Raising your vibration

What is vibration?

As you can see, the word “vibration” needs to be explained if you want to be successful at raising your vibration.

If you want to raise how you feel right now, how other people view you, i.e. raise your vibes, then jumping around, pep-talk, like in the locker room of a football game, affirmations, laughing, is a good method.

It will increase your immediate performance, and if it was an effective method, you can sustain the higher vibes for about an hour or so.

Thinking good thoughts, visualization, reaching for hope do the same thing, temporary, will disappear momentarily.

It’s like glitter that washes off, falls off, and starts to show what’s underneath: not so pretty.

So, your efforts could be better used if you attended the what’s underneath, what’s eating you. Because every positive thought, every jumping around, increases the depth of your misery, increases the gap between who you are and what you show to the world… Cancer moves into that gap, nightmares move into that gap, anxiety moves into that gap. Your best bet is to bring the two together…

Raising your vibration

Raising your vibration is an inside job.

If we considered you, for a moment, a structure with many joints, we could say that in a high vibration person the joints are flexible, well oiled and free to move.

A lower vibration person has many of their joints stuck, or inflexible. Maybe just resistant.

In the work of raising your vibration you need to visit your “joints” and observe them.

There are about 30 “joints”, or 30 inner areas where you can be stuck, sticky, or unproductively resistant.

I talk, in my many articles, about all of them, but reading 1600 articles may be too much for you.

The book that has most of 30, is the Creating the Bug Free Mind.

Regret, worry, thinking about, knowing about, fear, waiting, ambition, wanting, forcing… these are each a joint in your inner structure, and keep you anchored in low vibration.

The job is to observe, and realize that there is a better, more productive way to be. Or realize that the current behavior is insane, Or realize that the current behavior is a result of faulty thinking. Or realize that the current behavior only serves to keep you the same.

And from that realization some things change. But once some things change, the whole structure will, slowly, imperceptibly change, on its own accord.

It takes time. It takes diligence, and it takes Observation.

Most people will read and look through the mind, and there won’t be any observation, any witnessing, only remembering. Remembering gives you the illusion of progress, understanding gives you the illusion of progress, and your vibration (and you) will remain the same.

You’ll be knowledgeable about all of it, but it will remain a dream…

You will either wake up from the deep slumber you live in, or not.

If you wake up, you have a chance of raising your vibration. If you choose to remain asleep, then your vibration will drop steadily.

Waking up is not pleasant. The world is not pretty. You are not pretty. Others are not pretty.

But Life wants you to be awake, Consciousness wants you to be awake, aware, and slowly and steadily your inner world, your inner terrain will be beautiful, compensating for the ugliness without.

Is it worth it? I have gone through it, and I say yes. I would never want to go back to how things were.

Do I see the ugliness? Yeah, I do. But I am not often effected by it… Actually less and less every day.

In the next article I’ll talk about a phrase often thrown about, but little understood: that humans are a Vibrational being

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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  1. My name is Hershelle Tanishq is there any negative vibrations in my name

  2. Came across this in meditation
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