Updated: Humility: What Is It And Why Should You Have It? Is Being Humble Meek? Powerless? Stupid? Get Ready To Be Surprised!

Sometimes guidance comes from a student or client request.

Today I heard from a long time client who never managed to go from a to be… despite of the many courses she came to.

She had a difficult time accessing an activator, part of the Second Phase Activators (I downloaded more than 100 activators in that course!). I checked and she was right, somehow the video got corruteed in the more than three years it was moved around…

I listened to it and it dawned on me that without activating humility, of course you’ll never learn anything. Anything new, I mean.

Here is the article I wrote at the time, and in the meantime I am trying to rescue that video: given that it is the cornerstone of all learning, all growth, all evolution, all raising your vibration, if necessary, I’ll dedicate another webinar to the topic…

In the meantime, here is the “oldie but goodie” article

On Humility

Most humility that we know as humility is a pretense. It is designed by us to dupe people into thinking that they don’t need to beat us over the head for us to get what they say or to think well of us, blah blah blah. That humility we know is an outside job. Real humility is an inside job. And very very very selfish! (Did I tell you to prepare to be surprised?)

Real humility (I should be an expert on this, after all this is my soul correction!) is very different.

Humility is a great hearing aid for helping us become open to guidance (from Source, from Soul, from other people). But sometimes we don’t hear because we have a process to go through. And sometimes it’s the process that creates the humility to hear.

Most people need to be broken in order for the messages to enter.

Why would being broken work? The ego that wants you to stay the same, that wants to perpetuate the status quo, good or bad, useless or useful, has to wake up to the new reality: you are beaten, you are broken, it needs to allow change.

Does it always work? No. Unless there is support from your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, your soul, it is going to become an “oscillating structure” where you are going to go back and forth… improvement, back where you started.

sisyphus and humility The ego is going to create a Sisyphus “syndrome;” read the footnotes for story… 1

So what can you do instead, so you can grow, so you can become all you can be?

In one of the trainings on training I had 25 years ago, we were taught that you need to declare yourself incompetent in order to be trained.

First off: am I saying you are incompetent? No, I am saying something totally different. You need to create yourself an empty vessel, and empty cup, so you can be filled. You can sort through the new stuff once the training is done.

Is that humility? Yes, that is humility of the highest degree!

You disengage your know-it-all, your 3-year old: have you noticed that you can’t explain anything to a 3-year old: they already know everything. The next know-it-all stage comes when they become a teenager… then, for most of us, it stays. Even the best of us can’t hear anything the way it’s said, the best we can do is try to

like/not like,
true/false judge the new information, and if it passes our muster, if it is compatible with what we already know, then we’ll fit it into the brick wall of what we already know.

What is the problem with this picture?


One: we are not listening. We are not hearing. We are busy thinking. That is the definition of arrogance: thinking that YOUR MUSTER, your opinion, your knowledge is definitive.

This is why most people never learn, consciously, anything new. Unconsciously, of course, you learn all kinds of useless garbage. That is going to form the basis of your judgment to accept or reject the new knowledge.

Which means something really BIG for the readers of this site: You will never raise your vibration, you will never become a happier human being, no matter what someone teaches you.

Whether you like the person’s style, their hair-do, the teaching, won’t matter. Really!

Lots of people come here that like me. How many actually learn something instrumental? 2 One half of a percent, maybe.

Lots of people come here that don’t like me. They like somebody else. How many actually learn something instrumental from those teachers? One half of a percent, maybe.

Humility is what’s missing, and humility is saying:

“What I already know got me to where I am.

If what I already know can take me where I want to go: what am I doing here? Let’s get out of here… I don’t need anything else.

If what I already know got me here, but won’t take me where I am going: let me empty my cup and hear if this takes me further. Maybe it will take me backwards for a little bit, to a point where I chose what I know that got me here but can’t take me further.

And if I don’t like where I am at: I am definitely going to empty my mind, empty my cup, and get what’s here, in its entirety: I can always get rid of it, if it doesn’t work. I did it once, I can do it again.”

Now, the real question is: do you have this much control over your mind? I assert that you probably have NO control over your mind at all. Try to stop your thinking. Now! How did you do?

This is why I needed to ask Source to create this new energy, called WipeTheSlateClean. It is a mind-wiper… lol. It allows you to learn something new. 3

Does it work? It does and it doesn’t.

If the person is too fearful of learning, changing, then even the WipeTheSlateClean won’t work for them.

One needs to have an honest desire to learn something new. And urgency.

If your mind says: I have time for that! then you won’t learn.

If your life expectancy, according to your parents, is 90 years, then at 50 you will have the feeling that you have time.

That’s where urgency comes in. I didn’t mean emergency: we all know that emergency makes us do things we would not consider without the emergency.

No, urgency is created. It is a caused, a self-caused inner phenomenon.

You say to yourself: I can die at any minute and I can be sure of only one thing: I am alive this minute. And this minute I will go full out, and even if there are no more minutes left, I will do my life’s work in this one minute. I will do my soul correction, fully, completely, no holds barred.

Even putting aside all you already know, all that makes you sure of who you are, all that got you where you are, all that has kept you safe… For what’s possible.

THAT IS HUMILITY. Moment to moment.

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  1. Sisyphus’ story is part of Greek Mythology. The myth is that this dude, Sisyphus, was condemned to attempt to roll a huge boulder to the top of the mountain each day, only for it to roll back to the bottom at the end of the day. Others say that Sisyphus is a symbol of the sun that rises every morning, and sets every night… But the popular interpretation, what I am really referring to here is ‘starting and starting and starting and never accomplishing anything…’ nasty stuff.
  2. I emphasize ‘instrumental’ because the type of knowledge that just sits in your head making you an even bigger smart-ass won’t do you any good!
  3. It is available in my paid activator courses and the activator downloads. Right after you do the wipe, you need to put in the information you’ve been resisting. Very important. All the programs that offer wiping, audios, etc. are ineffective, because they miss this crucial step. The cheapest product you can get with the wiper energy is the Unconditional Love Activator, the most expensive is the Second Phase Activators series.

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1 thought on “Updated: Humility: What Is It And Why Should You Have It? Is Being Humble Meek? Powerless? Stupid? Get Ready To Be Surprised!”

  1. You brought up the point that people have to be “broken” before they will learn or listen. I noticed as I’ve read numerous articles about the law of attraction (in particular about prosperity) that the people writing them often don’t take into account that the people who are reading what they are writing tend to be reading them because they are desperate, and running out of options.

    I say this as someone who was pretty desperate a couple of years ago. Desperate enough to start reading articles that I thought were insane at the time. The way I had to start with to really think about it was hypothetical, and remembering a lesson that I had learned from watching way to much Star Trek (all 5 series) my whole life, just because the idea is insane doesn’t stop it from being the right idea.

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