From victim to extraordinary… It’s possible for YOU.

take off like a rocket

I take pride to spend my life with what I can do, instead of worrying about what other people have done to me.

This is what one of the abused children, now adult, said in a British police drama.

That is a very high vibration statement, and I recommend that you start raising your vibration by adopting it.

Whatever happened to you happened in the past. Abuse, neglect, abandonment: it happened and you want to have a choice of spending your life licking your wounds, blaming, angry, or spending your life being a marvelous, productive, beautiful human, maybe even a human being.

For one, I would have never gotten myself wings to soar, if it hadn’t been for the abuse. Never.

When you come from deep, having been abused, and feeling like a victim, you need to put energy and work in just to be like a “normal” human… Use that fact to your advantage.

You see, an abused human is like a rocket: it takes energy to leave the stratosphere… and then almost no energy to go straight to heaven, or whatever is beyond the stratosphere.

I mean it. This is what I did, and I have a few examples of other people doing the same.

Most people, of course, get their milage from acting like a victim, but there is no life in that: in fact that is on the side of Death.

You want to decide if you want to use your life for Life or for Death. It’s OK with me either way, but your life will be a direct result of this decision. Your life.

The Spirit wants only that there be flying. As to who happens to do it, She has only a passing interest.” Rainer Maria Rilke

My feeling is that the people who will choose flying will be the once abused ones.

In one way or another almost everyone was abused. If you feel the Spirit flapping its wings in you, please don’t choose Death, choose Life, choose flying.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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