Intelligence: your view on intelligence is limiting you

how-smart-are-you-measuring-your-intelligence-levelWe all want to be intelligent, and we are never satisfied…

How come? How come we are never happy with ourselves, never happy with our results, our lives?

I have found, yesterday and today, that what we consider intelligence is wildly different from what it is, and having intelligence, intelligent behavior so misunderstood, is a big cause of us not being happy with ourselves.

Here is what I found… let’s see if I can articulate it in a way that it can make a difference for you.

Interviewing some of the students I have found out that intelligence is, for you, and so in the culture, is quite predictably intellectual, knowing (Tree of Knowledge), which will get you good grades in school, but poor grades in life… really.

You think that…

  1. intelligence changes with your results… better results, more intelligence
  2. intelligence is based on analyzing things
  3. intelligence is based on your ability to remember things
  4. intelligence is based on comprehension (uptake)
  5. intelligence is based on feeling intelligent
  6. intelligence is knowing stuff/being educated
  7. intelligence is speaking coherently, confidently
  8. intelligence is being “smart”
  9. intelligence is giving book-knowledge answers, quickly
  10. You feel smart,.. but people less “smart” that you get ahead, while you don’t
  11. You think you are intelligent, therefore you behave as if you were

And the result is that you feel a lack of confidence, don’t trust yourself… and don’t get ahead in life. Make bad decisions.

Now, what is the problem?

  1. For one: intellectual intelligence keeps you out of the present moment, so you actually don’t know what the task really is, because you are operating from the past, from “knowing”.
  2. Second: you don’t know that each person has a different way of relating to the world. Each person is stronger in one way of being present, and only a small minority of the people are actually intellectual… You may be able to distinguish situations, see what is going on correctly with your body (kinesthetic) (45-50%) your ears (20%) your eyes (20%) and/or intellect (5-10% only)And you trying to approach the world with your weakest capacity is costing you an awful lot, mostly success, and happiness, self-respect, results…


Being intelligent, really, means:

No matter what is your mode of approaching the world, being intelligent means: being present to decide what course of action to take, and is staying present to what each action, each step is causing, not just the end result

So if your results have been less than stellar, or if for reasons of lack of trust in yourself, you haven’t even gone for results, please know, that you can probably accomplish much more with your other types of intelligence, most of you probably kinesthetic.

For that to work, you need to re-train yourself to feel your body, to think with your body, to use your body for seeing the future, the results, the course of action.

It won’t be easy in the beginning, but in the end, you will be able to live a rewarding life… instead of the life of someone who is not enough.

There is a second part to this topic: finding the smoke screen, and the perfect way to start becoming a person not 100% defined by your hard wiring by your DNA and your Soul Correction… but I’ll do that in another article.

In the meantime, I would appreciate feedback: did I make sense? Can you see that how you view intelligence is limiting and making you miserable?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Intelligence: your view on intelligence is limiting you”

  1. Honestly, I’m just getting past the shock that I’m not intellectual. This feels like I’m a baby and learning for the first time, but still remembering from a past life-time. By the way, nobody said being pulled from the Matrix was going to be comfortable or easy. Also, I’m sure it would be more enjoyable if I didn’t go ‘kicking and screaming’, but I am how I am. Thank you beyond words

  2. You can do it Baheej. Although it seems difficult, it will fit you like a glove… and for the first time you’ll start to feel at home in your skin. I promise. You will still have the challenge to stay present to what you feel, instead of comparing it with an old feeling… don’t forget, this doesn’t “fix” your soul correction!

  3. Hi Sophie,
    I always thought I had intelligence, but from where, I never considered. my results in life were telling me the opposite, that I was not intelligent. Now it all made sense! I navigate life from the middle of my body people, places, food, there is also a beyond element to how it works for me. I will now be bringing more awareness to this.
    Thank you, Sophie so small a word when so much more is behind it.

  4. I really liked this article – it actually forces you back to the present when reading it. To look within and watch yourself in another way. Kind of blows you away when you think about it…lol

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