A second look at the glass ceilings… or what I saw today at the skill finding workshop


My takeaways from session One of my skill workshop

Some of my students are struggling to make real headway in the world, because they haven’t been able to see where their abilities could make them a success.

Although I haven’t lead the “What color is your parachute” skill finder workshop in years, I decided to gift them with a really low priced opportunity to do that workshop live with me.

I didn’t know what to expect. What I got is so much different, and so much more than what I thought could come out of that workshop… at least from the first session.

Insight #1: I got a whole new insight about IQ.


We can look at IQ as the number of brain power units you have, including, of course, abilities beyond intellectual: social interactions, agility, dexterity, emotional intelligence, and stuff, that is part of intelligence.

One of the participants has been struggling all her life to look, feel, sound intellectually intelligent, but most of her intelligence is physical, down to earth intelligence: she is really good doing physical stuff, she is inventive, creative, and clever it it… yet she wastes her life trying to sound educated… to disastrous effect.


Insight #2: How you do anything is how you do everything: your habits.

I was especially struck by the similarity people dealt with, how they used non-renewable assets: their time, their attention, their money.

I saw that it the environment you live is frittering away what they have (time, money) then your chances to behave like them is almost 100%.

If you have 90 units of energy to use to get ahead in life, to use in your relationship, to be well, to have fun, then you can’t afford to fritter it away: 90 units is not a whole lot, but it is also not as little as a welfare check, food stamps, you can actually succeed with 90 units if they are used for what’s useful.

What I saw, that if you worry, if you day dream, if you are anxious, if you are angry, vengeful, resentful, you use most of your energy units for that, instead of a great life, or getting ahead.

When I created the “Put all power in all actions” avatar state audio, I could not see that your biggest energy leak is worrying and such, but it works, obviously, on whatever leaks your energy and attention.

Insight #3: What I saw today for the first time is even bigger:

When you use “avoiding negativity”, stop doing things, judging and evaluating your self, self-punishment, and the horrible things you do to keep yourself straight, what you are doing, in fact, is using up all your energy units to suppress, to stop, to avoid.

While you think you are doing yourself a favor, while you fancy yourself being “positive”, you are majorly ripping yourself off.

In fact, I think this is the reason regions of the world that have bought into positive thinking, aka avoid negativity thinking, are so low vibration, and so full of misery.

When you use up your energy to suppress what you don’t want, you have no energy (and attention) to move on what you could want… a great life, results.

If you have any anxiety, if you worry at all, are angry, resentful, regretful, or plain feel bad…

… Or if you try to remember, you are frittering away your brain power on something that will produce only more of the same, more anxiety, more worry, more trying to remember…


curriculumSo, what is there to DO?

When you learn to step into the observer position, and you look at things from there, then you won’t judge something as good/bad, should be/shouldn’t be, right/wrong, looking from the observer position, it is just “is”. It is how it is. Neither good, nor bad. Neither right, nor wrong. It should always be the way it is, because that is how it is.

You need to WILL it to be the way it is, and there you have it, it is that way.

When you are able to step into the observer position, and PULL all your power, all your brain power, all your attention back into yourself, then you’ll be able to act from power (not force), and actually start creating actions that have oomph in them, all power in all action.

So, as you see, The All power in all action activator simply reminds you that you are leaking power, and gives you a choice to step into the observer position, or not. Your choice.

Your life will be a result of all power or no power… You choose.

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