I Was Stupid Or Why Do We Need To Sign A Confidentiality Agreement When You Are In A Paid Course

I Was Stupid Or Why Do You Need To Sign A Confidentiality Agreement When You Are In A Paid Course

Most of us are in this work, teacher and student alike, to raise our vibration. In my programs the specific purpose is to develop a core group of the New Humanity through a combination of raising the vibration and new ways of being.

But some people, students and gurus alike, are in this work for their own purposes, personal significance, money, world dominance… everybody has their purpose and reason.

This past week I needed everyone in the Second Phase Activator course to sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement. As it seems, one of the students shared sensitive information with the wrong people, without malicious intent. That inflamed and enraged a “competitor” guru… and we all suffered this week heavy attacks. I had to work to repair damages, for about 20 hours this week, that’s why there are barely any articles this week. No time…

Generally, in the world, in every program where the information is proprietary AND can be easily duplicated, you need to sign an agreement like that, and a non-competing agreement as well.

In Landmark Education you needed to sign those agreements every time you did a course. Why? Because knowledge is a lot like money: you can steal it and use it for your own purposes. It’s much like in industry or science: it sometimes takes a lot of money and a lot of time to develop something really new and valuable.

But I didn’t need to have people sign an agreement to protect proprietary information, or intellectual property.

Energies can’t just be knocked off. Energies are like gold: you need to be a serious alchemist to make gold from crap. lol. You need Source’s cooperation, and you need a noble purpose. 1

Even when I was practicing the Omega Shakti System, a system of arcane but unusually strong energies, only some of the “practitioners” could do more than just follow instructions… or use the energies creatively. I was always one of them. Energies love me, energies come to me. I never use them for selfish reasons, I always respect them… you know, energies have preferences too… they are like living entities.

The agreement came as a result of someone leaking out what we are doing and how I obtain some of the energies I use in the programs.

For example, I find something, like the raw coco beans in the movie Chocolat.

My favorite effect is where the character played by Jean Reno (of The Professional fame) finds the little bag with the raw coco beans and gets turned on… suddenly becomes alive, feeling, a definite quickening…

I asked Source: Can you duplicate that? Yes. Can I have it? Yes. Is it an energy? No. So how do you do it? You direct an energy you already have…

That’s how the “Get Turned On” or “Come Alive” energy was born. I haven’t decided on the name yet.

This is my standard practice. As I have said it elsewhere: I am an innovator. I don’t try to re-invent the wheel. I just make it work for what I want it to work. You can use a wheel in an ordinary way, or an extraordinary way: I do the second.

But if I were stupid… The creators of Chocolat could sue me. Juliette Binoche (the creator of the coco beans) could attack me and render me dead or discouraged.

Depending whether you are on the Light’s side or the Dark Side: you will come from scarcity or from abundance.

Some of the energies I innovated on have made a lucrative living for their “owners.” Except that you can’t own energies.

They can’t sue me, so they do the next best: make it impossible for me to be alive… Or they can try to kill me. They can try to take away my ability to make a living. I know they can, I have seen people use weaker Omega energies to hurt others, a world apart, physically.

This is what’s been happening for quite some time, and this week was a real crescendo in that.

Ranging from sending energy to my person with such force that I needed to stay in bed one day. Disabling my internet server (my sites), disturbing my phone lines, and reducing the vibration of all waters in my house…

If I were any reactive, I would quit: who wants to die… right? But I am not reactive. I am practicing non-resistance. I am practicing being a blade of grass… bend and come back once the storm passes.

I can repair my web servers, I can talk less on the phone, I can afford to spend a day in bed, I can recharge the water… let them have fun.

They will stop: after all you can’t do this (attacking me and mine) while you are trying to make a bundle, can you?

So, why do we have the non-disclosure, confidentiality agreement? To protect the participants.

I can be ok, but I don’t expect a student to be able to withstand energetic attacks like I do. So, who is in the courses is confidential information. What they say in the courses is confidential information. And even what I say… after all I don’t want to invite more of the same. I was stupid but I don’t have to stay that way!

My conclusion: If you find yourself worried that someone will copy you, or your guru is worried about them being copied: just know that you are on the Dark Side, you live in a world of scarcity.

This is a big world. Lots of people.

I understand some gurus are aiming at world dominance: they should just think what happened to Hitler, Stalin, or even Alexander the Great.

You think you own something, but it ends up owning you. It is a wretched way to live.

And it is counter to the Original Design. So you’ll have cancer, horrible cough, your penis will break off, and you’ll have nightmares… because that is how it is. You are out of sync with how it is: you need to pay.

There are no happy tyrants. There are no happy despots. There are no happy bailiffs. You gain some, you lose some.

You lose what’s most important: your humanity. I’d rather be stupid.

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  1. Our purpose is to create the seed of a new humanity that lives according to the Original Design. Just a thousand living that way can avert the catastrophe that is threatening the Earth right now. We are at 6 now. According to the law of past performance, we need to reach 100,000 people to achieve the 1,000 number. What about the 99,000? They have a strong reason too: these 1,000 people will accomplish their work on the shoulder of the 99,000 that are trying unsuccessfully. They are indispensable: you can’t do this work in a vacuum.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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3 thoughts on “I Was Stupid Or Why Do We Need To Sign A Confidentiality Agreement When You Are In A Paid Course”

  1. I would sign any agreement you have! I may have been looking too closely at myself. Proof positive walked through my door today, one at a time, and I was in awe. I almost didn’t recognize my own children, happy, positive, and full of possibilities. No anger, no complaints, no neediness. Wow!

    I am really grateful. Our hard work is showing. Thanks Sophie!

  2. Sophie, you have my signature already without signing anything. I have felt better in the last three weeks than I have in a long time and I am still working and learning how to embrace the original design -but it’s because of you and what you are doing I finally can begin to embrace this from a great place. You have all my support , my signature if you need it and please stay strong we need your teaching!

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