A bug free mind reader question. How to tell judgment from observation, surrender from resistance?

raising your consciousness level is like raising your reading levelAs I mentioned in a previous article, the Bug Free books** 1 can be your kindergarten, elementary school and maybe even your college… Then you need, if you are ambitious enough, if you have done well enough in those grades, you can start working with me.

Yesterday I had a session with a student, and that really drove it home for me.

Attending a class with me gives you the instant illusion that you have learned something. That you know something.

Let’s bring a real learning as example: learning to read.





child-read-4you-bannerLearning to read starts with being able to identify the individual letters. Then tiny three-letter words. But being able to read small words isn’t quite reading yet… is it?

And hearing something read isn’t reading either.

So you need to continue, and start connecting the written word with what you hear, sound it out, and then combine the words, and then glean the meaning (understand it).

If we go beyond, just because you read it, it didn’t become knowledge. So you memorize. But just because remembering the words, you still don’t KNOW it. Knowing is being able to recognize it even if only when half the word is there, even if only when there is a hint, and use it in sentences yourself.

the biggest obstacle to learning is the illusion that you don’t need to learn it because you already know it

So, as you see, to gain knowledge, your worst bet is to have sessions with me, because the biggest obstacle to learning is the illusion that you don’t need to learn it because you already know it.

The bug free book is not a good read! If you want information, you’ll hate it! In fact that book is the course where you learn to “read”… i.e. the equivalent in the art of living: learn to distinguish and then remove the false moves of the mind, the moves of the machine, the moves of the ego, that replace the kind of living we all hope for: rich in experiences, joyful, effective, giving us what we all can have a great life in: money, relationships, support, value, power.

Through becoming aware of what runs your life for you, you become conscious, you wake up, and you raise your consciousness level, to the degree that you do. 2

In the process you’ll get to places where you need help, need clarification, and then you can come to me.

One customer, while reading the Bug Free, came to such place. He writes:

Hey Sophie. I know that observing without judgement is what I should achieve, but I clearly am not 100% sure what are the differences between observation and judgement yet.

Can you explain the differences as well as examples?

Another thing is how do I know if I have accept everything as it is and surrendered to everything?


Then I either write an article clarify, like this one, or ask you to come to a call… Just like people who want connect to Source need me to check them, you may need to be checked if in fact you are surrendering, or observing, vs. judging and resisting.

But until then, here is the rule of thumb: when you observe, when you are surrendered, there are no traces of wrong in your gut.

Ask yourself: Is this OK the way it is? If it never changed, would that be OK with me?

If not, then you are judging, then you are resisting. The wrongness of the thing has you by the balls. No freedom, no power, no presence, no joy, no creation, no love, none of the good stuff.

Just like in reading, the same things will come up on different levels, with different questions.

Judgment, surrender, will come up on every level, kindergarten, elementary school… and even the Ph.D. level. Why? Because all learning is like a spiral staircase. Every level higher you go deeper into it. And the depth is not the same as the surface.

raise your level of consciousness so you can earn more, have more, be more, do moreThe thirty distinctions of the bug free will come up again and again, and will be the same questions asked at different levels of consciousness till you die.

Knowing is never a done deal. Even to maintain your level of knowledge you need to practice, correctly.

All the answers are in deeper layers, and in each consciousness level you’ll get access, you’ll be able to observe a yet deeper layer.

The level of consciousness where you are is probably reactive

On the level of consciousness where you most probably are, your gut feeling, your gut reaction will be your best indicator that you are making something, or someone wrong for being the way they are.

When I share that I make the dog wrong for being a dog, I say that from my level of consciousness, where it is ticklishly funny, hilarious. At most I get forced smiles from my students… Yeah, on your level of consciousness this doesn’t make a lot of sense, let alone be funny. Ticklishly funny? Not even in the neighborhood.

On your level of consciousness everything is wrong the way it is, and it needs to change!

I am ahead of you. But don’t forget that I have been doing this for 30 years, and I am an empath… Please forgive me for being on the level where I am, and don’t take it as condescending when I make comparisons like this.

If you do, then you are at an even lower consciousness level than I thought you were.

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  1. **Please note that I get a commission if you buy the book/s through this link. I appreciate it, but that’s not why I recommend it. I recommend the bug free mind books because no other book or course comes near it in terms of completeness and truth value on the level of consciousness where most people are, human.

    It is honest, and it is an excellent training to bring you to the level where I teach. You don’t have to study with me to benefit from it, a good 8-10% of the people who read it, according to Andy Shaw, turn it into a great life. But even if it is just more clarity, more freedom, more joy, more happiness, and maybe even more money: I am all for it. It puts all other courses into shame, including Landmark Education, for a fragment of the cost, but for a multiple amount of work on yourself.

  2. In certain chapters, about 50% of them, I feel Andy’s anguish. Obviously I don’t KNOW the source of the anguish, but I can guess: in those areas he hasn’t raised his consciousness as high as his book can raise it. So his KNOWLEDGE is not as high as his information… he has ways to go. But he is working on it.

    My guess is that he uses his writing to keep his nose to the grindstone… so he can grow to the sky. I’d love to be his next teacher!

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