Does your cheerfulness irritate someone? Enough to wish you dead? More on attachments…

witch throwing an attachment

The difference between cords and energetic attachment, psychic attachment is many.

Cords don’t grow roots, they stay where stay landed. They cause damage only by virtue of being there.

Energetic attachments, psychic attachments are “alive” and grow roots, coil around an organ, go from one organ to another.

They are designed to kill, or at least debilitate. They grow fast and siphon your life away.

Witches, and here I really just mean the attitude and ability, attach this type of attachments. Male, female, doesn’t matter. It is the intention.

Shamanism is a witch tradition, nothing nice about it.

Attachments can also be put on you via a voodoo doll. Voodoo is a whole culture of witches.

Sometimes a jilted lover, a competitive friend, a disappointed spouse hires someone to do damage to you.

There are more “witches” in the south of the United States and in California anywhere. They come from Central and South America.

spells and curses wiccan

Spells and curses

Wiccans do attachments and spells as well.

Some 30 years ago a worked for a Hungarian architect in New York, whose wife was pregnant at the time. They had been trying for a child for about 20 years.

He refused a request of mine, and I looked at him cross, hissing in my anger… because he was stringing me along for two months. He promptly fired me, in fear of me cursing his unborn baby.

Curses are words. They don’t create damage.

You cannot create an attachment with your imagination, with your words. You need to take dynamic action, throw energy, push a pin in a voodoo doll, and such.

I have never put, accidentally or intentionally, an attachment on someone. Or pin a voodoo doll.

I thought of doing it. I fantasized about doing it. I brewed in my anger, but I didn’t do it.

A mature person can tell the difference between thought and action… you can see that the Catholic Church keeps you children, who can’t tell the difference.

I participated in a week-long program by Landmark Education once. One of the exercises was to make a piece of firewood to stand up.

There were about 100 people in the room, and all claimed to have done it, except me.

I was talking to the wood, in many different ways, but it didn’t move… of course.

You can’t make a physical object move with your thoughts, with your words. You can throw your energy and move a cigarette paper, you can make a flying object change direction slightly, I have done these both.

But you can’t make a physical object move just with your thoughts. Your mind is like a sound recorder… no power there, no matter what people tell you, none.

How do you move energy?

So, in order to move energy you need to move the energy inside you, and words don’t do that. You do it. And you are not words, you are not your mind, far from it.

You can wield powerful energies, unless you consider that you are your mind… But you do, don’t you? They taught you well… so now you are sitting duck for the few that knows they aren’t their minds.

Anyway, removing the nasty attachments from a student taught me much. I could feel the intention behind the endlessly coiling energies blocking flow, blocking hormones, blocking every organ from functioning properly.

That much hate! Fully expressed in those killer attachments.

In that particular case, I think, the trigger was the student’s cheerfulness… you know, California cheerfulness, the one that makes you want to throw up, unless you are part of that fake culture.

But when the one that torments you is also cheerful, you want them dead. Right? I do! I once had a cheerful tormenter, I wanted him dead… so instead I just removed him from my life.

I hope this article makes sense… it is more a stream of consciousness, sentences stringed together, to document what came up while I was removing the attachments from this cheerful student…

And lastly, an interesting read about Wicca. Its truth value is 20%, but it gives an indication what is going on in the invisible.

You can ask me if you have attachments by sending a small donation


I am not saying Wicca or witches are bad. I am saying that witches can do bad things. Like all people, witches are people… with vibration varying between 35 and 200. NO witch has a vibration higher than 200… Being a witch is off the path to becoming an expanding human being, to the highest consciousness attainable by a human.

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