You are a liar! That’s why you are not moving forward…

offended-by-thatI know it is a shocking and offending title. Neither shocking nor offending is my purpose. I want to teach you something... so bear with me... I need to take you through the steps, so you get what I mean... how you lie, and why it prevents you from growing and being happy.

What is language?

Language is a mode of communication, Humans communicate, animals communicate, plants communicate.

  • Plants communicate with posture, with chemicals, with smell.
  • Animals communicate with posture, with touch, with chemicals, and with sound.
  • Humans also communicate all those ways, except humans, eve though they could be, are unaware, unconscious, and consider language the only communication.Not all humans, mind you, but the majority.

Humans, slowly have been "taught" that the mind is all they have, and the rest is just a vehicle, mostly, and a pleasure/pain device often.

deer 82331-004-54C91091 tufailBut the wisdom of Life doesn't rely on your awareness

But the wisdom of Life doesn't rely on your awareness, doesn't rely on your consciousness, so Life still operates all those levels of communication, below your conscious awareness.

I am sharing this with you, because I would like to bring your attention to the fact that you are a liar.

Every time you pretend, you are lying. You pretend being someone other than who you are. You pretend different than who you are. Feel different than how you feel. Have a different attitude than you do.

All these are non-verbal communications.

We all lie, to some degree even I lie, but nowadays I lie mostly by omission: I don't say stuff that would make people judge me... yeah, even me.

But I don't lie with my body, with my feelings, with my chemicals, and not even with my words... other than lying by omission, i.e. not saying.


You lie all the time.

How do I know? You are here, and you are not getting better, in spite of the stuff I give you... But why?

I had this insight this morning: when you lie, you have to hold the lie tightly, so it doesn't slip out.

It's a lot like suppression: you can't just suppress one thing, you have to suppress everything.

So when you hold onto the lie tightly, you are closed, and you cannot be reached, you cannot let go so you can get what you are told, what you are given.

Your "hands" are full. You don't have a free "hand" to get what you are given.

This is a very significant insight: unless you curtail your lying, you will not be able to take what I am giving to you. And without that you won't be able to change anything about yourself.

And if you stay the same, your life will stay the same.

This is what happens when you go to "other" healers, teachers, gurus, masters, and such.

They give you what they give you, but there is no one there to "get" it, because you are still busy holding your little lies in check.

02822be87081d6533172799f6c763cd8 pretending-to-be-nice-2 pretend-to-be-niceOne of the most read articles on my blog asks the question: are you a nice person?

Now, why would someone want to read it? After all, you should KNOW if you are nice or not... But you want to read because you all pretend to be nice, or kind, or smart, or educated, or compassionate, or loving, or whatever is the flavor of the day, whereas you probably have no idea what you are, who you are, how you are, because of all those layers of pretense you are so careful not to disturb.

You want to be perfect... yeah, right!

I watched a movie last night. It had a cult in it, called the Oblong Foundation. They taught that even the earth is oblong, so you can be imperfect. But, of course, no one was willing to allow their imperfections to show... everyone continued to act really holy and no one was willing to be ordinary, naked, innocent, authentic.

Authentic means: nothing hidden. There is nothing in the unsaid, the uncommunicated, the unshown.

I am 92% authentic on a 1 to 100 scale. I used to be about 20% authentic, let's say 10 years ago. I had hidden agendas, ego agendas, even lied, gossiped to make myself look better, exaggerated, etc.

you-calling-me-a-liarThe average authenticity on the planet, all humans, is about 30%. The average authenticity of the readers of this blog is 11%.

Why lower than the worldwide average? Because all new age, all so called spirituality, is a pretentious way of being.

Also, if you frequent Facebook, you are taught to pretend even more.

Authenticity and integrity are not the same.

I am not encouraging you to go around and TELL people your opinion, or the horrible things you have done.

The REAL SarahI am encouraging you to remove pretense, layer by layer.

All pretense comes from right and wrong

All pretense comes from right and wrong... and that is where you probably want to start: get that right and wrong is man-made, and not real.

Being caring is not right, being selfish is not wrong. They are both possible ways of being.

So start looking at yourself and others, and DECLARE that how they are is just a possible way of being, neither right, nor wrong. If you practice this long enough, you'll be able to let go of some of your pretenses, without even trying. Just make sure you practice diligently, while you are doing other things. Driving, cooking, watching a movie, making love, picking up your children, chatting with your friends.

A possible way of being. Neither right, nor wrong.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “You are a liar! That’s why you are not moving forward…”

  1. This post is why I keep reading, Sophie. It’s been on my mind for a couple days. Thank you, Sophie

  2. Others are probably grappling with this, as I did..I have been reminded of times in the past when I’m disgusted by people being hurt, or whatever, for no reason. Because I say what others are thinking. How do I tell my kids what is true shouldn’t or couldnt be said or if they said the truth why was it wrong or harsh. This post is so thought provoking, raw, many need time to digest all that it encompasses. It’s wonderful in that way, it just morphs. I will spend alot of time assimilating this one. Sophie, thank you for being here, putting a label on this, bringing it out, and talking about what frustrates me.

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