News on the fight against the microscopic biting mites

Biting Mites… News.

A few things:

Most discovery comes through mistakes.

I had already known that butter causes the mite population explode, but… you know, sometimes you just have to make the same mistake twice.

So I made my green beans with butter: big mistake. That night I didn’t sleep much from all the itching and biting.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

16 thoughts on “News on the fight against the microscopic biting mites”

  1. Is it possible that an approach of helping nature get the mites under control might work as an alternative or add-on to the approach of finding an independent substance that will destroy or chase off the mites? Our bodies are swarming with trillions of bad bacteria and yeasts, but it has been my experience that by helping nature build up good bacteria and yeasts in and on our bodies, the bad bacteria and yeasts are kept under control. Maybe there’s a way to determine whether our bodies are armed with any natural defenses to mites and help build up those defenses?

  2. I have done plenty of research. Our bodies don’t have anything to counter the attack. One of the mites, spider mites, do have natural enemies in the fields, other carnivore mites, but I don’t think that is a good solution.

    I just received potentially the last piece of the puzzle… and I will test it on myself tonight, and then send it to the other testers.

    So sorry, nature did not count on people traveling from distant countries. the country it originates from… the people, I think, don’t even notice it… it is just a fact of life.

  3. I can just see our bodies swarming with carnivore mites, making everything even worse, LOL . . .

    It’s great to hear you received potentially the last piece of the puzzle!

  4. My sentiments exactly… even if they don’t bite, just the crawling can drive you nuts.

    It is either the last or the last but one piece of the puzzle.

    I am writing the manual about 100 words at a time… i.e. slowly.

  5. This sentence: “After all, in the same household, some people have mites, others don’t… makes NO sense, does it?”. It seems very important and the question is: Why?

  6. Have you muscle tested it? You and your husband are great to test on: he doesn’t have it.
    Another couple I know, that I presently have fallen out of touch, live in Canada. There the woman is the one who doesn’t have it.
    All questions you asked were a weak no muscle testing.

    If you could change your blood type or PH I would think it’s a good thing to ponder about, but I don’t think you really can.

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