Humans are vibrational beings

The internet is full of crap, and the so called gurus talk most of it. All second-hand crap.

This phrase: humans are vibrational beings, on the surface is truth… but if you scratch it, it is unscientific, nonsensical, pretentious, and misleading. And misleading is the main tool of fakes, frauds, and impostors.

In quantum physics, the current state of knowledge in physics, everything depends on the observer: and a “thing” can be physical, or matter, or a wave… depending on the observer’s expectation.

I guess this is the basis of this stupid statement. If you look at yourself as a vibrational being, then you are… now what?

What they want to say is that if you are a vibrational being, then you can be manipulated with energies, existent or non-existent energies, better. So because everything has a vibration, everything has energy, you now should be a positive thinker and repress your real feelings, real thoughts, and only think positive, and be mum about your bad feelings. Hogwash.

But you, my dear reader, have probably fallen for the bait, and now are living a life of pretense. Not able to talk freely about what bothers you, what you fell bad about, what isn’t working for you… because you’ll be labeled as a negative thinker, or if you are a serious nutcase: you are afraid that thinking about those, or speaking about those will bring more of it to your life… aka Law of Attraction, which is another bullcrap.

Had I known the company I will be forced to keep, I would have never bought this domain name, I bought it at an auction, along with 30 other expired domains, and for a year or two I used it for spam… Yeah, you heard it right, for spam.

Then I read somewhere that consciousness can be called vibration, and I started to write articles. Because consciousness I was interested in. Consciousness is real… especially if you look at me like I do: you are conscious of something… you are aware of something… beyond the surface, accurately.

Yeah… That could be good stuff, but it has been already messed up by the “gurus” as well.

I may have to call what I do, in the future, instead of vibration work, astuteness work. No one is claiming, at this stage, that they are astute, that they are accurate, that they can see 256 shades of gray, that they ask probing, revealing questions that move things out of cliches to the world of reality, where you can actually work with them, and make a difference for people.

Yeah, that’s what I should do, call is astuteness work, and measure people on the astuteness scale.

Because it is really the same thing: you can’t be astute unless you are awake. You can’t be astute unless you are in no-mind. You can’t be astute unless you see all sides of a situation, and when you do you are also caring, loving, diligent, and considerate. And you can’t be astute unless you put all power in all action… instead of trying to avoid this, restrict that… and be all over the place.

Yeah, astuteness work it is… Halleluiah.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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