Why Being Cunning prevents humans from becoming god-like?

the-direction-of-human-evolution... devolutionHumans, this cunning species, want to know everything to be secure and superior

All the animals, all the plants on the planet are “fitting in with the system” we call Life.

Humans, on the other hand want to “beat the system” we call Life.

We’ve been doing it for a long time… for about 30 thousand years.

Now, I don’t know human history that well, so I don’t know what changed our minds… except that I know something has… And the number I got from muscle testing the change from “moving WITH Life” to “moving against Life”… 30 thousand years ago.

I really don’t know what happened then, I can only guess. Something happened, something big, and it seemed that the only way to survive “it” was to hoard, to hold onto, to shut down one part of us and sharpen the other.

As it turns out, that was when the Neanderthals were systematically killed by the other humanoid race, the Cro Magnons. Let me read up a little bit on that…

OK, I am back from reading for an hour or so…

previous-dominant-species caucasus dolmens russia deciphered by kaulinsSo, that was the first genocide in our species’ age

I don’t want to go deep into the history, but it seems that Neanderthals were a larger, smarter, stronger, more advanced humanoid race… not the way we have been taught. You see, you can’t even trust history and scientists…

And, just my guess, they, the Neanderthals, were more in sync with Life, with what’s fair, etc., more empathy, less competition, more building.

What made them extinct, I think, is Cro Magnon’s fox-like nature… Its fundamental relationship to life: it is either you or me! Now, are foxes smarter than humans? No… Cro Magnons weren’t smarter than Neanderthals, just more foxy, more cunning… and we actually descend from foxy Cro Magnons, where beating the system, outsmarting Life, is what has been inherited down the line.

  • We want to be smarter, not just smart.
  • We want to be clever… so we can get unearned benefits.
  • And we want to know, ahead of time, so we can be prepared… instead of going with Life, and making ourselves be able to face whatever is coming down the pike.

I notice some of this cunningness on myself.

I am always looking for signs that I am on “the right path”, that I am doing the right thing, etc.

But if you look, nothing is really predictable, and you cannot really be prepared for anything and really have any advantage… apart from having your umbrella on you when it rains, or be strong, alert, vigilant, and fast.

Cunning… that should be our middle name. Not a compliment, not at all.

According to my muscle test, the current humanity is the sixth… the previous humanities, five in number, all got extinct… but they were all smarter, taller, stronger than the current one… and the current one got dominant by beating a stronger, smarter branch, and extinguishing them.

I predict that in spite of all the cunningness, there will be an end to our “culture” and hopefully a less cunning, less going against Life race will become the dominant species on Earth.

Is that from muscle testing? No… I am not allowed to divinate… i.e. ask about the future.

Which is good, albeit not pleasant. But good, because when you are prepared for everything, you may have a better life… may be aware, alert, and pass the time by growing yourself.

PS: This is yet another way for you to look for things to transcend, to remove, so you can become a one-faced person. Look for the cunningness, the calculating, the competitiveness, the comparing, the wanting to win over another. Lots you will find, I guarantee it.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Why Being Cunning prevents humans from becoming god-like?”

  1. I just watched the Neanderthal Documentary that you posted, it was amazing and brought up even more questions,,, like who came before them and how did they get here? I don’t think we will ever get to know,,, so for the moment just be grateful that they passed on the gene to our immune systems that help us fight bacteria (not that we could think so, when we look around).
    Towards the end of the doc the scientists came to the ‘conclusion (?) that they were not systematically killed, but that they had interbred with the other clan and were eventually bred out over thousands of years… either way, I guess it could mean the same thing.
    many thanks Sophie

  2. jealousy, envy, greed, competitiveness – certainly all parts of my ugliness and all end up in one big ball of anxiety, low self-confidence and depression. BUT, the more ‘stuff’ I get rid of, the less anxious I am about getting things, affording things and wanting things all the time. Finding happiness without all the junk is so liberating!

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