Vibrational Review: Case Study of a student of the second phase Activators course

raise your vibration by facing your shadow, facing your dark side Vibration went from 200 to 330 in three months. Case study: Student in the 2nd Phase Activators Course. Photographer, female 55 years old

Had a difficult start. Started on just the border of the acceptable minimum, 200 vibration.

Had she had these difficulties with a vibration below 200, she would have disappeared.

She had to access the connection webinars from her phone. I can’t see someone who calls in on the phone, on my webinar control panel, so she could never be sure whether she was connected or not, really.

She came to every call. She bought the Unconditional Love Activator, but I refunded it: I told her flat out that she is not suitable to be my student. I practically threw her out…

She didn’t get offended. She got that she needed some technical conditions to meet, like access to a computer that can accommodate videos. All the activators are delivered in the form of a video.

She is quiet, but from her few shares you can get that she needed to wade through a lot of pain and anguish and anger, but she did. Wade through. Not just stand there and complain. Wade through, barefoot and all.

The truth is, everyone needs to wade through, the difference is that she did. Often it felt like the end of the world. How do I know? I still do it. You can’t raise your vibration with pleasantness… It takes courage.

She fully surrendered her entire being, physical, emotional being, including the ego, to the energies. Had strong and unpleasant healing crises. She wrote to me each time it happened to make sure that what she was experiencing was from healing. There is a certain attitude you need when you are healing. You need to allow it to blow through. You need to be like a blade of grass: bend. No resistance.

She earned my full respect and admiration.

Her vibration, fully earned, is now 330. She feels lighter, she feels more available, she feels happier, most of the time.

What’s next for her? Going for 395. For that she will need to face some more of her demons. and after that? Go for 495. How? Face more demons, lol.

How do I know? I still have to and do the same exact process.

She did the right thing: she put herself in a program (the 2nd phase activators course) that takes her through the steps, so she doesn’t have to look for them. Believe me, left to your own devices you won’t go near most of them!

Twenty weeks, 80 sessions can take you from zero to the doors of heaven.

If you are like her, willing to go through the unpleasantness of facing your dark side, facing your shadow, facing your fake, made up, limiting self, you will get there.

There is no jumping. Anything that you are not willing to look at will bite you in the butt later. That is how it works in the Original Design where you earn your light by facing the not pretty and not turning away.

What vibrational support can I offer? The 2nd phase activators course is great, but in addition she probably needs to use the Heaven on Earth, or HOE.

And get the Energized Water thingie… it will improve her physically which in turn will raise her vibration tremendously. When your body is energized you are more willing to take emotional risks: looking at what you don’t want to look at.

God forbid you’ll see something that you don’t like… lol

Let me measure your vibration?
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The Map of Consciousness will show you what it means.

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