Why is it harmful for you to search for information on the internet?

leaves-flyingKnowledge is power. But knowledge is different from information.

Information is someone’s opinion, someone’s take on something… totally unreliable. It depends on the person’s world view (sheep or individual), and intentions. Looking your organs that look outward you can only see what can be seen… not even one layer below… You see what they want you to see.

If you have no core, if you have no substance, every opinion, also called information. will sway you… will blow you around like wind blows dry leaves in the fall.

your witness, however small it is, never sleepsYour core, your cornerstone, your “substance” is your Observer. It is the One immovable point in the Universe.

As long as you don’t live your life out of your Observer, you are a dry leaf… you have no home, you have no weight, you have no essence.

You try to stay away (if you do) from influencers… try not to read, not to watch TV… not to read newspapers, but it doesn’t help. Your whole existence is outward directed… you see yourself through other people’s eyes, you think other people’s thoughts, because there is no YOU…

Don’t argue with me… people who have a core, people who live out of their Observer don’t argue… you do. You argue all the time… maybe even passionately?

What prompted this article is this: while I was looking for a picture to accompany my article on BEING an entrepreneur, i.e. the difference of being and the difference of doing entrepreneur, I found an article about The Paradise.

The “author” of that article, consciously or unconsciously, serves the Dark Side, the fog, the confusion, the sheep.

She calls Denise, the country girl who evolves into an entrepreneur a “feminist”. I wanted to throw up… as if asserting human dignity, asserting the right to be a person, asserting the right to be owned by nothing and no one would actually mean feminist… au contraire…

That TV show was closed because it came dangerously close to teaching people to become individuals. That is dangerous to society, because society can exist only if its members are sheep… Concerned with how they look to others, concerned with respectability. No core… no Observer, nobody home. No person.

leaf-insects-use-camouflage-to-take-on-the-appearaAnd when that “no person”, no core “sheep” reads information, they can’t tell their arse from a hole in the ground….

“For you, everything is the same as everything else, except that not always.”

You can’t tell what you are reading. You float in the middle. There is no separation, you become what you read… schmutz… filth… dark side.

thoughtsandfeelings1So, until you actually manage to find your Observer and live from it… everything you find on the internet is harmful to your well-being. 1

I can tell… While I am removing the myriad of attachments from people, a story is told. Not a pretty story.

Ten-fifteen years ago I practiced a removal method I learned from Matt Schoener of Omega Shakti System fame. They weren’t necessarily attachment, more like gook settled on your aura. As I was removing them, layer after layer, I could see the stories, sometimes as old as 10 centuries old…

Who knows if what I saw was true or not… but a lot of people got well, energized, and able to start a whole new life after a treatment of that kind. The method was called “Pattern pulling” and it pulled physical, etheric, and emotional patterns… quite remarkable.

The information on the internet, the conversations you have, the articles you read, all put gook on you, so heavy, that no wonder you have no energy.

Find yourself, and practice looking from the Observer position, listen from there. How you know you are there? You have NO reaction. none whatsoever, even though you see and hear everything.

No ego, no right and no wrong… see and hear everything, but no reaction.

I cannot help you with it: you need to find it yourself. This is the work. The work that you need to do.

PS: I just got proof positive how harmful browsing the internet can be. I got a request to check someone’s vibration, a self-appointed healer from Maryland. I asked if I am allowed to check her vibration, but of course by that time I was connected to her… and I felt as two attachment settled on top of my head… I was busy looking, so I waited to remove them, and by that time (one minute?) they grew roots miles long… very bad.

The internet is full of harmful, harming, influences and you don’t know how to protect yourself… unless you do, please stop spending all your time on facebook (this person has a page on facebook) and on all kinds of sites. Instead find your center. Really.

HP-Invisibility-CloakAnd here is the link to the cloaking process: it protects you from being energetically visible, so people can’t put attachments on you… Of course it doesn’t protect you if you ask someone to connect to you to heal you. And it doesn’t prevent me to connect to you, because I use a different method, I think. It is not conscious… it is built in. I think Source finds you, and you can’t hide from Source.

Sounds hokey? It does, doesn’t it? lol

OK, here is the cloaking method again:

And lastly: this is soooo beautiful!

think like a tree

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  1. by the way, the picture is misleading: your Observer is not on your forehead… your Observer is slightly BEHIND you… you need to step backwards to be in the Observer position.

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3 thoughts on “Why is it harmful for you to search for information on the internet?”

  1. Thank you Sophie. So true. I feel the need to be myself now after years of learning spiritual stuff. Could you please check whether I have attachments/cords and can you remove them? Thank you.

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