There is no way around it, only through it

funny but not true: hell is other people before coffeeHumans have been living on their periphery, through their organs of perception that look outward, through their periphery, the life that we call the horizontal plane.

On the horizontal plane what you see is the other. You don’t see yourself. You may feel your body, you may feel your feelings, but you don’t see yourself.

You see your effect on others. You see the other, that may be a reflection of you… if you can recognize it as such.

the periphery turns towards the worldSo, what’s on the periphery? Your organs of perception, all looking outward. Your body, your “heart”, and even your soul, your ego, your mind, your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

That seems to be all of you, right? And for most of you this is the reality: all you are is your periphery, in actuality.

So what would be the inside? Consciousness… Observer… Witness… and Heaven.

So why don’t we live on the inside, where the other has no effect? Because what’s in between is ugly. YOUR ugliness. YOUR pretenses.

It’s not your fault, but that doesn’t help.

You didn’t start pretending because you are bad… you started to pretend because it was expected of you.

When you were just a baby in a crib, you noticed that your mother came to you with more warmth if you smiled, so you smiled more. Not because you felt like it, but because it was expected of you… and from there it was all downhill.

sorting-through-your-uglinessAnd behind that mountain of pretense is the Real You, the inside of you, the serene you, the peaceful you, the happy you… and the only way to get to it is through the mountain of pretense… by looking it through, just like you would look through a mountain of laundry.

Or maybe a mountain of clothes you want to give to Goodwill… a charity.

And as you go through the stuff… some of the clothes, you think, are still good… and you want to keep them.

That is why it takes so long… and most of you won’t even get started: charity? Noooo. You need it.

The other? You need them! you yell. But you don’t. Not really.


hell-is-the-otherThe other is hell… said some famous people, can’t remember who. And if you look, it is truth.

The other is always in the way. Always wants something different from what YOU want. Whines, or orders you around, or makes you jump through hoops.

The other is hell… and the other is your whole world. You don’t know any other world, and sure as hell, you don’t want to look at your ugliness, even if that takes you to heaven.

You don’t have to. You can carpet and decorate your hell… you’ve been doing that for ever.

But… but if you want to go in the direction of heaven, if you are interested in acting consistent with the direction human evolution wants you to go, then you will need to go through the laundry… piece by piece.

That is where the path leads through.

Once you get through, you’ll find emptiness, the abyss… If you have the courage and the trust to be there and not run away, little by little, it will show itself as heaven.

You can be the one…

And until then, just continue living the life with the other, where you don’t matter, where everything you get will die with you, the life of the horizontal plane.

You will console yourself with peak experiences, sudden buzzing sensations, or peace, or maybe a moment of happiness.

All my tools, energy remedies, the connection, are designed to help you through the mound of laundry, help you to stay the course, help you to not run away.

Most are using it for consolation… but that is not the intended purpose… but who am I to tell you how to use them.

But if you need guidance, assistance, if you need a master, I am here.

But this is not a license to ask questions… find your answers. 1700 articles and growing.

But if you are doing the work… I am here for you.

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