Visualization and other booby prizes

you flock to the fake...Consolation culture: The Culture of Booby Prize

Society, your world, specializes in consolation. 1 There is no progress, no, advancement, no better life, no more freedom, no anything… but a lot of consolation.

The language is this: You didn’t get X, you wanted, but at least you have your Y, health, husband that hates you, children that nag you, job that you don’t enjoy.

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The so called gurus jumped on the band wagon, and now teach visualization. They can’t teach you anything real, because you can’t teach something that you have never done.

They can’t teach you to be fulfilled, to be serene, to love yourself, because they don’t… so how can they teach it.

You fail, they fail, so they give you the booby prize.

Today I had a huge insight that you want to hear.

You see that I have been allowing playing Freecell to teach you and to guide me to ways of being that are new and unfamiliar to me.

This new insight is about a way of being that unless you have it, you need the booby prize.

More often than not, I am inspired to mess up the Freecell board: take it to a place where it is hopeless. 99 people out of a hundred would quit and start a new game. They would give up.

My training is to start there. At the impossible. At the hopelessly messed up.

About 80 out of a hundred, maybe more, can be resolved… i.e. won.

Everybody plays till that point. At that point, the normal person gives up, either completely, or in their beingness.

This exercise teaches me to become hyper aware, hyper conscious at that point, and allow guidance, surrender my smallness to something bigger.

It seems that unbeknownst to my conscious mind I trained for this all my life.

As an architecture student and architect, I lived a deadline driven life. Deadline? You don’t sleep. You get the job delivered. Two nights? Three nights? Eight nights? No difference. And you are not just awake, you do a good job.

It is only possible if you tap into an invisible reservoir of energy, clarity, brilliance. If you don’t tap enough… you’ll never know.

This article really only talk to the 1% of you that has it in you: go beyond where YOU would normally stop.

You see, coming home, surrendering ego is as much a process as anything: if you stop in the middle, you end up with the consolation prize: meaning: you didn’t do it.

The consolation prize comes from your mind. It will be sensations, visions, an “experience” of attainment, an experience of angels, and lights, and lightness, and buzzing, and all that jazz.

  • You can write books about it, and thousands have.
  • You can make movies about it, and god knows, many have.
  • You can create an ashram around it, and that wouldn’t be the first either.

What you would not have is peace of mind, fulfillment, the riches of being that is all in the vertical.

All because at some point, where it looked impossible, or too scary (it IS scary!) you settled for the consolation prize instead of pushing through. You settled for the mind instead of staying with the guidance.

Some of you does this at 1% of the way, some of you does it 38% of the way. Either way… anything less than 100% isn’t going to do it.

I am at 82%… and I am not stopping.

Everything conspires to stop me, by the way. But the “guidance says” use it as a spiritual practice to give up more ego, give up more mind, give up more desire.

It works. And it works in everything.

The saying says: Go the extra mile… what it doesn’t say, that you will have to do it a thousand times…

Raising your vibration is very similar to attainment, although it is not quite the same.

We could say that attainment is the last leg of raising your vibration, and it is as long a leg, or longer than the first leg.

So, how does this apply, this not stopping, not settling for the booby prize in the work you need to do to raise your vibration.

Well, it applies every step of the way.

The way to raise your vibration is to remove all that is between you and YOU… all the pretense, all the worthless, all the temporary, all the shiny, all the glitter.

And if you have been, successfully, at it for any length of time, you know you don’t want to. All that is between you and YOU is consolation. If I can’t be happy, at least I’ll be a bitch… or a victim, or a control freak…. etc. etc. etc.

It probably takes all you got to read the Bug Free Mind book. You feel good about it. But to map it on yourself? Nah, another day! And you missed. You have your consolation that you are better than other people…

You see, no more useful skill than this to go against the mind. The mind is not powerful, the ego is not powerful, YOU are powerful.

You don’t stop things because you are afraid (ego), or because you had the thought (mind) that it is never going to work. You stop doing things because YOU STOP THEM!

It is time to strengthen you, against the mind and the ego and the body, and first attain the first leg of the “trip”: crystallized self… Until you do that, nothing much will every happen.

And for that you need this new spiritual practice: go beyond where you normally stop.

And here is the video, that I don’t endorse… but helps me get the word out. Watch it at your won peril, it is a consolation prize. You can access wisdom only on your current level of understanding. But it will effectively prevent you from growing your understanding… it is definitely a consolation prize.

Napoleon Hill remained wretched in spite of the success of his book, in spite of the popularity and believability of his techniques… why? because they don’t work on a low consciousness level… and his consciousness was low. And so is yours.

Consolation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Thus consolation implies a period of transition: a preparation for a time when the … as an examination of letters from ancient Rome indicates of that culture:.

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  1. Sex is a consolation prize. Eating, cuisine, movies, money, politics… all are there because what really matters, personal price, self-esteem, self-respect, self-realization, self-love, takes work. So, we, as a culture, settle for less… for the consolation prize. Your pets are a consolation prize. You are unable or unwilling to love, so you get animals that depend on you to provide you with what you consider love… but inside: you are dying. Yourself: you hate. Your fellow human: despise? sleep is a consolation prize. and so is alcohol… anything that alters consciousness, makes you unconscious, dream that you have attained.

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