Vibrational Review: Helpful Waves tuning

Tom Jacobs, creator of helpful waves, personal vibration: 70; Truth value of “self-healing” modality of tuning audios: 1%. What he does reminds me of what Andy Shaw says about people: “humans are the only species that play with their food”… Now, I know about food, and I know that it is bad for you, all this “cuisine” stuff, combining food items that make the dish toxic… for you.

The same is true about most audio energy transmission programs, and energy transmissions… just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean that it is good for people. This is very true for these “helpful” waves… it is good for your ego, but not good for YOU.

Ed Strachar, personal vibration: 70, truth value of what he says: 3%. Can heal? no. Can connect to Source? no. Can connect to the imaginary land of entities? yes. Can those entities heal? no

Mooji, personal vibration: 190. Enters beingness? no. Truth value of what he says: 6%

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “Vibrational Review: Helpful Waves tuning”

  1. Hello Ms. Sophie, just came across you analysis of my vibration. Wow! I feel like I am running a gauntlet here.

    I would like to share with those who read this review and my comments (if posted) to simply visit my site and see for themselves if the videos are helpful or not. That is much better and liberating than having a 3rd party judge my vibrations and veracity.

    Ms. Sophie, you most likely are a kind person, but yes we are certainly seeing things from a different perspective. Just for the sake of sharing, your foot chakras (connection to Earth) are completely shut down.

    I have a video that will help you in this regard with over 8000 visits and 43 likes-

    Yours truly,

    Tom Jacobs

  2. Hello Tom. I don’t appreciate you trying to use my site as your promotion.
    And if you have read any of my other reviews: chakras are made up and they are b.s. Meridians are real, chakras are bull.
    And if people were so good at judging things for themselves, there would be no need for me to write these reviews, would it.
    I did not listen to your audios, but looked at your site, Mother Theresa’s vibration in audio… lol. The Christian saint whose only purpose to be the first on disaster sites so she can take the orphans and turns them into Catholics… yeah, I bet a lot of people would like if that energy were really transmittable… She was best at raising funds to enrich the Catholic Church.

  3. Both interesting but maybe you should listen to Donna Eden who works with meridians and chakras been all over the world teaching her stuff. Chakras do exist do more research and yes they do resonate with vibrations and become out of balance. Do you ever get that gut feeling thats one of the main chakras.

  4. are you sure that you are an authority in seeing if someone/something is right or wrong? Does your life, health, wealth, love and happiness prove it? Or it just sounds right to you… because you hear it over and over.

  5. mooji is a high vibrational teacher. he was also calibrated by hawkins students at high levels. i also disagree with your assesment of john douglas healer as i have seen more healing with him then any other. Maybe you need to check yourself. you ask this person if they want to be an authority in seeing anyone else wrong and yet you feel your levels are correct? i agree with your assessment of teal swan although we have calibrated her at 130. mooji was actually the highest level and i feel that watching him. god bless you

    oh and chakras do exist, but maybe you dont have them 🙂 BTW can you show us anyone who you have calibrated at a high vibration?

  6. I am curious what makes you the ultimate authority on this? And why you think that you know more, feel more and have more access to truth than me. Oh, the we? The group? haha. I got it.

  7. Hi Sophie Benshitta Maven!

    Could you please explain how are these audios harmful to our bodies? I have listened to Toms audios and I really like to know how they can be harmful.

  8. Well, the audios have been sometimes very very helpful for me. And my little children as well.

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