The pioneers are usually the ones with the arrows in their back…

antisocial-behavior-conformistsEven the first follower can be in big trouble…

We think it’s courage that a pioneer needs, but I dare to differ. It is more like “I can take arrows front and back for something that is important to me”.

The core of it is the “something that is important to me”. That is the biggest lacking, because that is the seed of what looks like courage, or what looks like a “devil cares” attitude.

easier-fasterI am on a binge… I want to see what makes someone different from someone lese in the area of making daring steps for love.

einstein.jpg.w300h174It started with Doc Martin giving up his real carreer to live with this snively, self-righteous woman, Louisa… You can tell I don’t like the character “Louisa” at all… but then again, do I like anyone on Doc Martin? lol.

you-can-always-tell-who-the-pioneers-are-because-they-have-arrows-in-their-back-and-are-lying-face-downBut it left me wondering… so for a few days I didn’t watch anything.

I have an admission to make: I don’t differentiate between characters in a movie or series from “real” people… From my point of view they are real lives, real people, and I am observing them, witnessing them like the lives of any other people I know, you, my brothers’ etc… except they are more generous with sharing themselves.

I learn a lot from how people are, how people think, and I need that, and you need me to do that.

quote-the-scientific-man-does-not-aim-at-an-immediate-result-he-does-not-expect-that-his-advanced-ideas-nikola-tesla-272051OK, let’s return to “love” and willing to take arrows front and back.

Three more movies to research: Mr. Nobody, Vibrations, and The Spotless Mind… whatever the title is, with Jim Carey.

Nikola-Tesla-Quotes-5Mr. Nobody was a mixed bag: he wasn’t courageous, unfortunately. Vibrations: the high vibration girl was willing to give up who she was for the ability to feel, to feel love. But why? Because without feeling you are like a machine… empty, robotic.

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was really interesting: love when it is unappreciated, undervalued, taken for granted, leaves. Hm. And love hurt hurts back…

only-onceWhat this has to do with the title, pioneers and the arrows? I am not sure… except that everything I do only makes sense in hindsight. Therefore every step I take must be guided by something other than “sense” which is just another word for mind.

And, maybe, here is the connection: if love makes sense ahead of time, or even in the middle, then it’s not love, then it’s calculation, cunning, whereas love if something totally different.

zeroYou have to enter into love naked… innocently, trustingly, and for no reason.

I have never experienced it… But then again, when was it last that I could feel my own feelings?

PS: did I leave you wondering what this article was about? For one, it’s all it what I didn’t say. In identifying that the world is on the brink of disaster with the epidemic of the biting mites… really. And it is not politically correct to have mites, the medical “industry” can’t make money on fighting the mites, on the contrary, if about 20% of all incurable diseases are caused by mites, they lose a lot of money, a lot of funding, a lot of prestige.

This “generation” of humanity will first go slowly insane, then disappear… even before its time.

How is that for opening my back up for arrows?

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