Until recently you could get energies in only three ways

how to get energies: now we know four ways to get energies What it is that I am learning about energies and what is so revolutionary about that?

Until recently you could get energies in only three ways:

  1. you were attuned by someone who had the energy. Attunement is an implant type of procedure. 1
  2. you discovered that you had access to a certain energy. It seems innate… You may call it having been gifted, or some other way that makes you sound superior: the truth is that you probably earned it. Your vibration is probably higher than “normal” and you probably regularly connect to Source.
  3. someone dumped it on you, whether you were ready or not. I have only heard tales of that: I can’t testify about the veracity of the claims. 2

I have discovered a fourth way to get energies.

This is how it goes: I experience an energy. I see its usefulness for humanity. I ask Source: “Can you duplicate that?” If I have experienced deeply enough the energy’s signature, Source has an answer, and so far it’s been yes every time. Then I ask “Can I have it?” And in most cases the answer has been an immediate yes, and in the case of one energy the yes answer came after about a year… Once I have the permission, comes the issue of how to call it down, how to request it.

I need to name it and stick with the name. It is a request, it is an agreement between Source and me.

Then we examine certain characteristics… does the energy propagate with entrainment? Can you push it? Can you infuse it? Can others call it down too? What state do they need to be in?

Calling down an energy that is clearly defined and agreed upon is relatively easy. Giving it to another, or infusing it into water not. My hunch is that it requires you to be on a high enough vibration to command Source: after all Source is doing it, not you.

calling down the energies Two way communication, commanding, is a very high vibration activity. Even I have difficulty when I am tired, when my mouth is not clean, when I have emotional turbulence of any kind, when I have any noise in my environment, etc, etc, etc.

But once the energy is distinguished, it becomes the birthright of humanity.

What does this mean?

If you can connect to Source the Tangerine Method way (or any way that really connects you) you can call down the Heaven on Earth Bach Flower Energy Bundle, (the energies of the Bach Flower Remedies) or even the individual energies of the Bach Flower remedy flowers.

And recent discovery, though untested at the writing of this article: you can call down the Tr. energy for yourself.

Which raises an interesting question: is any of the master trainees, including Daryn, Mrs. Tr., able to call down the Tr. energy? Any of them could, if they knew how to connect. Or better said: they can if and when they connect. Muscle test says there is one person who can and does, and that person isn’t Daryn.

Giving or transmitting that energy is a whole different ball game: for that you need to have a much much higher vibration.

Gopal, who managed to stay innocent and no-mind, surpassed the master. His vibration is 750 at this point, and his energy transmissions are deep, conscious, and strong.

How many times a day can you call upon the energy? I don’t know. I can tell you one thing: I can, in the normal course of a day, call down maybe 3-4 times. Why? Because I need to go through a state change to get “up there” and be in the presence of Source, and it fries me. That is why I don’t give one-on-one blessings, or do more than three groups a day.

After the third I would probably be shooting blanks… lol.

What’s next?

People ask me if I could call upon Michael or Gabriel archangels. There are no such things as archangels, sorry. Not in the Original Design.

People ask me if I could design an energy for healing. That design would come from Tree of Knowledge and therefore I won’t even entertain the idea.

But I am interested in the origin of the blessing hands, hands on healing, etc.

I am going to dive into that and see what I get, what I see, whether there is anything there at all. Stay tuned.

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  1. Attunement is like surgery. It’s like giving you a heart that comes from someone else. It is not in sync with the Original Design. It is superimposing human will on Nature: entirely a 4th plane imaginary paradigm, maya.
  2. The story I am referring to is the story of Matt Schoener’s. His story was that when he was a young man a hooded monk came to him and dumped a whole system of energies on him. He, Matt, got sick from the experience, and avoided doing anything with the energies for decades, and then started to slowly build the system, that he called Omega Shakti System. Now, I knew Matt, he is dead now, but I knew him personally. I bought energies from him, and lived with one of his teachers for a number of years. The energies are real, but they are not transformative. They are designer energies. Transformation takes more than getting or even giving energies. YOU need to change your world view and ultimately yourself.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Until recently you could get energies in only three ways”

  1. Are there archangels outside of the original design, and if so, what purpose do they serve, if any?

  2. given that they were created by religion, my hunch is that the purpose they serve is to keep you unfeeling and in bondage: a fearful, obedient, unintelligent slave. Go it?

  3. Yes, I got it!

    Guess what else I got? I finished doing a replay and decided to try calling down the Trivedi energy. I’ve had this horrible back pain for a week, so I placed my hands on my back, and leaned forward so my shoulders were loose. I could feel the heat,and now my pain is 90% gone!

    I believe the reason a lot of us think you are such a great teacher is because everything you tell us to do works, as long as we do it!

  4. Hi Sophie, thank you so much for all these information’s! This is me, all what I’ve read. . . Sorry, sometimes I can’ reply to messages not read because I am overloaded with family problems and struggles! Nice to learn all what you posted! Hoping to read and learn more. . . from you! Thanks…….. Thelma

  5. Informative as always, I only knew about 2 methods of getting energy before reading this.

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