Empty The Future or else the undertow will wiiiiii

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empty clearing the futureI read this article ten years ago… and saved it. The truth value is somewhat ‘high’… 10%… the average article has only 7% truth value on the internet.

I’ll put the article in the footnotes… so you can read it…

What is true in that article? the concept that you need to remove everything that is in your path to achieving what you want to achieve. That it is your job. But the nature of the obstacles: it is sorrily off.

So 1. what are the obstacles and 2. what is the process of clearing them?

I once had a friend who thought clearing out her house would clear the path to prosperity… that is what she wanted.

the future needs to be emptyBut she didn’t clear her future: her inside, her soul, her ego, her mind of wanting, needing, and should filled her future… and prosperity wasn’t forthcoming.

People somehow believe that prosperity, riches, money is created from nothing, by words, by desire, by magic.

It is a profound misunderstanding of reality. If it were so, there would not be fairy tales and legends of people finding riches and buried treasure after doing some self-sacrificing act, then it would be normal, not worthy of being written up and told even centuries later.

Please don’t be stupid! It is harmful to your life to be stupid.

Money, riches, prosperity all come from value exchange. You have access to or produce something of value to others… and they give you something of value of theirs. Money, companionship, attention… something that you can enjoy or take to the bank.

Every soulcorrection has a different relationship to this idea.

  • Some are stingy, self-sparing, withholding, not very willing to give
  • Some don’t think they have anything to give
  • Some have all their attention on what they can or should get
  • Some want to siphon everything away from others, because the feel they are the only ones not getting
  • Some are so worried about not being OK that they rub up to anyone
  • Some are wanty, some are needy, some make sure they never have anything so they can be off the hook for doing anything substantial

So the cornerstone of everyone’s attitude to value exchange is something fundamentally different. And to everyone who can see this is visible… except to the person themselves.

But clearing is, in essence, like a dig… and archaeological dig, with tools similar:you dig, you remove all the coverup, you gently remove what you find, dust it off, and look at it… once you can see clearly what it is, you are ready to go for the deeper layer and what it holds.

If you cannot identify what you find, or if you use coarse tools, if you are impatient, then you are just making a mess.

Also, if you are rigid (I measure your rigidity in the starting point measurements, also your astuteness… your curiosity, and a lot more) then you won’t be willing to have what you find alter your future…

Everything you find seems to be past, but if you look more astutely, it is your future. Every living thing on the planet uses its memory to create a future from it… humans are, unfortunately, not an exception.

But what happens if you go to a past and instead of removing it from the future, you make it stronger?

Instead of using strong words as I normally do when I speak, I will just say: you just made sure that your unfortunate past will be doubly present in your future.

What? Only the unfortunate past… Yes my dear. The good past turns into hope and wishing and wistfulness…

The people, the one in a billion, who were able and willing to do the work of clearing, are the most successful and happiest people on earth. All eight of them…

The people who had assistance in clearing their past so it doesn’t crowd in their future, 10% of humanity, are also more successful than the average bear… and also happier.

In my programs that is pretty much what I can give you: an empty future. Whether you are able and willing to turn assistance into gold: that is entirely up to you.

Does it matter which program? Not in the least. I do that in every single program of mine. Expensive, inexpensive… it doesn’t matter.

Especially in my life programs.

In the upcoming live program, Inner Authority, will have a lot of energetic support as well… and if you look at the price difference, you can safely guess that they will not be part of the recorded course.

Given the insistent and persistent nature of your soulcorrection, given the insistent and persistent nature of your environment, you need all the support you can get if you want to create a new future for yourself. A future that wasn’t determined by some past faux pas, misstep, mistake, or misunderstanding.

It’s going to be a fully experiential big course, with lots of experiencing, coaching guidance, homework, and lots of energies. Lots… no, even more than lots… lol.

Get the big Inner Authority course
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  1. Our minds are filled with clutter and doubt, in order for us to achieve the abundance and prosperity that we seek we need to clear the way for success. Today we are going to be talking about what that means and how you can accomplish it.

    When you clear the way for success you will not only find that you can achieve your own goals easier but that you are happier and better prepared to receive the abundance that has been prepared for you. It is truly an amazing concept.

    It was interesting to me, one day I read an article that talked about achieving and achievement. Achieving was the act that leads to achievement and that we spent more time achieving than we do having achieved. This was such an incredible revelation to me that I wanted to share it with you today. When you are clearing the way for success you are also in the act of achieving what it is your are trying to achieve. Isn’t that a powerful concept?

    If you read through some of the books available on the subject matter…

    …books like Think and Grow Rich, You Were Born Rich, The Secret, and others, you begin to see the common thread that is found throughout and that is that you are the maker of your success and that the path towards success is only as difficult as the road blocks you place on it.

    When I first started learning this concept it was very difficult for me to appreciate because who wants to accept that the challenges that they face in life are their own doing? Not I! Here is the thing though, when you are trying to gain this prosperity there are challenges that you will come across and it is how you choose to deal with those challenges that will define the amount of success you have.

    Let me give you an example, let’s say you started this new business and you are super excited. You start telling your friends and neighbors and they start telling you that you won’t succeed. So, when you start to not succeed, you say to yourself that your friends were right and you give up. Does this sound familiar?

    What if I told you that the act of asking your friends and neighbors about your business and listening to them was in reality you putting up a road block. That you didn’t succeed not because you were not capable of succeeding but because you allowed outside influences to affect how you saw the situation. Think about it. When you decide you want to clear path towards success that starts with accepting your role in your own success

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