Why do you feel lethargic… Part 2

After publishing the previous article on feeling lethargic, I had an insight:

Given that 30% of humanity is plagued with mite infestation, microscopic biting mites, you are always bothered.

You can’t sleep through the night, because almost every night there is a 2-hour period when eggs hatch into worms… worms that cause itching, or when hungry mites hatch, and they bite and crawl their way to your head and ears to start their adult lives, to mate, to lay eggs, that will start the cycle in about 22-26 hours.

I know you don’t want to hear it, but eventually you’ll have to hear it.

The good news is, that Matsa, my longest student, also an empath, a good friend and I are working on a solution, and test methods.

The bad news is that none of the solutions I have read on the internet is any effective, so some new solution needs to be found.

I can’t promise success, but I promise to do everything that is in my power to find a good, easy, and lasting solution that fits everyone’s budget.

From time to time I’ll give you a status report on our progress, and once a method that is effective, both on your body and in your house, found, I’ll give you access to videos, audios, pdf, supplies, so you can start your own journey out of lethargy, out of being tortured by an invisible invading force, the microscopic biting mites.

Your lack of awareness, the way we eat renders us food for these insects.

The plastic, the hormones in our foods, our weakened immune system all make these mites have the advantage.


And they are on you, and in your house, on your pets, regardless of your cleanliness, of your social status, of your education, of your vibration… they are the great equalizer…

Poor sleep, scratching, bites on your body, and lethargy… can’t concentrate, can’t read, can’t even watch a movie in peace…

No, it’s not you, or your attention span, your anything. It’s mites.

Send me a donation to check if you have mites… and don’t hate me if you find that you do. The solutions is coming… I’ve been working on this for the past three months… something has got to give… lol

And, last but not least: you need to find out if you have energetic, psychic attachments that drain you of your aliveness. If you do, then that’s another reason why you are so lethargic.

You may have all the reasons, and you may have something unrelated…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Why do you feel lethargic… Part 2”

  1. …and just to mention: in this endeavour I re-discovered the muscle testing – a great tool I learned from you long ago and neglected or used spporadically- now works great for me

    thank you Sophie for all the teachings

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