It’s not wrong beliefs that keep you stuck in poverty, sickness, or misery

fractal_hand_largeBeliefs are thought forms. Words. Mind-stuff.

The Universe is holographic. Holographic, among others, means that the patterns repeat in big and small things alike. 1

One of the patterns is the tree-like diagram of root-stem-fruit. We’ll examine that pattern in this article

The roots are hidden in the soil. The stem looks the same for most trees. And then the fruit is very specific.

Most self-improvement systems are busy improving the fruit without ever attending, or even being aware of the roots.

Beliefs are fruits. The root of the belief tree is our genetic hardwiring. We are genetically predisposed to certain beliefs, and opposed to other beliefs.

fractal_hands_cAs I said, the universe is repeating patterns. Although the fruit on the belief tree is belief, that same belief MAY be the root of certain other trees.

The belief, for example, that there is only so much to go around, and if you have more, someone else has to have less, is the root of another tree that bears the fruit of being ineffective at business because the belief suggests that you are taking away wealth from others.

Let’s examine another fruit-tree: the emotions tree.

Is emotion a fruit or is it a root? If it were a root, as Law of Attraction people suggest, then you could cause it to be what you want it to be: you could be happy on command, or depressed on command… but can you? No.

At best, emotion is like belief: fruit on one tree, root on another.

Let’s see what is the emotions tree: what is the root? The root is beingness.

But on the beingness tree, the fruit is beingness… so what is the root of the beingness tree? We find that just like it is said in the Bible, the root of  beingess is Word. Not word, thought, speaking, but Word. With capital W.

If you are interested in influencing your emotions then you want to create a strong relationship with Word…

Now let’s see what the Law of Attraction people say: your emotions create manifestation… Is that true?

On the manifestation tree, where the fruit is manifestation: what is the root?

They say it’s emotion, but I dare to differ: emotion is a fruit itself. They may say: belief: but belief is a fruit itself.

In intelligent self-growth systems we would only attend to the ultimate root… instead of fruits…

In systems that ultimately want to perpetuate how it is, in your case, your poverty, your suffering, we would attend to the fruits.

The current level of human evolution is very very very attached to dealing with the effect, with the fruit, with the symptom… and that is why none of the self-growth, self-development systems, healing systems are worth a dime.

Now, what about spontaneous manifestation, or people who have produced results similar to what manifestation would look like, like Andy Shaw?

My muscle test, the Truth Method, claims that many of those results never happened, or not the way they are told.

But some did… what about those?

ZEiBqWhenever I have a chance to vivisect, dissect, really examine a phenomenon mis-labeled as manifestation, I always find that “they” never go to an area where it would get into beingness and Word. Never.

Why? It is politically incorrect. It would cause the evolution of humans to human beings… and every stage of evolution wants to stay the highest, and kills the ones that go ahead…

Yeah, kills them.

Nothing wrong, just what’s so.

So if you ever enroll in a course of evolving, as an individual, into Human Being, your job will be to tread lightly, keep your head low, so the system of human beings doesn’t notice you.

mind-parasitesIf you haven’t read the Mind Parasite, read it.

It will give you an insight how it works, and what treading lightly means.

I hope you have the brain power and the ambition to break out of the prison that you have outgrown. I am here to guide you.


  1. Although the whole looks quite chaotic, because cause and effect is hardly detectable, because of the size of the system (the whole Universe), if we had enough distance from the system, we would find patterns that are repeating… which is the nature of fractals and holographs.

    Now, I am certain that the sentence above didn’t make sense to most, for the sake of the very few that can appreciate it, I needed to say it.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “It’s not wrong beliefs that keep you stuck in poverty, sickness, or misery”

  1. Dear Sophie,
    Please correct or guide me. It seems that there is a ground floor, and that it is “Beingness,” or “Word,” as you call it, or “Knowing” as Andy Shaw says (Knowing vs. Believing). To get there, one has to stop wanting and stop believing.

    I’ve given up or let go of a lot of beliefs. I’m fairly comfortable living in a world without already-existing meanings or interpretations. And I am ready for a little revolution in my way of thinking and being.

    In all the work that I have done over the years, I still have not found or created a sense of meaning, mission, purpose, or play that really resonates with me. If you tell me that it is my job to do so, or to keep on trying and failing, I will. Only my ego has to suffer.

    I can’t convince myself that writing and singing songs is my purpose. And yet, I might not have gone deep enough to really know. It’s still a juicy area for me. Yes, a true artist is like a scientist or inventor, willing to fail endlessly. Okay, as long as I forget about the outcome. Yes, as long as I enlarge the context. Okay, maybe I forgot…when I get all serious and significant, that’s a sign that the mind might be in control.

  2. John, here is what you don’t want to hear, no Christian wants to hear this: you don’t have to give up anything. No activity, no food, no beliefs.

    When consciousness reigns, stuff that doesn’t agree with you falls away.

    When you bring consciousness to any activity it becomes divine. This, maybe, you haven’t considered… becoming fully conscious.

  3. Thank you, Sophie. I have moments when I am playing the guitar after I have officially stopped practicing, and there’s something wonderful bubbling up. When I am as much the witness as the cause, if I even am the cause. (Surely, I am the protagonist, but I might not be the source.) For me, all the joy exists in a realm outside of thought.

    I’ll keep going towards the unknown and the yet-to-be defined. With you around it’s a game worth playing. I believe in nothing, and I have nothing to lose.

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