ready to fight for myself, but fizzled out within seconds.

    I ended up saying that I had been wrong and was sorry. Worse than that, I told him that I had been envious of certain aspects of this person throughout our relationship. Argument over… But my head’s still swimming with the comments he made. I’m once again thinking of bailing. I took a long hard look at my bottle of Heaven on Earth this morning and thought about guzzling it, so I’m voting for gallon size!

    What’s going on?

  2. Love this share, Christine B, just plain love it.

    And it came exactly in time: I just opened a box the mailman brought: and it has a 3-gallon bottle in it, and I had the same thought: Let’s fill it with Heaven on Earth and distribute it… lol. My next door neighbors are two law students cramming for their finals, and have insomnia, worry, anxiety, doubts, fear of 2012 (Imagine if you studied all these years and the world ends… lol) so I gave them a big bottle of Heaven on Earth each… I hope they will take it. They took four drops while sitting on the front stoop.

    OK, back to your comment: When you grow, spiritually, or any other way, the growth is not without having to pay the price.

    The best examples are body building and detox… body building: you have to tear muscle fibers to grow a muscle. Detox: nasty stuff comes out, no oozes out of your body fat, our your bones, of places you didn’t even know you had.

    A few months ago I went through a 5-day period when all I could do is drink water and go to the bathroom. I knew I was dying. It was clear to me. After 5 days I surrendered and the discomfort, pain, etc. disappeared instantly. I could get up and I was like new.

    Since the WipeTheSlateClean energy I have gone through four crises… you are not alone, my love, this is exactly what you are going through.

    Most of you would not have started, had I told you you’d have crises… but, most of you won’t. You need to do the work and then you do.

    It is not the energy that is doing it, it is the trying to do the actions consistent with the new capacity.

    If you have no symptoms, you are not doing the work, or doing it from a right/wrong place, which is not doing the work. Got it?

    So, congratulations Christine B, you are now the owner of the prestigious “Star Student” gold star… until someone knocks you out. Who is next? lol

  3. You are always blowing my mind Sophie! Here I am, ready to crawl under a rock, and you’re giving me a gold star and congratulating me, LMAO!!!

    Funny part is when I got back home last night, I immediately went and did the replay of session 2 of the 2nd activator series, thinking maybe I hadn’t received the full benefits…

    Is it possible to make a room spray with Heaven on Earth?

  4. Candles would be a good idea too, a nice soy based one. We can have Heaven on Earth permeating our homes! Oh, and a mouth spray, to take with us on the go……..I’ll be quiet now, lol

  5. candle would not work, mouth spray does work, not a bad idea… but maybe not with brandy… lol. Peppermint, grain alcohol, and Heaven on Earth. I can see that being everyone’s favorite: you’d smell fresh and be nice… lol

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