Grow like a tree! Inside where it matters…

growing-like-a-treeI got an insight in how you think through an email interaction with a client of mine.

She thanked me for talking to her. Something didn’t sit well with me about that, so I answered:

By the way, if I were you, and someone did what I do with you, then this is what I would say
Thank you for seeing me as someone who can grow, even when I don’t see it.
Thank you for being there so I can grow and I can grow fast
Thank you for holding the space for me to be all I can be.

The last thing I would say: I appreciate you talking to me. Not specific, and irritates me. Like when someone says: thank you for your time.
One says the same thing to a passerby who pointed out which way the post office is… no real consciousness there, only politeness, social grease. I always know I’d just wasted my time.

I want you to become conscious. Not easy, given that you lived all your life unconscious and foggy.

But it is a worthy goal, so please go for it.

She came back with this:

Thank you for seeing me as someone worthy of growth, even though I did not have a clue.

Thank you for allowing me to share, and discuss what I am going trough, which is helping me to grow.

Thank you for clarifying things so that I can be aware of them and expand my consciousness.

Thanks for accepting me the way I am, but still encouraging growth.







fig_gnarly_treeThe sentence that gave me the insight was this: Thanks for accepting me the way I am, but still encouraging growth.

It tells volumes about you, about how you think, about how the world thinks.

You think that you need to be unacceptable, bad, wrong, lacking something, to grow.

You, probably, hear everything I say as a proof that you are not perfect.

Let me explain how it is, through an analogy:

Trees have several stages, seed, seedling, small tree, big tree, bigger tree, even bigger tree… etc.

Every stage the tree is perfect. I accept the tree the way it is, seed, seedling, etc. I and I will be there for the tree to grow as much as it can, as much as it wants to.

I think that if you consider yourself a tree, whatever stage you are at, seed, seedling, small tree, etc. then you will allow love in, acceptance in.

A tree doesn’t say: I must change. I must become bigger, better, or different. The tree, if it could speak, would say: I am growing towards the sky.

Whatever stage of growth you are, you are either growing or you stopped growing. Inside, where it matters. To you.

I am here, like a gardener, like a forester, to help you grow as much as you can, as much as you want.

And now another Osho video

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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7 thoughts on “Grow like a tree! Inside where it matters…”

  1. the question is: did you learn it, or did you just read it.
    You see, every person has a chance to 1. appreciate something specific: you did not do that 2. be the one who allows the other to grow… I cannot tell from your comment.

  2. Considering this head-opening idea to have a goal to be a tree, perfect in every stage, and grow towards the sky.

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