If your vibration is low, the more something resonates with you the less its truth value or Why Paul Selig is so popular

ResonanceIf your vibration is low, the more something resonates with you the less its truth value.

Why? Because you like what you are. You are attracted what confirms what you think, how you are, who you are, what you know. 1

There is no mystery why humanity is growing away from its true nature, not towards it.

Watch who and what is hugely popular?

The more popular someone is, the more people they attract, the closer their “truth” is to the common society trained mind. The more it sounds true to the low vibration man… The average vibration on the Planet is 120… the closer a guru is to that vibration the more people they attract.

AP391119092Even if a ‘guru’ started out with a higher truth, they watered it down, added some “pheromones” that attract your lower mind, so they can sell it to you.

When I started out, I didn’t know what my truth was. I had tried this, and I had tried that, but nothing worked quite well, in spite of me honestly, earnestly, diligently applying it.

My first result came from accidentally connecting to Source… whatever Source is, being connected was like coming home. What was the “I” that came home, I did not know.

The second breakthrough was when I formulated the Unconditional Love Activator. It took me a lot of inner looking, and then I tested it for about 40 days on many people. In actuality, I tested every single activator with a group of testers, and tweaked them as I tested them.

The Unconditional Love Activator turned out to be a winner. Why? Because it connected to your society trained mind, the Parental Disapproval Syndrome, the opposite of Unconditional Love. It connected to your craving to be accepted, warts and all.

You are disapproved through and through and crave to be loved, approved, exactly the way you are… except that your mind acts as judge, jury and executioner, so your mind is the enemy, your worldly “self” is the enemy. You are your own enemy.

So the Unconditional Love Activator sold like hot cakes, but it was a great disappointment. People didn’t get from it what they wanted from it.

Why? Because society has trained your mind that someone else can do, should do it for you: doctors, lawyers, bosses, husbands, wives, parents, governments… politicians, gurus.

The truth, the inconvenient truth is that no one can do it for you.

Doctors, medicines, even “healers” don’t heal you. Only you can heal yourself. Bummer, but true.

Moreover, it takes work… duh.

You don’t want work, you want to continue sleepwalking, not paying attention, you don’t even want to know anything that is inconvenient or unpleasant.

The attachments? It was more palatable, it was more main stream, so quite a few of you have gotten rid of them since.

And the change I see in the ones that did: staggering. Their vibration jumped up, they are asking intelligent questions, something I didn’t expect.

Every product I sell, and even the early programs I lead, “Brilliance at Will”, “Activate Your Divinity” etc. appealed to you because they connected to the mainstream idea, and therefore to your mind.

But the truth, The Truth, doesn’t.

Every sage ever lived left this world without ever creating another sage. Because moving from the main stream towards the unknown, the unfamiliar, the unattractive, the abyss is not people’s favorite activity, but we could say: you only stray there, by accident.

The Unconditional Love Activator, interestingly, is the actual “path”, the distance between you and YOU… between your horizontal self and your Vertical Self.

I am now 80% there. Whatever I read about the there , I muscle test if it is true, and so far none of it has been. But people talk about it as if they knew.

And how do they talk about it?

In the language of the imagination (mind), in the language of what you can be attracted to you.

So it is honey for the bees… bait.

My fight with the mites turned around when I intuited what bait they flock to. It works like a charm. They love it, love it more than they love me! lol.

OH, this article was prompted by a read question: “I’d be really grateful if would you do a vibration/truth test on Paul Selig’s books I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, and The Book of Knowing and Worth ”

So I muscle tested it. Here are the results:

Paul Selig personal vibration: 140
truth value of his teaching: 2%
truth value of the book: I am the word: 2%

You can see, that his latest book has a lower truth value than his whole “ouvre”.

I found the same thing with Osho. He could not, would not bypass the two billion Christians… so he started to speak about Jesus as if he were real… and talk against the Jews. That made him very popular, owned a fleet of expensive cars, ran a sex camp… but his vibration dropped to 300, and his truth value dropped to 3%. The price of becoming popular. You have to abandon your truth.

OK, let me explain: a logarithmic scale is not percentage, and not linear. I measure the vibration there, because otherwise I would have to have all numbers around 1-7%, so it’s easier to express in a number. Whereas I measure truth value in percentage. My bad… but you can see that that Paul Selig’s vibration and his truth value are the same phenomenon: 140 vibration matches 2% truth value.

Would I be willing to go there? No. I am happy living alone, in comparative poverty, simply, unknown, unheard, unpopular. Integrity and authenticity are more important to me than worldly stuff.

I teach because it stimulates me. Don’t forget, I am only 80% of the way… without stimulation I probably won’t go. It is not something that pulls, it is more like removing what’s in the way…

And for that, I need a lot of stimulation.

I don’t think this is going to be one of my popular articles, lol.

resonateResonate in colloquial language means: you like it, it is something you could have said yourself
resonated It resonated with me… means I was like a guitar string and it used the sound that made me vibrate… it may even mean I got weepy from it. It definitely expresses agreement and liking
resonates low vibration makes another low vibration resonate… it is a physical law.
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  1. justin bieber_www.paperhi.com_40

    Warschau_Parade_vor_Adolf_HitlerA tuning fork is calibrated to vibrate at a precise vibration, like the musical sound A. A piano wire is manufactured to resonate at a certain frequency, approximately, depending on the exact length of the wire. A piano can be out of tune, meaning that its wires are relaxed and too long… A person is like a material that resonates strongly at the particular frequency of whatever “it” is. Means the same thing as “it struck a chord with me” – just that you recognized it well, related to it really strongly.

    goosestepA person is more like an orchestra than a piano: many instruments. Ego, soul, mind, body, conscious mind, subconscious mind, will, attention… a real orchestra full of instruments, no musicians.

    hitler-youthSometimes your soul resonates, sometimes your ego resonates, sometimes, most of the time, your mind resonates… and it resonates with what it has heard most often, so whatever lies you have heard a lot, you resonate with it.

    nazi-saluteThe Germans, after Hitler repeated his lies often enough, the Germans resonated with what he said, and marched into their death, willingly, blindly, heroically. Cost: 50 million lives.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

11 thoughts on “If your vibration is low, the more something resonates with you the less its truth value or Why Paul Selig is so popular”

  1. Sophie, through your writings I am finally beginning to see just how delusional I have become trying to buy my way to a ‘better’ life with all of these ‘gurus’ who promise the World and always leave you frustrated and wanting more. In reality, all of these ‘saviours’ have really left me feeling like a failed Human Being. You have shown me that I can only grow by taking action, NOT by listening to an endless stream of ‘self-improvement’ tele seminars! Let the hunt for inner ugliness continue… Thank you.

  2. When I read your first article about the mites, truthfully, I thought “Oh no, not another thing to deal with! I’ll look into it later..” But now I would like to deal with it. I’m quite sure I have them, based on that I sneeze awful a lot, mostly in the mornings. What do I need to do?

  3. I have been working with Matsa, and she is testing my methods. So far so good.

    I will publish the plans for a mite trap, nothing of the sort in the market, and my experience of getting rid of them… or almost. There are still a few, coming in from a blanket I disposed of, and now that it is warming up, the eggs are hatching.

    Bit I have the trap and I have the procedures.

    If you want, you can pay the $9 for advance purchase, the final price will be $27 or more. Find the article where I offer this…

    and here is the link to buy the pre-publish right for the report

  4. Thank you Sophie. I feel like my journey inward has finally started. You have opened my eyes.

    Can we all use the link for mites above? I did try the hydrogen peroxide in my ears. Didn’t notice any black eggs come up though but there was a lot of popping and fizzing initially…

  5. what on earth suggested that the eggs are black? first off: they are microscopic. second: they are white. You don’t have mites. ONLY 35% of my people do, you belong luckily to the 65%

  6. Hi Sophie – I read your mite article also and even tried the hydrogen peroxide in my ears for a few days. Not sure if that did anything. I’m sneezing a lot throughout the day especially in the mornings like the poster Annie. It makes me wonder if I have them. I would like to try out your trap also.

    Is the link above open to everyone?

  7. excellent. Thanks for the confirmation. I just assumed I would given my low vibration.

  8. vibration has nothing to do with mites being attracted to you… I am experimenting with different extracts to find something that makes them not palatable to you… but no matter what is your vibration, you are “meat” and a source of raw materials the mites need.

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