Updated: Removing energetic, vampire attachments, also called cords

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I had the insight, after I published this article, and after I removed some 20 attachments, today, that the people (distance healers?) that put the attachment on you may not have malicious intent.

They need to connect to you, and because they are not empaths, they have to do it with a cord-like energy attachment. At the end of the session they don’t remove it… And now they have your energy available to them, or potentially their energy available to you.

But there is a price to pay, and that’s why I offer this attachment removal. Watch the 1-minute video I made today, no makeup, no background, just showing myself in the middle of removing an attachment.

If you watch my face, it hurts. This is what you are experiencing below your conscious awareness… Get it/them removed!

One more thing: some websites suggest cutting those cords: I don’t recommend that. It is like leaving a “hose” through which you bleed to death… ”

I don’t usually check for attachments, cords, unless someone asks me to.

Attachments are like water hoses that suck away your Life Force, suck your energy. Why people do that to you? I don’t know, it takes extreme emotion, anger, greed, jealousy (possessiveness) to do that.

electric-body_0I am mostly seeing greed attachment, i.e. the person is greedy for your life force.

The same person, usually pumps energetic disruptor into the same “hose”… so you are screwed both ways.

I can remove attachments. If I can detect it, I can remove it. For me, because I work “by-proxy”, it is easy: I work on my own body while I am connected to you.

I grab the “hose”, loosen it, and start to pull it, exactly the way you pull a rope: alternating my hands, so it doesn’t have a chance to slip back.

Most of these “hoses”, energetic attachments, are long-long. and they curl up in one organ, the heart, the liver, the thyroid, the spleen, causing there a disruption and crowding that prevents the organ to operate normally.

Yesterday I removed five attachments from a girl in England. Her heart, her lungs, and her throat…

When the attachment is completely pulled out, I cut its connection with the body, by clapping twice, and if the hole is big, I heal the hole it left.

Watch how it’s done…

There is NO protection from attachments that I know, although you can cloak and bubble yourself, but if you get the attachment while talking to the person, like a Dark Side healer, like Tamra Oviatt, for example, you are open, and vulnerable.

Just like with pregnancy, the ultimate protection is abstinence.

And just like with pregnancy, if you got “hooked”, then please come to me, and I’ll remove the attachments.

It’s not a live call, I do it at my time, when I feel strong enough to do it: it takes energy. I can’t do it well while someone is trying to talk to me.

I charge for this service, the same as I charge to check if you are connecting, $25 for 15 minutes. 15 minutes is probably enough to remove the more than 10 attachments this poor woman from Virginia has on her: I measured her vibration as 30 this morning. She has been turned into this toxic wasteland, that passes on the attachments to others for the vampire pleasure of the “healer” she serves.

How do you know if you have an attachment?

If you feel weak, if you don’t heal as you used to, if you have chronic bad mood, if you only see the bad in things, then the chances that you have an attachment are very high. Especially if you have listened to, or watched the videos of some “healer” who is known to put attachments on people, like Mr. T, etc.

Send me a small donation ($2 or more) and I’ll check if you have an attachment. I’ll let you know. Make sure that I have a name, if your paypal is under your business. If you want me to remove it/them, first ask me if I can or am willing, and then I send you a link to pay.

Here is a page that explains more...

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This is my comment on it: There is no such thing as entities, souls, spirits. It is living people that put the attachments on you… all else is fairy tales. I remove attachments, and all of them can be traced to healers… watch me remove one in a very short video… but, of course, if you like mystical fairy tales, you should stay here… plenty of that here. https://youtu.be/7Lx9RmKbawA?

Dark side of the Force – Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki

The dark side of the Force, called Bogan or Boga by ancient Force-sensitives on ….. had deep personal attachments with loved ones also had motivation to use the power of …. of the Jedi to either bring the dissenter back into the fold, or eliminate them. …. were quickly consumed by the simple act of housing Sidious’s spirit.

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