What is the fundamental and profound difference between a human and a human being?

Being IS the difference between human and human being

The level of evolution where you are is called human. The next level is called human being.

I know, I know, everyone says, even the dictionary, that you are a human being, but it’s a misnomer.

Unless it is being miserable, your capacity for being is between zero and none. I know it sounds like I am putting you down, but I am not. I am just telling you my educated observation, after observing thousands of people giving lip service to being, but never entering it for any longer than a few seconds. It does take an empath to see it, by the way.

Human Being LIVES in being, and occasionally visits the same states you know so intimately: looking at the outside to give you clues on how to feel, how to think about what’s going on, about yourself.

If that made absolutely no sense to you, don’t be upset. I’ll explain, and you’ll get what you get. Deal?

You can only imagine, think, understand what you have had an experience of, unfortunately. That is the nature of paradigms, that you can’t see the higher one until you are in it.

accidental being states

Accidental Being States

But at least some of you have experienced being, being present, being joyful, being exuberant, being confident, being in love. Those were beings. You had nothing to say about bringing them about, but you could experience them. So whenever I say “being”, just come back here, and remember how it was. OK?

Now, for full disclosure, I need to tell you that you have the uncanny capacity to create beingness that you didn’t intend to create.

You didn’t mean to create being unloved… unworthy, worthless, stupid, slow, slighted, unappreciated, a failure, but you have.

And how you know it’s a beingness is simple: check if anything proving the opposite ever changes anything for longer than a split second… If you really look (you probably won’t, lol) then you’ll find that all the proof to the contrary won’t change anything. You experiencing a worthy moment won’t change that you are unworthy or worthless. You doing something, saying something smart won’t change that you are stupid, or slow. You getting everything everyone else gets doesn’t change that you are slighted, unappreciated, and no success changes that you are a failure…

That is why it’s so difficult for you to get from A to B, because your base, your fundamental being holds the fort.

Some people get lucky (like Andy Shaw) where they are told: Whatever you touch turns into gold. That is their being, that THEY never created. How can you be sure? No matter what happens, bankruptcy, etc. doesn’t, haven’t, won’t change it, because that is the core of their being.

Now, let’s talk about what is different on the level of Human Being?

human beings dig under the surface to find what is really happeningThe person who is on the level of Human Being, habitually looks under the obvious, under the surface, behind the curtain 1 to find the hidden levers, dials, dynamic.

The person who is on the level of Human Being, creates beingness consistent with what they intend to accomplish, and can maintain that beingness, with ease and grace, regardless of results or the lack of them, regardless of anything.

Much like you KNOW it is summer, because you look at the calendar instead of the weather. The calendar tells you “it’s summer”, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. The calendar is the being, and the weather is the circumstances.

It is possible to create beingness on the level of Human, but it is rare that someone can look at the calendar instead of the weather… which means the being doesn’t stick, the being doesn’t define you.

Obviously there are levels of competence in creating and maintaining beingness… The better you get the closer you get to crossing over the “Great Divide”, which is my name for the ceiling between human and human being… the two adjacent paradigms.

There are fundamental differences in behavior, especially how a human and a human being gets informed.

Humans are defined by everything, the weather, the successes and failures, other people’s opinion, their feelings, how they slept… Human beings are effect, never a cause.

Human Beings are cause… on the way to become full fledged creators of reality. 2 Everything that defines humans fails to even make a blip on the screen of a Human Being… non-issue at best.

Whether you can see it or not, Human Being is as close to living in heaven as it gets for us.

Do you have a chance to become a Human Being?

Do you have a chance to become one? Yes, if you start climbing the spiral staircase and never stop. That is what I did.

You get to do the looking the Bug Free Mind book suggests, you get to do the looking we do in the Playground, you get to use the Avatar State Audios for support.

In a year’s time you’ll be a year older, whether you start today or not

In a year’s time you’ll be a year older, whether you start today or not. But you could be a lot closer to Human Being, if you start today.

Warning: do not buy the audio version of the book: it will put you in mind-mode, and not the correct mode of actually doing the looking. Please, do yourself a favor. If you bought the audio, exchange it for the book. I mean it.


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