Ode to an exceptional teacher, Robert Plank

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Robert Plank and Sophie Benshitta Maven I “met” my business/marketing teacher, Robert Plank, 37 years my junior, red-headed punk programmer genius at the time, in early 2009.

I wanted to learn php programming from him, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life, so learning programming sounded like a good idea.

I had been learning marketing, mindset, everything and anything… when you don’t know where you are going, every path takes you there… lol.

I remember being on the first webinar with him. I didn’t know I was an empath and I could feel the tension between the two partners like my own, and I was rooting for Robert. He stammered, he talked to fast, he was eager and loved teaching!

I could not learn anything in the first course, nothing in the second course, ditto the third course, but I was coming back.

Then on the fourth course I could do three out of the 10 assignments, and I knew I found a home.

Doing the assignments is both a capacity issue and a mindset issue.

The capacity is clear, it is the answer to the question: is the skill and knowledge involved available or not, right?

The mindset is not clear for most: unless you have a reason, an inner reason, you won’t find the ambition to do the work. But where does ambition come from?

Believe it or not, ambition comes from Ego.

Every religion, every self-improvement modality blames the ego for your troubles, but Ego is very useful.

Ego is the aspect of you that gives you the energy to get up and go.

You, your Self needs to give direction to the Ego, but the energy doesn’t come from your Self: it comes from your Ego.

But what about the Soul?

The Soul is only interested in one thing: in earning its light through your actions. But the Soul knows only two moves:

  1. nagging
  2. nudging

Nagging is what it sounds like. It comes from displeasure, and it has an urgency. It is like a 3-year old pulling on your pants… unless you give it attention it won’t stop.

Nudging is gentler and it has a direction. It has a guidance in the nudging. Go there, open this, say no, run… simple actions like that. For the most part we have no idea what it is trying to make us do, even if we know that nudging may come from the Soul.

Why is that? Because the subconscious has a similar language, except it has a lot more energy. Why? because the subconscious is full of repressed and suppressed stuff: mostly suppressed and repressed for cultural or religious reasons.

A result of the cultural indoctrination is that we are now making decisions from what we know (Tree of Knowledge), instead of our nature. We pick foods to eat, times to eat, times to drink, times to sleep, not from our physical nature, (Tree of Life) but from newspaper articles, television doctors, television gurus, that are themselves as wretched as we are. Or some, maybe, even more, lol.

So, how did I bridge this tremendous gap between not having the skill and not having the mindset to growing my skills with the correct mindset?

I can’t say that my method will work for everyone, but it will work for some, and that is better than most gurus’ one-size-fit-all solution that doesn’t work for anyone.

This is what I did:

I allowed AMBITION, the desire to be bigger, better, or different from other people on the call to come and play. I allowed my AMBITION to win, win contests, win accolades, win prizes to get the BEST of me to cooperate and work together. (Robert Plank makes every assignment a contest that you can win!)

It worked so well that within a few months I won every contest, I started to learn by doing EVERYTHING, I started to see money coming in, I rose myself to a minor guru status while I was teaching what I needed to learn most! lol.

Another thing happened that was totally unexpected: until yesterday I didn’t spend a nickel on other people’s programs, even though I hadn’t been in a Robert Plank live program per se for over two years.

This is how long it’s taken me to turn all that training into gold, a lifestyle, a growth vehicle, and not an “event.”

I am, today, effectively, as much a “child” of Robert Plank as I am a child of my birth parents. Maybe more.

My birth parents gave me physical life, and an opportunity to grow up into a mature physical specimen. They also sent me to school, scolded me, or whatever they did to indoctrinate me into this wretched culture we are living in.

But a teacher, a real teacher, can give you your life. You love them not because you have to, but because you do. You love them with gratitude in your heart. Overflowing gratitude.

I haven’t spoken with Robert Plank since I last saw him at a seminar a year and a half ago. But in my heart I hear his voice, I talk to him, I want him to be proud of me. Whenever I do something new, I offer it up to him as a payment of gratitude. Not in physical reality, no. In my heart. It is as much my result as it is his. He now lives and is immortal through his work with me.

I have changed as a human being as a result of being a student of this guy: I have become more interested in producing results for you than anything in my teaching.

I want to be YOUR Robert Plank. I want you to hear my voice in your head and I want you to want to make me proud of you.

I dropped all do-gooding, (ok, most, lol), I stopped coaching that allowed people to stay the same. I stopped stooping down to people: now I allow them to reach up and pull themselves up, if they want to stay around me.

I have a lot of time for my own work. I have time to grow, personally, and grow my business. I have time to be well. I am not needy of someone liking me, listening to me, agreeing with me, validating me. And I want you to learn that from me.

Of course, the Unconditional Love Activator had more to do with this last paragraph than Robert Plank… it has set me free. Free from other people. Free from you and your opinion of me. Even from Robert Plank’s opinion of me. 2I can see him shaking his head saying to himself: what does this chick want from me?! lol. Nothing Robert, this has nothing to do with you, really!) Free from even my lower self. Free. Come and experience it yourself. Sign up to the re-recording of the Unconditional Love Activator: it will be a line of demarcation for you like Robert Plank was for me; guaranteed.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

9 thoughts on “Ode to an exceptional teacher, Robert Plank”

  1. I’m sure I’m not the only one, when I say that I already DO hear your voice in my head and I ABSOLUTELY want to make you proud of me!
    Thanks “Robert Plank!” 🙂
    Btw, I love the upcoming events on the sidebar!!

  2. We are grateful to you, as you are grateful to Robert Plank 🙂

  3. Amazed, inspired, present to the holiness between you and Robert and you and us.
    Love your words-“when you don’t know where you are going, every path takes you there.”
    Thank you for incarnating at this point in time and space. You are a sacred gift.

  4. Thank you for a great article! Quite a few gems in here and this touched me the most: “unless you have a reason, an inner reason, you won’t find the ambition to do the work” I’m looking at some aspects of my life through this statement right now.

  5. “unless you have a reason, an inner reason, you won’t find the ambition to do the work”

    This really hits home for me. Every time I’ve got an inner reason (even if it’s just for fun) I never quit, but if there is no inner reason of any sort I always quit.

    I often have to tell my parents when they tell me their goals for me that it’s their goal not mine, and it’s going to show (and then I never do acheive the goal that wasn’t mine to start with). But every time a goal is mine (even if it was just for fun) the devine energy help anything that gets in my way I never seem to fail in the long run.

  6. Yes ESP! Right on!
    There are a number of “shoulds” in my life for which I care little about and I struggle to get them done. Then there are all those things I feel called to that I can’t keep myself away from, to the detriment of the “shoulds”.

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