Who is listening? Who are you when you listen?

who or what is listening?Did you notice that you don’t want to hear anything unpleasant? That the title of the previous article made you want to run?

Years ago I wrote an article, who is speaking, who is listening, what is speaking, what is listening.

Not one reader understood it… and that gave me the baseline to work with: nobody home, no distinctions, no who and no what is conscious over there.

Another possible reason why no one would understand is this: because the pretense you live, the fake life you live, the fake you that you promote in the world did not allow you to actually look, so you can answer the question.

So, nothing has changed, and now, years later, once again I am going to go to the same place.

But this time I am going to add a distinction: a special place to look from, a place outside of it all, where there is no judgment, and where no pretense is unseen.

The positions, the place of the Witness.

You see, until you can see, from the outside, what you pretend to do and who you pretend to be, there is no way, I repeat: there is NO WAY you can raise your vibration above 200.

And 200 is, for most of you, an unattainable dream. Why? because you are more interested in perpetuating maya, the status quo, than raising your vibration.

Because you have been choosing, consistently, the familiar 24/7 dull pain of a worthless, dead life, instead of opting for the unfamiliar and sharp pain… the pain that you need to go through if you want to raise your vibration.

The truth hurts, and you don’t want to hurt… even if heaven is just on the other side of it.

So, chance of you being willing to get your answer to the question: who is speaking, who is listening, etc… is slim to none.

But, as you may have figured, I don’t write these articles to please you, I don’t write these articles on YOUR level, or even for you… I write them for me, to get clear, to get deep into the mysteries of all-of-it.

In a hidden compartment of my mind I hope that some day they’ll dig out my writings, and it will be a blueprint of the next humanity. I have no hope in THIS, current humanity.

OK, so let’s begin.

If and when you stand in the Witness, and your relationship is the same to everything, Observing, and you are the same no matter who you are talking to, or what you are doing… you can actually see the dynamic of your interactions with others.

You are also standing in the “there is nothing wrong here”, and it takes no courage, it causes no bruises to ego, to actually see the truth.






i-dont-want-to-hear-itOne of my students wrote to me after the last article saying that if she had the opportunity to conversation with me, she would.

She never noticed that she said: have a conversation with me… She didn’t say: listen to you.

Who is speaking who is listening: an ego that says: what I have to say is more important than what you have to say.

What is speaking what is listening: the ego that is just waiting for the other to shut up. Self-importance, and maybe even the desire to help: which is, as a “what” an expression of superiority.

So the who is: what I have to say is more important than….
And the what: I am superior to you because I am helping and you need me.

So, that is the kind of stuff to detect.

Each person will have a different set of who and what.

I used to listen from a similar place: “I know and you don’t and I’ll tell you…” I was widely disliked, although widely used as well. I did know. But it put them down… and made me superior, and everyone hated me for that.

I now empty my listening of prejudice, about them, about it, and about myself. I can do it fast, but it used to take me a few minutes, the ego wanted to be important too much, to cover up that it also holds that I am worthless.

So step outside of your ego, your mind, and watch your actions, attitude and thoughts, as you read this… and try to answer the four questions

who is speaking
who is listening
what is speaking
what is listening

all in you… when you read an article, speaking can be replaced with “having thoughts” and listening can be replaces with “reading”.

If you do a good job, you’ll see nastiness.

Superior, wanting to get it over with, stupid, skeptical, judging, so what? etc.etc.etc.

There is no end to nastiness in speaking and listening.

OK. next step: was it ego or was it mind?

Mind, you recognize as a part of you that claims to know, that claims to want to understand.

PS: before you look at yourself, take a look at the pictures and ask the question about them: who who what what… ok? It’s a great warmup

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