Are you using your adult capacities?

babies capacities match their ageThe first Osho book I have ever read, was Maturity. I started to read it in the store, and fell in love with it.

It echoed one of my favorite Landmark courses, the Wisdom Course.

In that course, maturity was a state (they call it possibility, just a Landmark word!): where you were using adult capacities to live your life.

One would think that when you are an adult you use your adult capacities, but that is not the case.

  • A person who uses their adult capacities in their work is a success at that work
  • A person who uses their adult capacities in relationships is a person with glowing happy relationships.
  • A person who uses their adult capacities in learning… will learn fast, will utilize what they learned fast, and make it a success fast.

So, if you are not as successful in any area of your life as you think you should, you can look if you are using your adult capacities there.

You probably not. Why? Because

  1. you haven’t developed your adult capacities… or they are blocked
  2. you prefer staying a dependent, crybaby… waiting for someone to wipe your arse.

Of coarse, like everything, there are 256 shades of gray between the no capacities – fully utilized capacities.

We could say that there are 256 non-adults ways of being, all of those are unhappy.

If you conquer 10 of those, you’ll have, on average, 10 happy-like moments. 10 peace of mind moments. 10 moments where you like yourself.


A child goes through life in a world of adults who seem like magicians: they have what the child wants, with seemingly no effort, no time spent, no energy spent.

The child: Magical thinking. Milk, money, clothes appear like magic.

To the degree you still live there, to the same degree you are still a child, cut off from your adult capacities: only one thing can occupy a space at any one time, only one capacity of a king can be active: adult or child, choose.

To the degree you dream of instant, buy into stuff that promises instant, you are a child and cut off from your adult capacities… that you may have, but refuse to use.

Adult capacities need training in using them

Every species, the adults train their offspring on how to be an adult, how to hide, how to jump, how to hunt, how to build a next. Every species except humans. Instead, human parents train their children how to remain dependent, and a child.

Which means, humans, unfortunately, are left to train themselves, which is almost as difficult as seeing the back of your head. And in many ways harder…

For humans, to be able to use the adult capacities, you need to unlearn your current approach to life




The way to go from child to adult, powerful adult, self-possessed adult, an adult who can make things happen, who call the shot, who enjoys life and makes great strides in it, is to remove the moves that block adult capacities, the moves you learned from your parents who did everything to keep you a child, including doing nothing.

Now, to tell you the truth, I have tried giving people the instant solution, but had to learn the hard way: they didn’t receive it. It was much like throwing my seeds on the pavement: none of the seeds took roots, unless they accidentally fell on a crack in the pavement.

The adult way to grow plants is to sow them into fertile ground…

Removing unproductive behavior needs you to see them as unproductive

The method to go from child to powerful adult is NOT change. Change perpetuates the thing it changes, but going from child to adult is transformation: the new has no traces of the old: it is brand spanking new.

So, how do you cause your own transformation?

First you need to accept that no one can cause transformation for you. They can help you see, but how you see it is up to you. Where you see from, judgment or observation: it is up to you. Whether you are willing to accept that how it is is how it is: it is up to you.

What causes transformation?

What causes transformation is the ability to look at what is with sober eyes. No resistance, no judgment, no fixing. Nothing wrong. How it is is how it is.

Now, the child’s mind says: if I don’t fix it, it will not change… but the child is mistaken.

Nothing untoward, nothing unproductive can survive the observation with sober eyes. It’s like the monsters under the bed: not there when you look, not there while the lights are on.

They simply vanish, as if they had never been there… because they haven’t!

One good tool to guide you in your observation is my 1600 articles. Another tool is Andy Shaw’s Bug Free Mind. I even have a bonus if you buy that book… I’ll teach you how to look at your life with sober eyes… Not the way you have looked at it.

What are the differences between my articles and Andy Shaw’s book?

  1. Andy writes on a 6-grade level, I write on a phd level… it is both harder and easier to stay with Andy’s writing. If he sells you on mapping what you read on yourself, instead of reading for information, Andy wins. Mapping it on yourself means: look in the mirror and see what he is talking about, specifically, with regards to you. Your thinking, your behavior, your habits, etc.
  2. Andy uses the same word to mean different things, and other times different words for the same thing. Andy talks as if what he teaches could lead you to manifestation. The truth it can’t. And it upsets him… but manifestation comes from a space that his book does not create.

    Why? Because your thoughts do not create reality. Your thoughts do not manifest. Your feelings: ditto.

    In fact, you have no control over your thoughts, and you have no control over your feelings… they are not tools, they are not cause, they are both effects… Effects do not create, only cause can create.

What will you be able to do after you “graduate” from Andy’s book?

you-can-be-anythingUltimately Word, the sacred word, and the beingness it creates, that does something akin to manifestation… but he doesn’t know that.

I have said that his book, the bug free mind book, has a 10% truth value. 10% is higher than most any book out there. So I recommend it. It will make a huge difference for you if you are willing to observe, and thus transform the child’s ways of being, and get access to your adult capacities.

I am able and willing to teach the last leg of that “course”: if you are successful and diligent about the 256 shades of gray, then I can teach you Word, and beingness…

Then you’ll be able to “manifest” and “create”… not until then… except some freak accidents… but as an adult you don’t want to wait for accidents, you will want to cause your fortune.

The ones that join me on that leg of the journey, will become the first Human Beings on the planet… the next evolution of human.

I don’t expect more than a handful of people… it requires brain power, it requires energy, it requires surrender, it requires being in the present moment.

In the meantime I have canceled my coaching program, and eventually may cancel the Playground.

The cream always rises to the top, and when they do, they will seek me out. In the meantime I am better off doing what I do, cause my own clarity, cause my own growth, provide tools, but refrain from giving people the hope that I will do their work for them.

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