Activate the body, feelings, so you can reduce the time you spend in the unproductive mind.

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life-isnt-about-waiting-for-the-storm-to-pass-its-about-learning-to-dance-in-the-rainThe bug free mind book is a great vehicle to take you to a place of power, freedom, and self-expression, but only if your relationship to it is through your body, not through your understanding.

A reader asked:

I have trouble understanding why you see A Bug Free Mind as valuable if 90% is rubbish and Andy is only 195 vibration.

I am reading the free chapters and I am not finding anything new so far (in fairness I am only at chapter 3. His writing style is cumbersome and I wonder why a guy with all his money didn’t hire an editor and a proofreader.

Also, I believe you said earlier to get the book version vs the audio. It seems to me and this article that reading and hearing would increase retention significantly.

    My answer: What’s special, what’s extraordinary, what’s recommended about the Creating a Bug Free Mind is that it doesn’t talk to your mind, it doesn’t entertain it, doesn’t soothe it into understanding, it actually talks in a way that takes you down, deep down, the rabbit hole, and that is literally the only book that does that.

    The body ignores the 90% rubbish, and starts looking, seeing, observing, and major changes happen from that.

    What you are used to, what your mind wants, is understanding, mind candy, and not the work of noticing, going, observing, and changing.

    For anyone to benefit from that book, the job is doing. NOT understanding. Understanding gives you a false “Illusion of Progress”, but nothing actually happens, nothing actually happened.

    Auditory input is further from the body than reading, and harder to act on. You’ll end up with understanding, and no change.

    Of course, if you live 100% of the time in your mind, you never wanted to change… so who cares. Right?

Wake up and live

Let me explain: your body is the organ of doing, the organ of feeling.
Your mind is the organ of comparing, storing, and retrieving information.

The body is always in the present moment, even if it has memory of some past pain, it is still feeling it now.

On the other hand, the mind is never in the present moment. It is not even able to be in the present moment. It is nine seconds behind, and it doesn’t even know it. It is into understanding things, not using them. It is into thinking about things, not doing anything.

To the degree that you live out of your body: you are results producer.

wake-up-and-liveTo the degree that you live out of your mind: you produce no results.

There is a married couple that I know. The woman is a crackerjack programmer, the husband is a dreamer… who hopes that some day he’ll find out what he is good at. She uses her mind 40% of the time. The husband lives in his mind 100% of the time.

I have been very frustrated with him: because he listens with the mind, listens for understanding, listens for what I say to make sense, there is little communication between us, even though we are friends.

Because the mind fancies itself as the only organ needed, it never thinks that you should do something, it is satisfied with understanding, and doesn’t see the need to rock the boat and actually do things. It fancies itself clever and smart.

I don’t speak mind language, so I don’t make a lot of sense for a mind-dweller. But even when I do, I can’t make a difference. They will stop at understanding, they will stop at the illusion of progress.

You see the mind thinks that you are turning new leaves, you are changing, when you understand stuff… but change is entirely physical: unless your actions change, nothing changed… but the mind is kidding itself.

What you think is largely irrelevant. Positive thinking, negative thinking… all don’t matter. What matters all comes from the kinesthetic: being and doing, attitude, all come from the body.

Until you start returning to the body, so you can spend time there, at will, you will NEVER be able to be present, happy, joyful, productive, fulfilled… and that is what is predictable for you.

The exercise I have devised for you to start activating your body’s intelligence, your body’s faculties is an exercise you’ll need to do 100 times a day, but at least twice an hour.

You need to use the body, your posture, your energies (all body!) your attention (body again!) your eyes (body again) to get back into the present moment, eyes open, to get present to what is in front of you: your computer screen, your cup of tea, the traffic in front of your car, the sky, the television, the book you are reading. Physically. Don’t worry about your thoughts: your thoughts will do whatever your thoughts will do, we’ll won’t worry about them.

As long as your eyes are focused, your body is alert and aware, your posture is erect, your breathing is deep and slow, we’ll call that being present.

You see, this is not a thought exercise: you actually have to do it.

We’ll call this the getting present meditation, 20 times a day, a minute or two. I can do it is 30 seconds, but today with all the website crashes it’s taken me 3-4 minutes each time: yeah, I am still doing it.

Don’t ask why, it is the mind that wants to know. Just do it because I said so.

I literally can’t teach you anything you want, connecting, getting unstuck, getting productive, getting happy, unless you have this intelligence activated in the body.

Set a timer if you need to be reminded. My reminder is mostly when I have to use the restroom… I drink a lot of tea. You may need more often… I have been doing it for 28 years now, every day, every hour.

This is one of the secrets of my success.

PS: When you focus on the present, don’t name things you see, don’t comment on stuff. Just make sure you see that your eyes are focusing. No labels, no names. Important!

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “Activate the body, feelings, so you can reduce the time you spend in the unproductive mind.”

  1. The Bug Free Mind program has got me practicing the exercise of bringing up a chosen picture that summons an enjoyable sensation at will. Now I am trying it in public, standing in line, or with different states of mind. It helps wake me up in a much different way than before. Thank you for exploring this direction to be in the body.

  2. Unfortunately, that is one of the exercises Andy recommends that are off track: you are NOT present to the herenow when you do that exercise, you are in your mind… in the future, or in the past.

    This is why he is only 10% right.

    Thank you for bringing this up.

  3. I appreciate this guidance, and will adopt the technique you have described here. Thank you.

  4. I purchased the first book audio version, I’m going through many of the recommendations and feel that successful people are Happy, upbeat. The reason for this post is you were the one that recommended Andy Shaw? I see your post saying he is 10 % right? Many of his mind exercises allow me to relax, being present, being happy. Your post concerns me because of your recommendation on Andy shaw he is only 10 percent right to be in the present moment? Do you have another definition that is 90 to 100 percent correct?

  5. I recommend Andy’s book because the way he teaches, not WHAT he teaches.

    You bought the audio, and so you are listening through the mind, and his teaching style is missed on you.

    I don’t think that successful people are happy and upbeat. I think successful people do what they love, and love doing it. Happy is a myth.

    You need to do some looking at what you do, what fills your life, instead of doing what you love to do. That is the thing Andy really asks you to do, and the “mind” exercises, silent mind, happy 15 minutes, etc. are only there to fit in with what everyone else teaches, but are useless.

    No one can teach anything useful for someone who thinks that all of this is in the mind. You carry it in your body, in your habits, not your mind.

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