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Dear Sophie,

After last night’s call, I have some questions for you.

-I wanted to ask you what you actually mean, instead of what I interpreted when you gave me soul correction + flaw. In terms of actually doing my soul work, what does it mean that I have Silent Partner and flaw of Pretense? (I thought I knew until I read one of the posts by aaron online). I suspect this will hurt like a band aid coming off to hear, but I’d rather find out exactly what you mean instead of thinking I know. Then I can go about catching it


Each character flaw is a pretense.

You are made of the same stuff as Source, and that is powerless beyond measure. You live in the world of scarcity, but that doesn’t mean that your powers disappeared, they are limited by the physicality, that’s all.

But humans behave if they had no access to power inside themselves, they look for power outside of themselves. That is a pretense.

The Silent Partner addresses this character flaw directly, the other soul corrections through a specific application of this denial of power.

The issue with the Silent Partner is accessing your power. Magical thinking will work a little bit, but not much. The adage, fake it till you make it, is perfect here, you need to take steps you would not take without knowing that you have the power, but of course at this point you don’t. I do, but I am a little ahead of you on this journey.

Behaving like you can’t is your flaw to correct.


You mentioned on the call last night that being a “helper” is the worst. My job is actually being an assistant! Is that under the same umbrella of what you were referring to? I must say however, that your articles have since motivated me to see my work as training to do the job on my own and eventually be my own boss.


Being an assistant is a wonderful job. You don’t need to be the boss of all, you just need to be the boss of yourself.

Wallace D Wattles says it best in his The Science of Getting Rich: start where you are. use the will correctly. put all power into every action. become too big for the job you have. don’t just become the best at it: that will keep you stuck. become too big for it!

You’ll know when you are ready… but do you know what you are training for?

I do a lot of work for people that I consider training, even now. But I am very clear what it is I am training for, so I don’t become a helper.

Until you are clear about that, just do the “job” better than required, in a somewhat beyond what’s required way. As if it were your own business.


-It sounded from your articles that the 1st phase activation could take people to 299, but not everyone did. Obviously, neither did I since I am at 200. Is there a reason I didn’t/couldn’t get to 299 and what can I do about it? I would very much like to not be in the “miserable wretch” category as you call it.


I am a little hesitant to admit, but the first phase activation without removing at least some of what was there, was a little too early. Luckily I caught the dark side, by accident and eliminated it, but it is starting to grow back. It was around 50% before that activation, and now only 2%, but on the individual level, the activation didn’t do much.

You are doing the right thing by being in the 2nd Phase Activation Course, that is your ticket out of “wretched”.


Regarding being an empath and your article on Heaven on Earth for weight loss: Recently I realized that not only have I been living other people’s stuff, but I’ve also been carrying their weight. I was always baffled because the math of calorie/exercise did not add up with how I look. Since then when I see myself (and despair) I say something along the lines of “it’s not my weight, return it to Source.” So far (I’ve only started 2 weeks ago), results are not there. I also take H.O.E. unrelentingly. Do you have any other advice?


I muscle tested your statement about carrying other people’s weight for them, and it is not true. I struggle with my weight too, and in my case, I am clear that my metabolism is so slowed down from carrying other people’s feelings, that I can actually maintain my weight at 500 Calories a day. Ridiculous.

What is the explanation? I think it is holding the breath. The food needs oxygen to burn, and without oxygen it is poison and it must be stored.

A few years ago I did a breathing regimen, I forgot what it was called, by Greer Childers. It’s a 20-minute breathing regimen with about 10 positions stretching. I lost 30 pounds in 40 days, without changing anything else. Buy the book on ebay for a buck, “Be a loser” and start doing it. Even if you don’t do it the way it is supposed to be done, you’ll be surprised that you’ll shed the weight. Guaranteed


Another empath question. One of your articles you say “I have gone through the mad stage, I have gone through the useless hermit stage. After 60 years, I have got myself to the stage where this ability is useful.” I felt a painful jolt of recognition. I also feel I went through mad stage and am stuck in “useless hermit.” It is also very much like you said on last night’s call – the people who never have fun. Is this something that the empath group will help with or do you have anything else I can do?


If the current empath group is any indication, it is nothing short of a miracle when an empath becomes conscious. I need more applicants to actually do another group.


On the healing calls, I don’t see the text boxes so I don’t know if people request healing on their various aches and pains or if you are tuning in and picking up on what is collectively in need of healing for the group. I was concerned about the bladder and tumor situation as I was having bladder pain the other day. But I wasn’t sure if that was specific to someone else on the call. If you are taking requests, I would ask for help with allergies. I’m sure I’m not alone in dealing with hay fever right now.


Both, people make requests, and I am tuning in.

I don’t have any allergies, so I am a little clueless as to what to do about those, sorry

Sorry, lots of questions. I have been thinking about them for some time.

Thank you,


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

16 thoughts on “Questions and Answers:”

  1. Talking about bladder..Sophie,why do you think a person suffers from bladder cancer or any other type of cancer? Especially if that person has a healthy life style. Why is it coming back,like 2 or 3 times. Does karma has anything to do with this? Does that person need to learn or be aware of something in special? Is it posible to heal it through the healing connection or would it be too much pain for an empath? How can that person be helped?Deseases are coming from real low vibrations?

  2. I had an aha moment reading this. I have been a pleaser a great part of my life. I did learn to stand up for myself to others, but you Sophie taught me to learn to stand up for myself to myself…and for that I am very grateful. I finally understand what you are saying about the difference between helping and training. I was confused because I thought we are all here to help one another. I agree, I understand the difference of what you are saying now. It is like the parable to help someone… to always do things for them and training them, teaching them to fish for themselves. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  3. Kabbalah says that it is because the space we create between us and Source by our actions. Between who we really are and who we pretend to be.

    When you pretend that you know everything, you cut out Source from your life.
    When you pretend you can’t control yourself, you are not being the powerful amazing human being you are…

    Low vibration is an numerical expression of this distance.

  4. Helping can me two different things:
    1. throwing alms and enslave the recipient
    2. throwing one’s life away for another’s life

    Both are mortal sins of pride. You are playing with “stuff” that is not yours: another or your own dignity, the right to grow, the right to be all you can be. Your job is to be you, to grow you, to grow Life by being here, by doing what you do.

    Helping is probably the worst thing anyone can do: it is a double edged sword that kills the giver and kills the given.

    When, on the other hand you look at people as soul mates, you will support them in their soul correction and use everything about them to support you in yours. Everyone is your teacher, and humility allows you to grow like a huge tree through the clouds, all the way to heaven.

  5. Thank you for the clarification, it is very well said. I agree, support of one another is key, and key to growth when they call us on our crap, being a hermit I never faced myself and it stunted my growth. Interesting that low vibration is an numerical expression of this distance to Source. I find I am a work in progress, observation of my self and feelings helps to move forward. It is like moving 3 steps forward and one or two steps back and at times.

  6. Sophie,
    Regarding the soul correction you sent me, I am kinda lost on that one can you please expand on the subject a little bit.

    Speak your mind: have a mind to speak. Start learning something useful…


  7. I thought I sent you a link, but if not, here is the article:

    it’s, at the root of all, people who are afraid to be themselves, afraid of having an opinion, afraid of their own unreliable intellectual capabilities, so they leave the thinking to others, and live out of their mind which is filled with other people’s opinions, tree of knowledge. These people are especially attracted to me, give how strongly I am convinced of what I am saying.

  8. Annie, I want you to pay attention to your way of speaking: “it is very well said…”

    I don’t know your soul correction, but that sounds mighty arrogant to me. Mighty “I am the judge, at the top of the human pyramid”

    That will prevent you to learn anything useful, as the live 2nd phase activator class can attest to it… it’s what is in the way of learning: arrogance… that your opinion about what is being taught matters.

    Your vibration is at an all time high of 190… so something you are not doing right… Please reconsider your attitude: you are going 3 steps backwards and one step forward.

  9. You are right, I have never been very good at expressing my thoughts, and my vibration is low…I know it and I appreciate it when you call me on my crap and when my friends do as well, that is when growth occurs. I am not judging anything, only expressing my appreciation for the way you expressed your lesson so that I understood the message. I did not understand it before.
    My soul correction: it’s building bridges. It is the correction: reconnect to Source. reconnect everything to Source. And reconnect with
    the people… it is being a connector. A Grand Connector.

    So far I am not doing such a grand job of it and I will keep working it. Someday I hope to figure out what IT is I am doing wrong.:) My vibration is the same as when I met you so I must have sat on my step.

  10. I think I got it right this morning… I know you’ll tell me.

    My daughter in college called me this morning crying, telling me that a friend of hers overdosed last night and is unconscious in the hospital.

    I felt the pull to say things to “help” her. Instead, I put my hand over Soul for support and just actively listened. I asked her if there was anything she needed from me. She said, no, she knew it would all be okay. She continued a bit more, then brightened up and continued sharing about other things.

    Did I give her the opportunity to work it through for herself? Did I get it right this time?

  11. Audrey, this incident shows clearly how helping is meddling with, and is not helping at all.

    She worked through, she could connect to her higher and brighter self, and you didn’t interfere.

    This is how we correct our relationships with our loved ones.

  12. I’m making it a point to take more and bigger risks.
    This morning, I took a walk, which I don’t normally do, especially alone.
    It was raining lightly and I went anyway.
    I began on the sidewalk and chose the way I felt resistant to going.
    I made sure I was connected and told Source that I surrender to whatever I need to do to do my soul’s correction and to “get it.”
    I walked on, stepping forward, stepping back…
    A rabbit stopped in front of me and stared at me for about a minute. I asked if he had a message… “keep going.” (I know it sounds silly, but it didn’t then.)
    Stopping to smell some honeysuckle, I heard a stream and felt a physical yearning.
    I didn’t find a path and it occurred to me that this is when I would have continued on the sidewalk. (The sensible thing to do) It also occurred to me that there was a time nothing would have stopped me.
    I found a big stick to check the firmness of the ground in front of me and for snakes hiding in the wet leaves, and I forged my way in. I hiked through thorns, poison ivy, etc.
    I practiced stepping forward and back while I went deeper into the woods and found the stream.
    I crouched on a rock in the water watching the easy flow of it all and felt such peace I cried. There were gnats dancing in front of me and I was watching them dance instead of mindful swatting. After a while, I continued going deeper in, instead of back the way I came in. I wasn’t concerned about getting lost or stuck there. I felt like I was one with it all. What magic I’ve missed being a “reasonable & sensible adult.”

  13. Yesterday, while driving, happily getting lost, I playfully said to my self, “Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!”
    Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night, remembering a word, “Farragut.”
    Googling it today, I clicked on Wiki- David Farragut… and found that HE was the naval officer who gave the order!
    Soul is telling me something! 🙂

  14. Earlier this afternoon, before we had our class, I called my sister (who lives across country) and decided to risk reaching out as she and I have always had a difficult relationship. (Btw, I was adopted and have no blood in common with my parents and this sister, so no history-level help here)

    I made a point to urgently listen and stay in the back… (at least I felt I was staying in the back… after today’s call, I’m not sure anymore.)
    I concentrated only on changing MY behavior and was aware not play the blame game or get defensive, although I was REALLY tempted. (she has always triggered me)

    I apologized to her for anything I had done that had hurt her and acknowledged that it must not have been easy growing up with me.
    She became self-righteous and offensive.
    I observed the familiar reactions that REALLY wanted to surface… misunderstood, hurt, bristle and defend. I breathed, stayed back, listened carefully and drank my remedy water.
    She said that she has been mad at me for a year, (she never said a word) and went on to describe how I really hurt her feelings last year when she was here. I was very aware that the situation she described was different than how I remembered it, but I didn’t defend, I just listened. (my heart was beating so fast)
    Then, she said what you said to me Sophie, “It’s always about you.”
    I told her that I could hear how my behavior hurt her and that I’ve been working hard to be aware of it now and hope we can move forward. (silence… that never happened before!)
    It was cool how the reactive emotions that bubbled inside me softened and I didn’t feel anger toward her.

    Regarding it being all about me… It’s interesting, I used to think if I just let her talk, talk and talk, it wasn’t about me. But actually, I think inside I was feeling generous/obligated to indulge her, prove that I wasn’t being selfish, but then felt judgmental and irritated after the call.

    Today, as I listened to her, although I was paying attention to my SELF, it wasn’t all about ME… I was able to be with her hurt feelings… I let the “story” go- it wasn’t important… I respected that she had her own reality and owned up to my part in her feeling hurt and felt compassion… I’m not blaming myself either.
    This was truly amazing, Sophie. Thank you for teaching me what I needed to learn in order for this to happen.

  15. Great share Audrey.

    And once the celebration is done, you understand why we have activators in this course.

    Every other course in the planet stops where this article stopped. We go further and cause an energetic awareness, an energetic change, if you let it, and then the results can be permanent.

    This is what started me on this quest: the desire to cause permanent change. I was fed up with flash in the pan results, and was going to , hell or high water, find a solution. That is what lead me to Source, and this work.

    And what I want to acknowledge about you (don’t get a big head!) is that you go and do it… no thinking, no understanding, no waiting till you are ready.

    This is the way to do it. Through discovery, through experiencing it. I could talk, and explain, but if you don’t experience it, nothing happens.

    It would be like having the voice of a Pavarotti but never singing because you don’t know how.


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