The bliss of being who you are

the paradise: the being of entrepreneurLast night I finished watching the British series, 'The Paradise' about the first department store in London.

I learned something I probably would not have been able to learn anywhere else.

The series is mainly about two characters, the owner of the store who created it, who came from nothing, and is a true entrepreneur.

And a small town girl, who works for him, and discovers herself as an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is someone who has a strong inner drive to do more, be more, grow himself or herself, and the enterprise.

the-visible-part-of-entrepreneurThere are a lot of people who want to be like that, but unless it's an inner drive, it's an outer drive. Being driven by greed, or want, or wanting to own, be respected, whatever. outside.

But a real entrepreneur is driven by something inside... and the statement "I can't do no other" fits them: work is self expression for them, growth is self-expression for them, and it's a being not a doing.

Lots of people ask me about being, or beingness, hoping that they can get there either through their mind (explanation) or through doing.

But it works the opposite way. Your actions, your thoughts come from your being, not the other way around.

Human-ness-vs-Being-nessIn Landmark, people are taught to invent beings, 1 and like a layer of makeup, it peels off... revealing the real being there...

The happiest successful people are the ones that find their core being and nurture it.

The core is, of course, below the pretense layers, of which there are many. The learned layers. The layers of "it would be good". The layers of "it sounds good". The layers of "it worked for X."

All those layers are lies, they are not you, and if you want to be successful and happy, you need get rid of them. Really. They are what stand between you and you being fully you.

It's getting naked. Not nude, naked.

You can't see yourself from all those layers... and when you accidentally look, all you see is ugly.

But the real you is not ugly. It's innocent.

Now, you may be different from all Dick, Joe, and Harry, because you are you. You need to be you.

It is possible to find someone who resonates with your innermost being, and then use that person to make your core being grow into a tree.

In the British series I mentioned in the beginning, the young woman chose the owner of The Paradise to model after, saying "I want to be him."

She can use that to inform her being, and to learn how to be successful, how to tame, how to sell all that which she is, as a potential and fully live to it, and in our case, in her case, surpass the model.


be-true-to-yourselfI'll repeat: doing comes from being. Had she modeled after the doing, that would have been a disaster.

If you are not creative, if you are not inventive, it is futile to model yourself after a creative or inventive person. Your actions will be empty, because they will come from your mind, from what you are SUPPOSED to do, instead of your being.

I have a few students who know what I am talking about. Their actions comes from "whereof one cannot speak" which is the domain of being.

And I have a few students who are talented, but are trying to fashion themselves after the "demands" of society, and are utterly miserable, their lives are empty, and they are a failure. Not because their being followed they would be not successful, but because they strive to be someone they are not.

The adage, know thyself, is useful here: but you need to peel of the layers. It take time, and it takes patience. But when you arrive to who you are, life will become blissful.

So is mine, and so can be yours.


  1. they call them possibilities

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