Wanting to help? Don’t get hooked and pulled off your path

help wanted. inquire withinA friend of mine called me this morning. He reported that on Channel 5 they are selling audios like mine. I got hooked.

I said: “Not audios like mine! audios sounding like mine… Those audios are just sound, no energy!” actually I shouted it.

But he had a different agenda, he just needed a foot in the door… But for that he needed to pull me out of my equilibrium, my harmony… like make me stand on one foot, or rub my tummy circularly with one hand and hit my head… near impossible.

hook them

By the way, riling someone up is what teenagers do to get what they want from you…

He wanted is to get my help, get my ear, to join him in his misery.

His son is manifesting, demonstrating signs of paranoid schizophrenia. He is the right age (late teens), and schizophrenia runs in the child’s mother’s family, not skipping generations. My Harmonizer audio is a tool that helps anyone, including a schizophrenic, to know who they are…

He goes on and on… and I am sitting here, torn between saying something, or finding an excuse to hang up.

please help

The hook of wanting to help

The hook of wanting to help is very strong. I have been doing it for years: making his websites, paying his hosting from my pocket… for years.

But every time you help you have to choose: my life or the other’s life.

Society, the other, doesn’t care about your life. It only desires, really, that you don’t have one… that you don’t have a life, that you don’t have an individuality… for 200,000 years old reasons: the pack needed to stay together, do things together, that is what it took, 200,000 years ago, to be a species that survives.

Churches, governments, others, use this hardwired social obligation to help, for their own purposes. Your children exploit it.

But, when you look carefully, doing for the other never makes a difference, except rob you of your life.

There is a law, a spiritual law, that is “bread of shame“. If you eat bread of shame, i.e. you get without you doing anything in return, you cannot benefit from what you got… and you are forced to hate the person or organization that gave you for taking away your freedom.

Humans want their freedoms, and help is enslaving them. Emasculating them, taking their power away.

That is what you do when you help.

Now, let’s compare help and support.

In the common, the ordinary way of speaking and thinking, there is no difference. But the two words set up a completely different dynamic.

  • Help means: the helper does, the helped does nothing.
  • Support means: the supported does, and the supporters pitches in, here and there, guidance, moral support, but the person, the supported person is doing the doing… not the other.

Coaching is a type of support: you can only coach the person who is doing. If you are not in action, you can’t be supported, you can only be helped.

We live in a world of helping… and I have been forced to help… and, of course, when you help, the other shrinks.

I don’t want you to shrink.

PS: and a little English Grammar to get more clear on what you are saying

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