The key to attainment is…

surrender to the windThere is a key to attainment, and it is quite counter to human nature.

The master-disciple relationship is based on it, and today, we can say, safely, there is no such thing.

Every person that has every attained… attained to the highest level a human can go, invented it for themselves… because you can’t find it anywhere, and no one can teach it to you.

What is this mysterious missing piece? Surrender.



kitty-batheI remember when I first encountered surrender. I had a cat that I rescued from the shelter. He was covered with fleas, he had bloody diarrhea, and it cost me one grand in medical expenses, and countless hours of attending to him. He was very tiny. He grew to 38 pounds: that is a giant in a cat.

He trusted me, trusted me unconditionally. I earned that trust. But more importantly: I knew I was trustworthy. It was a beingness: who I was was trustworthy. I didn’t have to try to be trustworthy, I just was.

Nine years later I had to move, and I could not take him with me. No shelter would take him, so I had to take him to the vet. I held him as he trusted me, as his eyes looked at me for the last time, and as the light went out of them.

Since then I am not sure if I can trust myself… I often cry: I say I did what I had to do, I say: I have given him nine good years, but nothing changes the fact that I played god and killed him.

But he left me with a gift: I know what it feels like, what the beingness of trusting, and surrender is.

And I know I haven’t seen it anywhere, I know I haven’t observed it anywhere since then, or even before then.

But that is the state of beingness that is needed to have a master be able to help you, so you can let go and come out an individual on the other side.

still-mind fcc40a1d0b winnie-the-pooh-quote-if-the-person-you-are-talking-to-doesnt-appear-t the-power-of-surrenderingWe could say that your soul correction is all about surrender… and some soul corrections do worse in this area than others.

The more fearful a soul correction is, the less ready to surrender.

After all you need to offer, you need to put your life in the hands of another.

A seed has to die, if it wants to fulfill its destiny: become a plant. A seed has to surrender to Life. Through its death it fulfills its destiny to become a tree.

A worm, a caterpillar has to die, if it wants to become a butterfly.

But humans cling to the existence they know, and the time between people who attain is hundreds of years… it is that rare.

At the moment there in no one alive, who has attained. I am 80% on the path… and can’t even see what the next step would be: I am still busy confronting the inner ugliness, like I did in this article.

You? You don’t even CONSIDER surrendering.

When I suggest something, you go and run away and test it, and research it, and hoard it.

We don’t have a master-disciple relationship.

I will die, like all the others before me, without ever having made a difference…

Because the only thing that makes a difference is taking someone to that place where surrendering their life gives them a new life.

Everything is apple polishing.

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