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body-builder-skinny-skipped-leg-dayI have been observing people for about 30 years… I have participated with thousands. I have coached thousands. I have been friends with a few.

There has been one thing in common with all of them: they picked and chose what they wanted to do, so they never succeeded.

I observed the same thing on myself, and to the degree that it is there, to the degree someone won’t amount to anything, won’t amount to much.

I read quite a few sales letters a day, 1 mostly because I am interested… not in buying, but …





no-shortcutsI have noticed that the sales letters sell a system. Lots of people buy it. 1% follow it. 10% do some of it. The rest just waits… as if the system were an egg that after a while success hatches from it.

The thousands of people that succeed come back and try to teach the millions that want success… but unwilling to follow a process, unwilling to follow a system.

“It can’t be that hard! They just haven’t figured out the shortcuts yet… because they are not smart enough!” The arrogant mind says, and start leaving out steps, or mix and match. Result: no success.

My company name is Shortcuts… from this you can gather that MY arrogant mind said the same things.

We all want to run before we can walk, we want to put the cart in front of the horse, and it hasn’t work, isn’t working, won’t work.

I once had a client, a known internet marketing teacher. She taught a system she refused to test herself. Too much work. She liked teaching it, not doing it.

I have another client, who refuses to do anything, really, but wants to be a consultant: someone who tells others what to do.

I have a student who wants to be a coach: coach something she can’t do herself.

I have another student who wants to tell all her bosses how to run their shops, even though she can’t do anything right herself.

We live in a world where people are too smart to do anything useful… Very smart, right?

We also live in a world where we can put out a book, a course, a training program, completely unexamined, because we can be sure that no one will spend the time and energy to go over it, test it, and come back to tell the world that we are frauds…

The number of coaches, healers that come to me for help is quite high. Those are the intelligent ones. They want to do better by their clients.

I remember, back in the mid 1990’s I went to see a specialty eye doctor to train my eyes, so I won’t have agoraphobia, dyslexia, and confusion.

84 jenga 2

Playing+jenga+with+the+architecture+majorsNine months. Every week. The homework was amazing: for about a month I was supposed to go on hands and knees around in my place. I somehow missed that stage as a child (no carpet in the rooms, we were poor), so I went straight to walking. Even in human development, if you skip stages, steps in the process, the price you pay is that something will be amiss.

It sounds really smart to skip steps, to find shortcuts. But it is going against nature.

Most of you will have to go to sitting on the floor and putting wooden blocks on top of each other, building card castles, playing jenga 2, etc. Play with physical things where it is obvious that you cannot miss a step, cannot miss and still get to the end.

Just like I could not become a balanced, confident human without going back to crawl on the floor and look at the underside of things.

Was it fun? No. But it was necessary and I did it. It pulled me back into me… made me centered, grounded, in control.

The question is, will you do it? Will you surrender to the Law of Process?

Only your success depends on it…

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  1. I am most interested in marketing
  2. Jenga means “build” in Swahili. You can buy a Jenga for about $16 in a toy store.

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