How Do Activators Work On The Personal Level?

this is the image of your subconscious that we stir up with the activators How do activators work on the personal level?

Activators interfere with the status quo. Depending on your disposition, it will wreak havoc immediately or later.

How does it work?

Imagine a covered sewer pit, whatever they call those in your back yard. Or imagine a compost pile. Both have stuff no one wants to look at… right?

Your subconscious is like that. Really. Nothing pretty there. Nothing smelling like roses.

I come along and I do a Wipe and an Implant.

Wipe meaning: I use the WipeTheSlate® energy directly on your subconscious. Implant meaning: I download, while you are connected, with Source energy, a carefully crafted series of statements, in the language of the subconscious, straight into the little space that opened up as a result of the Wipe.

There are two major types, or dispositions, as far as I can tell:

  1. the Wipe is surface.
  2. the Wipe is deep.
  1. If you are in group 1: you can go and enjoy goodies every time I do a Wipe, but in order to do fundamental and revolutionary work on you, you need to dig deep, yourself. On your own. The energy isn’t doing it.Your results, real results will come from you volunteering to face the tiger… dig, and dig deep.Most people are in this group, and you can get better, feel better, get better results in life. You won’t be the pioneers of the new breed of humans. It’s OK, most people don’t want to be anyway, right?

toilet sloth is like the activators that eats your shit so you do not have to deal with it any more

  • If you are in group 2: the energy digs deep and stirs the pot, so to say. You’ll get symptoms, both physically and emotionally. You’ll kick the cat. You’ll re-experience emotions that you thought you have solved long before.


I belong to the second group.

Every time I do an activation, I go through hell. I do an activation 6 days a week. Thursday is my recovery day.

Is it worth it? Yes. With the capacities I have downloaded, especially the Unreasonable and the Impervious activators, I can just observe the symptoms and not be touched. But they are there, so be prepared.

Going to the next evolutionary level as a human being won’t be a walk in the park.

Is it worth it? You call the shot. No one will blame you if you quit: you cannot be dragged to heaven: you need to choose the road that takes you there.

What are you choosing?

Life on Earth, at present, is hell. Your mind keeps you in hell, all you can do is sleep through your life, to tolerate it.

You are unsuited to respond powerfully to any kind of threat: you are a reaction machine.

If, by any chance, there will be a catastrophe: you will be in the group “didn’t make it”.

That group will have billions in it. So we won’t erect you a giant wall with your name on it. The handful of people that did make it will be busy living in heaven.

Sorry pal, ugly truth, but truth nevertheless. Get the second phase activators, if you are 1 in a million…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “How Do Activators Work On The Personal Level?”

  1. You are killing me, the last two weeks have been hell.

    I keep getting thrown these ridiculous challenges, and I’m beginning to not even recognize myself any more. Where have my witty, cutting remarks gone? Why all of a sudden am I being tested? Better yet, am I passing? I feel like I’m still failing miserably!

    The icing is that everywhere I go, I keep getting annoyed. This morning I decided that the majority of people just can’t drive. There needs to be a special class on acceleration, and how not to fear it!

    The kid in the coffee window is consistently making the same comment daily about the generous tip I leave him, so I might not any more. Say thank you and shut up already!

    I began to engage in gossip with my daughter-in law this morning. I backed out when I realized it, but I still began and engaged!

    Last week, my mother gave my oldest son her will, I am not in it. She has never liked me, so no big surprise, but the reality sucked!!

    I had a million scenarios in my head, nothing seemed to come out of my mouth though, not yet anyway.

    Now it seems to be fading and I don’t even give a shit…. Oh yeah, she also gave him all my jewelry to give to his child. Seriously?

    My boyfriend’s daughter suddenly turned on her charm yesterday after disliking me for 8 1/2 years. I was dumbfounded, didn’t even know how to act, just smiled like an imbecile.

    I feel like I’ve entered the twilight zone! There’s more, but I’ll spare you the details. I’m sure you’re getting the picture……..

    This must be the hell you speak of. Personally, I can’t wait to get through it!!

  2. Christine B,

    of all of us that shared, you were the hardest hit. this is a compliment straight from Source.

    Whenever you make a commitment to any kind of change, Source checks if you mean it. Most people don’t… So how do you get rid of work that is wasted? You make the beginning tough for people. 99% will back out… “this is how it looks? I am out of here…” they say, so Source knows not to bother with them

    But you have been absolutely the pioneer of us, including myself, in being committed, testing, poking, so you got more tests this time as well.

    With regards to the family challenges: my mantra about those is: this is not the final picture… that allows me to just really let go and not have to get upset.

    Last wills and testaments are the hardest things to stay cool with: even beautiful people get ugly when it comes to that: no matter on what side they are at.

    Ponder and pinpoint (precision is important here!) What exactly does my mother dislike about me? Does she dislike it because she sees herself in it? Does she dislike it because it reminds her of something really nasty about her, that she doesn’t want to face?

    These are useful questions, by all means they leads you to compassion.

    And more important than anything: if she is your birth mother: she will change as a result of the activators you get.

    She will have smooth sailing, by the way. The ungrateful one… tongue in cheek of course, I don’t have the right to call her names, you do. lol

    Thank you for sharing. this Second Phase Activation is working… and this is how it looks when it’s working… lol. By the way, people that buy it now will only get the replays. I’ll raise the price in a week or so to double… I need to be sure I find a bug before… their is a mole in our midst.

  3. Thank you Source, but I’m still not quitting! LOL

    Sophie, I really delivered a very edited version of the goings on as of late. It’s almost inconceivable that I share this here, because I don’t share it with anyone else in my life. I’m certain that there’s a part of me that believes most people won’t read it anyway, ha!ha! I try not to go back and read what I’ve written because I probably wouldn’t send it.

    Mom is not biological, and for decades I’ve accepted the fact that we just don’t get along. Sadly for her, I did not come with a return policy! Last week I really ran through a range of emotions, thinking that a volcano was preparing for eruption, but now, nothing. Null and void.

    So now I just say, keep it coming. Let’s get this over with so I can live!

    At work tomorrow I may run an IV in my arm with an 8 hour Heaven on Earth drip! (just kidding). Interesting thought though, a “Heaven on Earth Clinic”!!!

  4. I look forward to that…..I am ready, willing, and able. For now, I will stop polishing my suit of armor, and put it back in the closet!

    BTW, I am having great success learning muscle testing by using simple questions that I definitely know the answers to, such as: “Is my name Christine B”, rather than trying to use the questions on the PDF. I am almost completely confident that I know the difference between yes and no now.

  5. You are the second person with a non-biological mom. I am going to look how to own all that’s going on in that relationship, so you can be well.

    For now: any relationship can be repaired by the person who is willing to take total responsibility for the relationship.

    I will create an activator for that, but just know: it is a step by step process, pulling all of it to yourself, so nothing remains that you are not 100% responsible for.

    Once that is done, the other person magically changes.

  6. Thanks for this article Sophie – it makes me feel slightly better about what I’m going through! Its been really tough – I’m in emotional and physical overwhelm at the moment. To top it off, lots of things are breaking and going wrong – even my usually blissfully unaware husband has noticed 😉 The activators are sure stirring up lots of nasties!

    I have thought of quitting more than once, but for now I will hang in there. I don’t really know how much more of it I can take though…

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