Reader questions about archetypes, manifestation, and persistent blockages, Andy Shaw’s Bug Free Mind…

Reader-Questions1I was thinking of making this an article, but I think, as a question and answer type of post it will work better…

I am sure after reading this, you will have plenty of questions. Please post them in the comment section of this post: that way I can answer many readers all at once. Thank you. PS: Important: Read the summary at the end about the bug free mind, the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Question #1: So, I have been observing my thoughts and emotions as they come up just like you mentioned and I am learning to surrender to everything, including negativity.
I have heard that surrendering to negativity involves feeling the emotion in its full form instead of trying to suppress them.
When you feel an emotion of sadness and start to have some tears instead of suppressing them, are you doing it right?
Because at the same time, I do not want to be giving energy to these negativity and hence manifesting them so yeah…

My answer: manifesting is a myth. That is the 90% of Andy Shaw’s book that is not the truth.

Emotions fully experienced allow you to return to normal. You don’t give it energy, you actually get energy from fully experiencing what’s there: it’s healing.


Question #2
Something came into my mind about manifestation: it is universally believed that through LOA (the Law of Attraction), our thoughts create every single one of our experiences.
You mention that it’s near impossible to create anything by thinking, that our thoughts manifest our reality, but people like Andy Shaw have experience manifestations in their lives through this universal belief.
What are your thoughts?

Another thing is since Andy Shaw teaches this, I’m getting that what you want people to get out of his books is to eliminate all the negativity in our minds and you will teach the manifestation part?


got-questions2-copyMy answer: what comes close to the state where you can manifest anything is beingness, not thoughts. The connection is that Word creates beingness… not thought, not speaking, but Word… sacred word.

Question: Hello Sophie,
i requested again the vibration.
I exercise everyday the tangerine method,
drink water from HOE and listen to audio harmonize 24/7.
Feel stronger already, i let go the financial problem with that man who i invested in.
What do you recommend as following step?
Is possible to do energy call in group?
Feeling that there is some attachment or archetype that blocks me.

My answer: your “archetype” is your soul correction… you need to ask for it, or
you need to calculate it yourself

or here is the link if you want to hear it from me:

Andy has unconscious access to being, or at least used to… my experience of him is that all this writing and talking and pontificating stopped any manifestion, because it stopped beingness.

I will teach beingness.

And I don’t call it negativity that’s in your mind, I call in unconsciousness, unawareness, blindness, sleep walking


I haven’t finished the Bug Free Mind book yet, but I get that the whole thing is about being present and having thoughts that mainly take you towards the life you desire. Do you recommend treating this book as kind of like ‘my way of life’ bible? Or what do you ultimately want me to get out of this book?

My answer: I want you to treat it (the Bug Free Mind book) as an awakening tool. A tool to activate your Observer, and then observe all the ways you behave, think, and such.

It is the cheapest alternative to doing it in groups, live.

The book goes over many of the ways you render yourself asleep, unconscious, and ultimately unhappy, unfulfilled.

It is not for reading, it is to take you to the phenomenon, put down the book, and observe yourself.

Question: I just read a particular article you wrote at the beginning of this month on the Bug Free Mind and you mentioned this:
“Just tuning into Andy I can feel the price he pays for positive thinking. It isn’t what he teaches, but it is what he does, at least what he did when I connected to him.”

What does this mean?

My answer: Andy believes in manifestation the way others teach it. He thinks that his thoughts manifest reality. But before thoughts manifest anything, they manifest your attitude, and they manifest your being. That he doesn’t know, so he tiptoes.

It is near impossible to create anything when you tiptoe…

He has had glimpses of how it works really, but no one has taught him to be free and glorious, yet.

I’d like to be the one, but probably won’t.


words used irresponsibly, can be really harmful. A confused mind is stupid…

Negativity: what the heck does that mean? Thinking that something is stupid, or that I may not be able to complete an assignment on time… is that negativity?

Because everyone means something different by that, and because it is invented purely for the purposes of the Dark Side, for stupid teachers that just want to fish in the muddy waters, it is an EVIL word.

Instead you want to run your life as if it were a business, or an army where you don’t have unlimited resources to get the job done: make a profit in the business, or protect an army from harm.

Avoiding anything uses up energy. So instead of avoiding, you want to deal with it. Dealing with anything will take looking at it, straight, with sober eyes, and intelligence.

If it is useful, then keep it. If it is not useful, then chuck it. After all you only have so much energy to go around.

Since this so called law of attraction and negativity/positive thinking was introduced, the population exposed to it is getting weaker, more and more unhappy, and unsuccessful, because it takes energy to be successful.

I have observed as country by country has been taken over… and the vibration of the people is dropping like a rock.

I am very sorry that a good book, like Andy’s Bug Free Mind, has this poison, but there is no book or course available anywhere that asks you to look at what is poisoning your mind and being, what keeps you out of the present moment, what is sucking you dry anywhere…

Your job is to just ignore every reference to negativity, thinking creating anything (they don’t) and manifestation. If you ever asked the question why Andy’s vibration is only 195, now you have your answer. I recommend the book for what is good in it, and unfortunately you need to read the drek 90% as well.

I cannot re-write the book for you: I am not talented enough, not ambitious enough. You have to use what you got…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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8 thoughts on “Reader questions about archetypes, manifestation, and persistent blockages, Andy Shaw’s Bug Free Mind…”

  1. Sophie, I started reading Bug Free Mind only recently, I am on page 120. I want to make sure that I am not absorbing the 90% of the wrong information so I would like to clarify few things.

    When Andy gives an exercise in the beginning of the book by telling to try to think of one good thing and try to shut your chattering mind, instead I should let the mind chatter but get in to observer position and observe my thoughts and my behavior? Same when he tells us to stop thinking about problems and negativity, we allow our mind to think that but we observe. We can’t control our mind and thinking differently about the world, ourselves, having more good thoughts will only keep us the same, right?

    The good I can take from him is to “relax, observe, allow, and surrender”. Worry, guilt, blame, non acceptance are the things I would want to observe and identify with. The main thing for me is that I have to be alert and in observer position when reading this book so I don’t add more to my mind and knowledge bank.

    Thank you.

  2. accurate, Amy. There is just one thing in what you write, it is probably a typo, but I want to bring it up in case it isn’t

    you write.

    The good I can take from him is to “relax, observe, allow, and surrender”. Worry, guilt, blame, non acceptance are the things I would want to observe and identify with

    the correct sentence would be: you want to observe and identify, or distinguish… that is correct. “identify with” is what you have been doing… and it is not correct.

  3. Ok it took me some time to look at the words identify and distinguish. When I wrote “identify with” I meant it as to see that ugly in me. Would that be the same as what you mean by identify? Would identify and distinguish be the same as recognizing it?

    If I recognized my action as let’s say blame do I try to see where it’s coming from, what’s the hidden agenda behind it?

  4. identify is being able to tell what it is. so there is the observer and there is the observed… not at the same place
    identify with: the observer and the observed are one and the same
    seeing the ugly in you: ugly here means shadow… no distinction… binary switch: nice/ugly
    identify: you already have the distinction, so identifying a certain action with a distinction/name happens in here
    distinguish: a mental intellectual action where you can tell apart seemingly close or similar phenomenon by mental acuity. a rare capacity… needs a strong verbal foundation rarely found in foreigners, or non-readers
    recognizing means: I have seen this before and I know what it is… past based, mind function, mind as in the librarian or file cabinet.

    In the normal course of events it is not necessary to process everything, where it’s coming from, what’s the hidden agenda, etc.
    If you can tell it is coming from your dark side, bring consciousness to it, and continue what you were doing.

    Living life with constant processing sounds like a good thing, a high vibration person’s thing, but exactly the opposite is true. It is a strategy to avoid growing, for superiority, and it is your dark side/ego running the show

  5. just one more thing, Amy. complicated questions are all ego based… ugly. And even though I don’t mind answering them, you should catch yourself asking them… it is the visible part of your soul correction.

  6. Thank you Sophie for bringing this up to me I didn’t see that “processing and asking complicated questions” is a dark side. I would have to spend some time to see this part of dark side in me. I don’t even know what complicated questions are and definitely there is a difference between processing and spending time looking… It seems so hard but maybe we make it harder than it is.. I think though I got the observer and observed. I will identify the ugly, bring it to consciousness and move on. Thank you.

  7. Let me suggest a different wording: see ugly as ugly… looking from the Observer position. Consciousness is part of that position, so it is not a separate step.

    You don’t even need to categorize the ugly, just that it’s ugly…

    Ugh, that’s ugly… and move on

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