What do attachments do to you?

i-fart-in-your-general-directionThe type of energetic attachments, put on you by witches and healers and sorcerers, I have, so far, distinguished (There are more, but I haven’t seen my way clearly around them. I can remove these attachments, but no distinctions yet…)

    1. Random, shooting in the dark attachment…

      a less skillful “healer”, shooting a dart in your general direction. It’s much like a flash wound… it hurts, it bothers you, but it doesn’t go deep.



  • nerdbrainMind control attachments…

    back or top of the head with tentacles in the brain, demanding attention. Probably toxic continually

  • my_brain_hurtsThroat attachments…

    rob you of your individuality. Throat is the location of the ego, and without a strong, defined ego, you are nothing, just a limp d-i-c-k. Dependent, waiting for others to do it for you.

  • The siphon… The Christie Marie Sheldon attachment…

    I first encountered it three years ago. It is precise, it is active, it is siphoning your brilliance, your life force, your ideas, and reduces you to next to nothing.

    It attaches behind the right ear. In some cases you can feel it, and it causes constant ringing in the ear. It makes you susceptible to all infections, parasites, because it disables your immune system.

    The attachment gets activated by the audios, the audio part of the videos, webinars, live sessions. Audio directed.

    If you have Christie Marie Sheldon’s products, you may want to consider chucking them.

    Why is she doing it? She gains her “power” from YOU.

    Have I gotten attachments from her? Yes, once. On the webinar I attended. I noticed it right away, and removed it.


Some “healers” put attachments on you, some don’t.

I haven’t tested them all… it is a lot of work. But I will. After all you have paid a lot of money for those recordings, right?

Question: can you listen to a recording while you cloaked yourself and be safe?

No. When you voluntarily listen to an audio, you gave permission to the energies through the audio to do what the energies were intended to do. Sorry to disappoint.

And here is again how to cloak yourself/ Click here

more-witchesAnd some more Monty Python… just for fun:




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