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Energetically you show up in the world much like a person who wears several outfits, one on top of the other.

Why would you do that? Because you hope that one of those outfits will make you look good enough and help you make it in the world, also known as survival.

We live in the age of looking good and making it.

Each layer of clothing has a different vibration, an intent to make you look and feel different to different people.

The person below the clothing, on the other hand, has an energy, we call it beingness, that trumps all the clothing. Everyone feels it, except the person themselves. Never? I am almost ready to say “never” but there are exceptions… some moments when even the person themselves feel that there is no sync between the surface and the deep.

There is no sync between the hidden and the visible. Mostly how it feels can be expressed by these words: “I can’t play this game well” or “I am not myself today”

Now, why would anyone consider living this double, triple, quadruple life may puzzle you.

The simple explanation, the energetic explanations is this:

l1718103955If the you, who you consider yourself to be doesn’t believe that you can be accepted, because you are no good, you are not the right one, you are not fast enough, smart enough, loved enough, lovable enough, pretty enough… feel free to add your version of “not enough”.

You may have tried energy blockage removal, hypnosis, self-talk, subliminal, affirmations, psychotherapy, Landmark Forum, Peak Potentials, shamanism, and nothing seems to change. You are not good enough for you. Because you KNOW that is why you are not happy, not healthy, not thin, not loved, not accepted, not supported, not courageous, not rich…

None of those techniques work, other than for a very short time, if ever. They never worked for me.

The only method that has worked for me is the Unconditional Love Activator.

The Unconditional Love Activator resolved the issue for me.

Your worldview, your view of how the world is, your view of yourself is mistaken.

Valentines-Heart-love-me11916062_sYou are two yous inside:

  • there is the you you consider yourself to be, the one that does things, thinks things, desires things, and
  • there is the constant, never changing part of you, you can call your god-part, that observes, witnesses the acting, feeling, thinking you, and has NO judgment about you.

The job of the Unconditional Love Activator is to make you energetically experience your Witness you, your God-you, your Observer you, and feel that you are accepted, exactly the way you are, regardless of how that self is, regardless of how that self isn’t.

You want to experience that you are a self-sustaining system of you and your support system, your cheering squad… compact, and complete. A unit of two parts.

To the degree you are willing to, energetically, accept what the God-you says about you, to the degree you become free of others’ opinion, and the compulsion to impress the world, to pretend, to wear disguises, to feel shame about who you are… and maybe even more importantly, to expect the world, others to give you want you want and need.

This Valentine’s Day, give your selves a big gift, and help them meet for the first time.

Full embrace may take a year or more, it’s taken me three years to get to a 70% embrace. I used to really worry about what other people thought about me, and acted out, a lot. I was needy, and I was obnoxious.

Today it is rare that I am concerned about what anyone thinks of me, and I experience freedom, and I experience love.

After all, it was really really hard, it was near impossible, to love anyone, given that I was sure they didn’t like me, or didn’t like something about me.

You can’t love someone who judges you! As long as it means anything to you, that is.

I have people who judge me, and I can still love them, 70% of the time… lol.

The amazing Winning and Keeping Love… avatar state activator is designed to open you up to love, loving yourself, loving the other, recognizing and accepting love from another. Combined with the principles laid out in the report, this process can transform your life, completely.

It also opens you up to fulfill on Hillel’s first sentence: If I am not for me, who is for me? and start providing to yourself what you have been wanting from others.

And stop being the instigator of what you don’t want… pulling away, excluding yourself while exclaiming that you are not accepted, that you don’t belong… ugh… very ugly.

As your you start connecting and hanging out on the vertical plane, you’ll have less and less need to pretend, to wear masks and disguises, to extort love, to be needy of love, to self-judge… and your vibration will start rising.

  • You’ll start feeling better about yourself, and about your life.
  • You’ll start having energy to actually do something with yourself and your life.
  • Procrastination will start falling away.
  • Your health will start getting better.

The magic of living life as a free person will begin for you with this activator.

One more thing: Wallace D. Wattles wrote a piece 100 years ago, that is more true today than it was then. The piece is called Winning and Keeping Love… it’s great advice if you are looking for new love, or if you are looking to have love in your current relationship…

The famous report: Winning and Keeping Love is yours when you buy the avatar state activator: Winning and Keeping Love

In this amazing report you’ll be able to read about a politically incorrect way to be, so you can win and keep love. Politically incorrect means: it works! Whereas the politically correct often doesn’t.

But no words can ever change your attitude, your behavior, your DNA… you need a spiritual activator, energetic activator for that.

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