Sometimes the teacher needs the teaching more than the student, especially a spiritual teacher. Marketeer Poneman and Tr.: which is the evil one?

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Sometimes the teacher needs the teaching more than the student, especially a spiritual teacher. Marketeer Poneman and Tr.: which is the evil one?

Yesterday, the theme in my 2nd Phase Activator Class was compassion: That compassion is not for the other person’s sake; just like love is not for the other person’s sake.

Compassion (and love) is for YOU!

When you can transform hatred, pity, or anger, resentment, or regret to compassion, you become free. (Not even mentioning the fact that love and compassion is only felt by the giver, never by the receiver. It warms up the giver, maybe shines on the recipient, but no nurturing there.)

Anyway, I downloaded the activators, and felt that I needed them too. But didn’t know for what…

I woke up in the morning and was still reeling from the attacks, the pressure, running short-handed (my little brother, who is my technical assistant, is in the hospital recovering from a heart surgery: hopefully.) So I am doing his work, I am doing my work, and I am working around the clock to repair the damage the attacks are causing.

And then it hit me: Tr., although from my point of you he is a perpetrator, he is, in fact a victim.

Let me explain: if you read yesterday’s article and also the article I linked to, you know that there is a rapidly growing scamworld in the internet arena.

What you don’t know is this: marketers are like scientists. For them marketing is the main purpose, what they peddle is immaterial. Scientists are the same way: otherwise there would be no Monsanto genetically engineered destruction of the planet, there would have been no hydrogen or atomic bomb.

Scientists are left brain machines, completely oblivious about Life. Marketers are left brain machines, completely oblivious about Life.

Werner Erhard used to say: if you peel a person, like an onion, at the very core you will find the desire to make a difference, to contribute. When that desire is thwarted, there are two paths available to the individual:

1. forever teenager… let’s have fun!
2. becoming a criminal

What is the common characteristic in those two: they don’t care about life, about people, about another.

Scientists and marketers are people whose desire to contribute to Life was thwarted, in one way or another.

Now, what does this have to do with Tr., you ask? Plenty.

When Tr. came to this country, he had an honest desire to make a difference. Then he mixed up with this marketing group, Fred and Debra Poneman. Those two are the mad scientist architects of this destructive phenomenon, Tr. Foundation.

They are marketeers extraordinaire: squeezing Tr. dry. He is their cash cow. He is a pawn. He is a victim.

If he ever wanted to make a difference: forget about it. It’s all fake now, all publicity stunts, the cows, the wedding, the wifey’s being gifted, all of it.

If they didn’t have Gopal who is, at this stage, incorruptible, they would have no value to offer, none at all.

Is Tr. going to have the courage to get off this merry-go-round? I doubt it. He is too deep in.

And my compassion goes to him. Although he is sending destructive energies my way, my person, my water, my sites all suffer, but that’s nothing compared to his suffering.

He sold out, and he is finished. In the world of mafias he is earning his breath now. His permission to be alive.

But not to do real work. The work he was born to do. No, that he can’t do. For that he needs an uncorrupted soul. Even if you are Tr.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Sometimes the teacher needs the teaching more than the student, especially a spiritual teacher. Marketeer Poneman and Tr.: which is the evil one?”

  1. I had this issue last night. I was watching a film with my husband. then he told me a story about his past, which is connected to the film. without thinking I said something that triggered him to get upset, and he started saying stuff that are hurtful and I was really pleased with myself for not reacting to what he said until he said something, which triggered me to be upset with him

    we end up t being upset with each other not finishing the film and not sleeping together. I decided to listen to “Unconditional Love Activator” before sleeping, and I put repeat, so I listen to it all night. When I woke up this morning, I felt compassion and love for him, I went to him and ask if he wanted to have a cup of tea, he said yes, but before he let me go to make tea, he kissed and hugged me and he apologized and I apologized and I had a lovely day.

  2. Marietta, remember one of the goals was to never have to apologize again.

    I think we are going to download activators for being thoughtful, being present, being able to see things from the other person’s point of view. But, there is a but! You will need to practice it.

    This type of incident happens in your life all the time: you blurt stuff out without thinking… Right?

  3. Do you mean to recognise your dark side and work on it?

    I am really working on being thoughtful, being pesent but I think I need a lot to work on being always seeing other’s point of view before opening my mouth.

    Thank you for pointing that out clearly, made me realise I really need to make more effort to practice…

  4. We all think we would have the sense to be very cautious and suspicious sales pitches about something too good to be true…and especially from those in the ‘starmaker’ business. But every one feels they will be the sole exception to the rule–until they feel the hook in their mouths…

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