The evolutionary approach to your inner stress, lack, negativity, and misery

This article stands the current culture and the current approach to spirituality, consciousness, self-growth on its head… If you are happy to be miserable, please don’t read it!

Watch this short movie. If it doesn’t bring tears in your eyes, pain in your heart, then probably this article isn’t for you

A Brave New World… can you take it? Or the real reason why you have inner stress?

Do you want your recipes tested, but your teacher’s method doesn’t need to be tested… you hope it is going to work?

Whenever I have a strange desire or curiosity, I follow it deep into the rabbit hole.

About 10 days ago I had the nudge to look up how to make bread with the tools I already have… slow cooker, convector oven and such.

Why? I didn’t ask. I just followed the links, looked at recipes, looked at pictures.

Then for the next 10 days nothing. Then it came up again today, and today I went as far as looking up Dutch ovens on Amazon.

I don’t jump into conclusions, I patiently wait for the intention to reveal itself. This is the art of waiting for clarity I spoke about in another article. This type of waiting, as opposed to the waiting for a miracle, waiting to feel confident, waiting for Godot type of waiting 99% of the population engages in. Jumping into waiting…

And today the intention revealed itself.

As you know, I have been studying authors that teach how to deal with the automatic thinking mind and the resulting emotions that paralyze your being, lead to a life of misery and no sense of fulfillment a foregone conclusion.

Then I was directed to Lisa Garr (had never heard of her before) and her expert programs… Someone suggested that I should join that crowd.

I didn’t have time to look around much, but my eyes caught a quote

“Stress and emotional pain is not caused by external issues, but by the battle between who you really are and the false ideas you’ve been brainwashed to believe about yourself.”

And then I went to do my weekly errands… My brain(my reticular activator, my faithful servant) used the two hours to mull that quote over, and came up with the following question:

What if what we believe to be the cause of stress and emotional issues is NOT what what we have been told. What if the cause of inner stress, that we have been so ineffectively trying to get rid of is not what everyone has been teaching (to results between zero and none…) but it’s a hardware that is now no longer suitable for humans in the 21st century?

What if the issue is that our hardware, our 200,000 year old computer needs to change for us to cope with the life we are living?

What if the operating software needs to be upgraded? What if the whole “bios”, needs to be upgraded, the software you don’t even see, but is fundamentally important to be able to operate a computer?

What if none of these questions are relevant? Or will ever make a difference?

What if we have bad hardwired in us, and it takes a genetic shift, becoming a new species to be who THEY say we are, spiritual beings trapped in a human body?

What if consciousness isn’t yet compatible with our hardware?

After all, unless we start to look at the question differently of how to live a stress free, effective life, we will all come up with the same “blaming society” answers, and no results for ourselves.

All the current ideas are presented as if they were the truth, but the results are disappointing: none of the methods that are offered today really reduce inner stress.

Small scale testing is needed for new ideas

The other thing this bread baking idea brought up is this: We pay more attention to the recipes, we select them more carefully than we select our ideology, our sports team, our spiritual teacher.

When we buy a cook book, we want to know that the recipes are tested in test kitchens, similar to the kitchens we have at home. Otherwise it is an almost certain flop awaits us.

My tiny classes are test kitchens… And every week I get to tweak and test versions, slightly, or dramatically different than what is being taught.

100% of what is being taught today is simply not true. It doesn’t work that way… They are an inaccurate model

Remember the fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling? All ducks found the “duckling” ugly, but it never occurred to them, or to the “duckling” that the “duckling” may be a different species?

They applied the rules of ducklings, and the “duckling” failed to fit the criteria!

He was a perfect swan-ling, but an totally imperfect duckling.

He was measured with the wrong yardstick.

We need a new, different yardstick for humanity

My hunch is: we need a different yardstick for humanity… one in which they are not an imperfect human being, but a perfect human, living their lives perfectly as a human.

Please notice that I use human and human being as two different species!

Even Andy Shaw, whose books, The Bug Free mind, rate a 10% truth value: babbles on about how stuff works (yardstick), that is 100% wrong.

The 10% of Andy Shaw’s book that he instinctively knows works, that he tested on himself, makes it the only book that is worth the paper it’s written on. Mind you, Eckhart Tolle writes from the culturally accepted yardstick, about things that are true, but his approach to it is “writing about it”… which gives you zero access for self-awareness, for insight, and how to actually DO it.

Unless we change the yardstick with which we measure, we’ll always have an inner conflict that causes stress, inaction, and misery

One of the standard, accepted b.s. is that your emotions matter, that you can control your emotions, that you can feel something on command. Even if you could, it is putting the cart in front of the horse.

What I find is this: if I replace, (without wanting to throw up, or making Andy wrong,) every word that refers to a feeling or emotion with the word “Being” or “Beingness”, the book approaches 19% truth value. 1

And if I take out every reference to manifesting or the Law of Attraction, and replace it with working, planning, action, the truth value goes up to 30%…

Can you read that way? I don’t know… it seems that I can, but it takes all I got not to just chuck the book…

I hang in for the 10%, for the poignant questions he asks. I am around page 160… of 500 pages of the first book. I just hope it won’t go into manifesting fully… because manifesting is a crock of bull… at least the way we have it.

For manifesting one must enter at least the paradigm of human being, and at present it is not who you are. Human does not equal human being… Human being is in charge of, in control of their beingness. And while you are giving lip service to beingness, my empath view tells me lip service isn’t more than lip service. And your gurus are doing the same: lying. Beingness needs a hardware change to be an easy reality, a difference as big as the difference between a chicken and an eagle: one can maybe hover and flap its wings (the chicken) and the other: just takes of and flies.

Before you can create wealth, a job, a partner, you need to be able to create beingness… And the methods they teach is not suitable for that.

The big question… What if?

And lastly: what if the tension, the inner tension “Stress and emotional pain” is caused “by the battle between who you really are” your hardware, your unchanged, never upgraded hardware and operating system, perfect for survival, lousy for thriving, and your soul’s desire to upgrade you to the next level of evolution where you are more in harmony with the Universe, where you are more willingly guided towards personal growth, to be the creator of your life. The level of Human Being…

The Soul is your bridge to the next level of evolution

How does the soul guide you? It is the soul correction is what we are talking about. It is the specific avenue your particular person needs to take to go to the next level of evolution, the level of Human Being.

I am sure this won’t be a popular idea.

After all the current gurus with the zero percent effectiveness pander, cater to your ego’s desire to feel good about yourself.

  • They say: you are a spiritual being trapped in a human body…
  • They say: the gap between who you really are (divine) and blah blah blah

The unfortunate truth is that you are not good. None of you. And you know it. And thinking that you should be different is killing you!

Why? Because the aspect of you we call “the soul” knows what good is, and you are not it.

So the soul will hammer away on you, make you miserable, hoping that it will get you moving in the right direction.

It hasn’t… has it?

Primarily because you aren’t aware that the pain you feel is the not so gentle nudging of the soul.
Secondarily because in order to take the guidance, you would have to admit that you are not good… slothful, fearful, nasty, greedy, prideful, vying other people’s property… etc.

If you want to get out of this vise, of this pain caused by this gap, you may want to consider doing the soul’s work…

  • Step #1: dig out all the ways you are not good… not smart, not who you pretend to be, or alternatively who you hope you are.
  • Step #2: embark on a life-long journey of starting to act from the soul correction, instead of your urges… the urges that want to keep you stone age man, bad, and the same.

This isn’t going to be one of my most popular articles, but those of you that can hear it: you have a future of your own creation ahead of you instead of living in the illusion that has been giving you ever growing misery.

P.S.: I am testing this approach. I have now had a 2-hour session with a small group… and halfway through their minds threw up the hands and quit.

It’s mind blowing.

PPS: if you want to participate in this experiment (it will be hard and you’ll feel like the ugly duckling for a while!) then apply to the Playground. I will pick the applicants that have done some of my work… or have done extensive work with other people… Let me know… My job will be to make it OK with you that you can’t fly… and if I succeed (that is the biggest issue!) then I’ll teach you to fly.


  1. But being or beingness, consciously, is the dominion of a human being… outside of the capacities of a human, our current level of evolution

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “The evolutionary approach to your inner stress, lack, negativity, and misery”

  1. Fantastic article Sophie. Being measured with the wrong yardstick totally resonated with me. In the instance of the Ugly Duckling, it’s easy to see that the little swan was trying to fit into being a ‘duck’ as she was born within the duck family. Externally we can see the difference but the little swan didn’t know the difference. She completely believed that she was a duck and was so pained by the fact she wasn’t loved and included by her family or others.

    That said, how does one go about seeing that difference internally? How do I internally see that I’m not a duck but a Swan? Because the soul is there nudging, moving, making me miserable and causing inner conflict. Becoming aware and admitting that I’m not good doesn’t seem like it’s enough. This basically validates my inner belief (ITCH) that I’m bad. How do I get past this?

  2. being a duck or being a swan is neither good or bad. It is just what it is. But if you are a swan being told that you should be a duck, then life becomes hell, and that is what is happening across the globe.

    We are told that we are supposed to be loving, unselfish, spiritual, feel in a certain way, think in a certain way, behave in a certain way, and it is not our nature to behave, be that way.

    So we spend our lives trying to fix ourself, from WRONG.

    The soul isn’t saying you are wrong, you do. The soul says: go that way, grow that way. Really… without any opinion on you… just go that way.

    Admitting that you are not good is admitting to a lie. You are human, 200,000 year old design, selfish, reactive, fearful, etc. Nothing wrong with that, unless you say so.

    The soul says: grow along these lines… along the lines of your soul correction.

    Admitting anything is not the same as accepting, being at peace about.

  3. Then wouldn’t the world be in utter chaos if we weren’t working towards improving ourselves to be more loving, respectful, unselfish etc. For example, If I don’t improve myself i.e stay unloving, unkind and bring misery to everyone around me how does that help my soul and evolving to the next level?

    Another extreme example is if I hit someone and bring them pain because that’s who I am and the way I am hardwired, then how is that helping my soul and my evolution?

  4. Sorry but I was responding to your answer above “You are human, 200,000 year old design, selfish, reactive, fearful, etc. Nothing wrong with that, unless you say so. “

  5. You have to be in somewhere other than in the present moment to say any of these behaviors is wrong.

    You have a long way to go to understand Peacock what works. For one, you need to get out of the horizontal plane where everything is wrong and needs to be fixed. In your vertical being, there is only now, and there is only acceptance. Life looks and feels different from there, for example one can be good. In the horizontal being, on the horizontal plane one can’t be good, because the good there is only fixing the bad.

    When you get there, you’ll know what I am talking about. For now, practice accepting what is.

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