What is Vibration?

what is vibration? how do you measure vibrational frequency?What is vibration? What is the vibration that is the vibrational scale of 1 to 1000?

In this article I’ll answer the questions: what is vibration, and what that means. I’ll also tell you how to measure vibration. And in the end I’ll let you know how to pick a teacher or a guru who is the best vibrational match to you, so you can start raising your vibration with their teaching.

In the context of consciousness work, vibration, or vibrational frequency is a number that approximates where someone is on the consciousness scale… what someone can and can’t experience, what is the habitual state of mind or a person, how powerful someone is in the world, with reality.

The higher your vibration is, the more you can do, the freeer you feel, the more of your brain power you can utilize to produce results in the world, to pay attention, to identify things correctly.

The word “vibration”, when used informally, as in vibes… means: a person’s emotional state, the atmosphere of a place, or the associations of an object, as communicated to and felt by others.

The vibration, the way we use it on this site, where I teach you how to raise your vibration, can be high or it can be low.

I have adapted the 1 to 1000 logarithmic scale, that has been proving itself a bad decision: logarithmic is inaccessible to most people… People interpret the numbers I give them as if they were linear.

Nothing is further from the truth: on a 1-100 linear scale, a 990 vibration is about 50%.

1,000 vibration stands for the highest level a human can be, and about 25~35 means someone is as good as dead.

The vibration number, indirectly, correlates and corresponds with your level of energy: how much energy you have to make things happen.

This has lead to a lot of pseudo vibrational work: exercise, for example, raises your physical energy level, but it does not raise your vibration: counter to what many “vibrational gurus” tell you.

Ultimately, your vibrational number, your vibrational measurement shows you to what degree your world view is accurate to how it is, to what degree your self-view is accurate to how you are, to your level of inner and outer awareness/consciousness, and your reactivity.

How to measure vibration?

You can approximate someone’s vibrational frequency by locating them on the consciousness map by David Hawkings.

It’s not precise. It requires the person doing the approximation to be NOT dupable, to be able to see through pretenses, to deeply feel the state of being of the person…

Your state of being is very consistent with your vibrational frequency.

I muscle test vibration: that is how I measure vibration.

  1. Step 1: I connect to Source with the Tangerine Method
  2. step 2: I connect to the person, and spend some time so I can identify their feelings, their state of being. I am a true empath, and my observation about the state of being are consistent, and 95% agreed to by the people I measure, or connect to.
  3. Step 3: I muscle test the vibration, but starting at 200 vibration, asking: over 200, under 200, under 190… etc. Or alternatively, and rarely: over 200, over 210, over 220This is called bracketing.The entire Planet’s vibration, entire humanity’s vibration is dropping, and consequently, unless doing raising vibration work, individual’s vibration is observed to drop, sometimes dramatically.

Vibrational Matching

Lots of people ask me to measure their guru’s or teacher’s, or healer’s vibration.

They expect that if someone’s vibration is much higher than theirs, then they will teach them better things.

But you can only start where you are, and your best bet is to find a teacher whose vibration is close to your own, but the truth value of their teaching is at or above 10%.

They will use words, exercises, concepts that are closer to where you are, and will be able to product better results than if you find someone with a much higher vibration than yours.

That is why I have been recommending Tai Lopez 67 steps

In this article I answered the questions: what is vibration, and what that means. I also answered how to measure vibration. And in the end I wrote briefly about how to find your vibrational match in a teacher or guru.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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6 thoughts on “What is Vibration?”

  1. This explains the whole concept very well and resolves some things I didn’t understand. Thanks.

  2. You probably can’t. Ego doesn’t like to hear the truth, mind doesn’t know the truth… so one needs to be connected to an egoless mindless state to even have access to that measure.

    But you can guesstimate: you didn’t check if you are writing to a woman or a man… sign of low vibration. around 100. The next best thing is to send me a donation and then I’ll measure it for you.

    Now, why would you want to know? Is it going to give you the kind of information you’ll know what to do with? Honestly!

    Please let me know

  3. Hello, I would like to donate the $5.00 out of curiousity, but I am uncertain if there is a questionnaire, quiz, skyping, (ect) along those lines. I’m an empath as well, but I can’t get a read on where another person is emotionally without listening to them. I am just concerned on the reading process;however, I do not mind donating $5.00 anyway. I would appreciate honest feedback, but I understand this site may be older due to the last comment being placed May 16, 2016. Thanks, Kimberly

  4. I’m sorry. I forgot to include that I am confused about what I read on the right hand side of my screen about hydration levels. I feel everyone’s emotional state generally and feel the need to help them to love themselves, forgive themselves, love others and forgive others. I do not understand what water has to do with feeling emotional frequencies. I may have read something entirely not about the subject matter and assumed incorrectly. I am not doubting your process, but I have no understanding of it. Sorry so long. Thanks for your time, Kimberly.

  5. I’d prefer that no one donates any money unless they understand what I do and what they are getting.
    You did none of the reading, but you expect me to spend time with you, individually, to explain what you are paying $5 for.
    Are you for real?

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