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As I said in my last article, life is drab, drudgery, boring, and meaningless… unless you blow magic dust over it.

Here are a few examples that illustrate the principle of magic:

I am using pictures with a well-known story to illustrate the point…

A few years ago I asked my little brother to look at some pictures I was putting on a gallery. His feedback to me was… “What?! just pictures!?!?!?”
That really made me think. An ordinary person, like my brother, without a context, without a story only sees the drab, the mundane, the boring, the ordinary.

The same pictures with a story are simply fascinating, you can’t get enough of them.

  • You are in Rome. You are looking at the Colosseum. You are on your own, it’s sweltering hot. You are seeing ruins, stones, dirt… and are looking for the Orangade stand… you are thirsty. But…

    If you have someone with you, and you get to share with, the images of gladiators, the Emperor’s thumb pointing down, the lions and tigers, the crowd cheering or jeering overwhelm the heat, and you are in magic land: the Colosseum released its tale… and you are fascinated, enchanted… wow.

  • A student of mine is a party maker. He whips the party goers into a party mood… everyone experiences the magic of party when he is around.

    He does it with “physical” language… jumps around, makes a fool of himself… He adds the magic the the boring gathering of boring people…

    But guess what! He can’t see the magic, even though he is the one who whipped it up! I can…

  • Seth Godin says: All marketers are liars… what he means is this: you can’t see the value, you can’t see what you are getting, unless it comes with the story, unless it comes with magic dust sprinkled all over it.

    Some stories are more invented than others…

    If you are an energy person, your story will talk about you being able to tell the future… and that you were weird already as a child… the story sells you as someone who can bring “magic” to people’s lives. But if it is only the story that works for you, then it’s placebo.

    But what’s wrong with placebo? Nothing. Placebo is the story that activates the magic you forgot you could activate yourself… and bingo, you get better, or you get opportunities where before there was none.

To activate your ability to create magic, you first need to be fully educated in what is “reality” and what is “unreality”

Now, of course, the reality we define may not be THAT real either, but it is as close as we can get.

In the Playground we use these two distinctions, reality and unreality, to rid ourselves of the illusions and delusions we picked up from the world, from the culture. It’s a long process sifting through all the illusions and all the delusions, hundreds of them, but unless you do, you are stuck with them… and with a drab life.

In the “next” Playground type program, we’ll use these same two distinctions, reality and unreality, to train ourselves to create magic.

You can get into the Playground if you are at least halfway through the Creating the Bug Free Mind book.

You can get into the “next” Playground type program, no name yet, if you have completed the bugfree regimen, and have taken at least two months of the Playground live, where I’ll make sure you also get somewhat trained in YOUR soul correction

Why? Because

  1. you can’t operate your mind successfully as long as it is trying to operate you… i.e. it is full of delusions
  2. you need to pass my muster: I will not attempt to train someone I cannot see that they will take the learning… After all we are talking about training you personally… this is not a book, and this is not a lecture.

If I can’t see that I can teach you, I won’t even start.

My motto is: You can’t teach a pig to sing… it will annoy the pig and they will never sing.

Am I saying that you are a pig? No. And I won’t teach singing either.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “More on magic”

  1. I used to think i am very intelligent and i see the world very differently
    My delusions are fading , after reading your articles

  2. hallelujah. reason to celebrate. by the way: i corrected the typos in your comment and I am sure you are dyslexic. You can use that as power to become more. There is hope for you. thank you for posting.

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