What is the vibration of money? More on abundance, more on money

what is the vibration of money?People search for that, the vibration of money… I guess because “gurus” say: get into the vibration of what you want.

Great sentence, except it doesn’t mean anything… and therefore it is impossible to follow.

But if, for a moment, I didn’t mock it, but started to look what it might mean that could be useful is this: although money doesn’t have vibration, it has some rules it follows, it has some strong likes and dislikes. And it is worth knowing those, if you intend to increase the amount of money that flows through you.

I’ll get to the rules, likes and dislikes of money, in a minute, but before I do, let me share what happened this morning.

As you know I am guided to write what I write. The topics come from careful observation of what’s missing… As a Virgo, that is what I see first: what’s missing. And looking at what’s missing may be my secret weapon.

I woke up earlier than usual today, and to my surprise, I was ready to hop out of bed. While my tea was brewing, I checked my email, and found an email for an amazing software that promised huge traffic, millions, blah blah blah.

100-billI muscle tested if I should get it, and “NO”… good bye millions, lol.

Then I watched the video, of course I wanted the software, so I asked again, may I please get it? “NO”

Can I just check it out? “No”

Whoa… WTF? and then it hit me: the page was attempting to pull me into greed, wanting, and the muscle test pulled me out.

money-vibration-what-is-itStay with me… this is still about the “vibration of money”…

hiddenBeliefsThe consciousness, your consciousness, that is necessary to making money, is like a calm lake… like a calm eye, no waves, no turbulence, no storm, no ripples.

pennywiseWhen wanting is there, the moment greed is there, that lake is stormy, those eyes are moving, and if you really look into those eyes: there is no one there… just feverish want.

do-somethingSober eyes vs. drunken eyes…

The result: no money.

stress-half-truthsNow, for most of us, even getting to “sober eyes” is quite a task. We don’t want what we have. We look at others that seem to have it. We compare. We look at the time when we had it. We compare. We look at stuff that we want. We compare. We behave like drunken sailors fallen overboard… flailing, eyes go here, eyes go there… no one is home. The eyes give it away.

Just look in the mirror at your own reflection. Can you be with the person in the mirror?

It’s a great exercise that can bring you back into you… bring you home. Looking with dead eyes won’t do it. Looking and not being there, won’t do it. You can see it in the mirror! No way to fake it.

You need to be able to be with the person in the mirror.

Of course you can’t. That’s why money is avoiding you. That’s why a deep human connection is avoiding you. That’s why fulfillment avoids you.

You need to learn to be with that person in the mirror.

Looking at what’s going on inside you, is an important step in returning to sanity. The fears, the frustrations, the wants, the hopes, the believing, the musts, the shoulds, the waiting, the wanting to be more, better, different are all there to hold you on a low consciousness level, where you can’t have money, love, peace of mind, growth… none of it. Only the storm in a teacup you live in. Anxiety, fear, yearning, longing, blame, sadness, depression, not enough, not that, not what you wanted.

No one can straighten you out, only you can do it.

If someone managed to take it all away, without you doing the work sorting it out, it would move back as soon as days after the “surgery”, I have seen it happen.

nelson-mandela-in-mirrorMuch like cancer, after an operation, sneaks back into the empty space between you and you… the space where the fullness of you being is when you are at peace with yourself and your world.

be-with-the-person-in-the-mirrorDon’t fall for voodoo methods, they don’t work well, because you don’t work well. And what got you to reach for those methods is greed, wanting… the number one enemy of being at peace with yourself.

face in mirrorWhether that greed is for spiritual growth or for money, it is immaterial. The energy of greed that grabs you by the throat is the same in both. I can tell you because I can feel it in you.

face-the-person-in-the-mirrorThat is my job, to feel it and identify it correctly.

Where does money like to go?

Money goes to those that don’t need it. That don’t clamor for it. That respect it, nurture it, manage it, use it well. That is the energy that attract it.

Start treating the money you have, the time you have, the energy you have, with respect and regard. Manage the little you have, manage it well, allocate it well, and you will start to build a home for more to come.

But, if my experience is any indication, you can’t do it well, can’t do it consistently, as long as wants, needs, shoulds, keep you jerking about like a puppet on a string.

Don’t protect yourself from negativity

Don’t protect yourself from negativity, protect yourself from greed-inducers, whether it’s about food, healing, sex, happiness, or money.

Negativity is a buzz word that signifies nothing in particular. Consider all the positivity, hope, “faith”, optimism in those trillions of “inspiring” quotes what you need to avoid. Because, for you, what they show you is how low, how insufficient you are… Positivity has more damage than anything else… why do you think “they” push it? Because in the misery it creates they can fish: shooting fish in a barrel. 1

It’s easy to go down the pipe, it is darn hard to come back to sanity, peace, into wholeness of being.

money-burnedThis is the best advice I can give you about money:

  1. do the mirror exercise every day, just to see how you are progressing. Make it at least a minute long, preferably longer
  2. Start managing your money, your time, with regard, care, and respect.
  3. Start looking at yourself and your activities as the source of value that can be exchanged for money… what can you learn, what can you do, what can you offer?
  4. start dealing with your own dark side, anger, frustration, waiting, hoping, belief, waiting to be rescued, and the rest. Do it in an organized fashion, best tool I have found is Andy’s bug free book
  5. remove yourself from influences that induce greed, friends, groups, courses, books, websites, advertisement, etc. Without finding you in you, and the inner silence, nothing good will happen. And once you found it, you need to maintain it. No one is strong enough to resist the pull of greed, so just simply “don’t go there…”
  6. Avoid specific goals like a plague: in your level of consciousness it creates a combination of greed and misery: lethal combination

talk to the handSay to yourself: don’t go there!

By the way: for years my single tool was the sentence “Don’t go there…” Anger, blaming, gossip, frustration, despair, greed, all beckoned, and I didn’t go there… I didn’t get sucked in.

I guess that was a magic bullet in my tool box, a magic bullet that helped me to raise my vibration from 35 to 930. And still it works…

It will work for you too.


  1. If you are one of the Bug Free students, listen up. Andy considers that positivity/negativity stuff real, so he teaches it. His insides rebel, I can feel it as I read it. But his mind keeps churning out the poison.

    I haven’t decided if he actually believes that crap, or just does it to keep you miserable… My hunch is that he is a good bloke just myopic or naive… because one of the reasons he may be unhappy inside is because of all this positivity stuff.

    It’s not your mind that keeps you where you are, it is you not being able to watch your mind’s output, thoughts and feelings, with sober eyes, without judgment, like a grandparent watches a grandchild… no vested interest, no judgment.

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  1. I am seeing the feeling of greed tangled up in almost all the email invitations to social and art activities this month. Although I tell myself that it is an opportunity to see many people I know, I also know in advance that it will make me sick with feelings of envy and dissatisfaction. If I can do one thing this year, it will be to become more aware and avoidant of the greed-inducing things that lurk in my life.

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